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Apple has scrapped plans to announce its long-rumored streaming TV service at its upcoming September 9 event, reports Bloomberg. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the outlet says that content deal talks with 21st Century Fox and others have been progressing slowly.

Additionally, Apple also doesn’t have the computer network capacity in place to ensure a good viewing experience—a common complaint among users of Dish’s Sling TV and other streaming services. Thus, the company has decided to push back the launch of its service to 2016.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Apple has been working on an over-the-Internet TV service with a slimmer channel set and cheaper monthly fee than traditional cable. It was rumored we would see the service debut this year, but the project continues to experience set-backs.

On a more positive note, Bloomberg adds that Apple is still planning to introduce a new set-top box at an event next month. The refreshed Apple TV is said to be far more powerful than the current model, with a touchpad remote control and support for native apps and games.

Source: Bloomberg

  • ARE YOU SERIOUS?! At this rate, it seems like it will end up being scrapped.

  • Marcus

    How long have these new Apple TV rumors been going around? I feel like it’s been 3-4 years. Probably more… This is ridiculous.

  • Dante Arellano

    Apple tv 5 years fail and still

    • It’s because they don’t take it seriously. Despite what Apple states the Apple TV is still a hobby for them. They don’t put enough time and effort into it and it shows as their competitors consistently offer better offerings than them in this product category.

  • Still excited to see the new device next month, probably be the only new item I purchase from Apple as the year comes to a close. That is unless ipad mini 4 really packs a punch, then I’ll trade my air 2 for it.

  • It’s doesn’t matter when it launches. Whenever it does, it will be cheaper than cable which means cable scrambles, lowers their prices, and the cable tv war begins. I’d rather it be done correctly than them rushing into it (Apple’s style).

    • Never get why people think Apple TV is a great alternative to cable. It isn’t that cheap to watch programs on it and if it doesn’t end up being jailbroken, you’re completely limited to paying for multiple streaming services, or spending way too much on TV shows and movies from iTunes.
      I don’t really think any alternative to a cable provider really saves much money honestly. At least not from my experiences with them the past few years.
      Sure I could use the garbage app Plex, but then I’m still illegally downloading my shows and at that point I’d still throw them on a HD and watch them through my BluRay player. That’s way better quality and then I’m not wasting my bandwidth to stream from my PC to my TV.
      Just my 2 cents though and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      • George

        An antenna is the only thing worth buying.

      • You’re thinking of the old Apple TV. The new service is more akin to a cable TV plan where you pay a monthly and get on demand access to certain channels. It will be cheaper than actually having cable if you don’t mind the lesser amount of channels.

      • Gregg

        And the fewer channels are no big deal, as long as they drop C-SPAN and all the nonsense channels.

      • Yeah I’ve said for years now the Internet is the future of cable. No longer will we have to pay for packages where 90% of the channels we don’t even watch. I would rather pick and choose my favorite channels and only pay for those.

      • I was specifically talking about whatever Apple’s service WILL be, not what it is now.

  • M_thoroughbred

    Every year they say the same thing and every year it’s a fail. Yet they get paid a lot of money to guess and be wrong. I guess when they keep saying next year it’ll eventually happen and 20 years later they’ll say how reliable and how right they were

  • As expected and exactly why this doesn’t even phase me. I never expected one to come out this year.

  • Blip dude

    It will arrive when it will arrive, simple as that.