Rite Aid, a drugstore chain in the United States, announced Tuesday it will begin accepting both Apple Pay and Google Wallet starting this coming Saturday, August 15. The company famously disabled support for Apple’s mobile payment service nationwide, even though it was supported at Apple Pay launch.

The move put Rite Aid at odds with regulators and lawyers who launched an investigation under suspicion that the pharmacy chain violated federal antitrust laws by colluding with other MCX members to boycott rival payment systems such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

All of Rite Aid’s nearly 4,600 stores nationwide will begin accepting NFC-enabled mobile payment solutions, including Apple Pay and Google Wallet, starting Saturday, August 15. The company will also accept Google’s forthcoming Android Pay and all Rite Aid stores will also accept tap and pay credit and debit cards.

Just yesterday, American Express rolled out corporate credit card support with Apple Pay and last week the Pei Wei restaurant chain started accepting Apple Pay at nearly 200 U.S. locations.

After launching in the United States last September, Apple Pay expanded into the United Kingdom this summer with support from major banks and more than 250,000 merchant locations. The Apple-branded mobile payment solution is rumored to hit Canada, China, Germany and other markets later this year.

Source: Rite Aid

  • Wasn’t Rite Aid going to CurrentC instead of Apple Pay? I’m just glad that CurrentC is officially dead now.

    • socrates

      As a Rite Aid employee, I am unsure if the company was leading toward CurrentC or their own branded app payment, but I can assure you that it was because they didn’t want to pay the fee that was associated with each credit or debit transaction. I’m unsure about why they came around, but I sure am glad.

  • igorsky

    I think Walmart will use CurrentC no matter what, simply because they want to stick it to the credit card companies. But they’ll be the only customer.

    • Anonymous

      Walmart will come around current c is missing the boat. Google caught up. And current c isnt gonna take a liking to the consumer iOS and android alike. The big picture here is the consumer must like the concept. I may be able to use my phone at check out with current c, but if i know your just gonna feed me an ad. Psss ill just swipe my card. Current c will fail if it ever actually get started. Lol nit to metion is current c (based on what i know) is more complicated then swiping my card and for that matter apple pay/google wallet. Its merchant friendly only… And for that reason alone the consumers will not adopt the tech and the product will fail. Then walmart will come around.

      • Micrones

        I agree that CurrentC will fail but that does not mean Walmart will accept Applepay. Walmart has economy of scale on its side as being the largest retailer in the world and can or wont be forced or cajoled. Most consumers have no choice but to go to walmart most times, so even if Walmart does not accept Applepay it wont affect their sales.
        The way consumers can walk away from Riteaid/CVS or Target is not easily doable with walmart

      • Anonymous

        You make a great point. But i dont think walmart will want to let competerors have a niche area. Granted your right walmart has enough power to not accept apple pay/google wallet. We will see soon enough. =]

      • Mark S

        “Most consumers have no choice but to go to walmart most times,” Site your source for this outrageous statement. Otherwise you’re just some guy with an opinion.

        I never go to Walmart so I don’t care what they do.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Guess they were sick of us filling up the cart and going to check out just to not purchase them because they didnt accept apple pay :/

    • This Guy

      Do people really buy a lot of stuff from a drugstore? Don’t they just have like…drugs and batteries? I dunno I don’t go to those places.

      • Walcy Carroll

        yes I would pay 20% more to go to walgreens than deal with the people and head aches associated with some walmarts stores any day.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah agreed, if i only need one or two items… I got to walgreen and skip the long lines.

    • Walcy Carroll

      I’ve done something like that, originally did it at best buy, then also at rite aid, not a lot of stuff, but found out they did not accept apple pay and went somewhere else. what gets me is that they have the NFC logo, but no sign up saying we don’t access google wallet or apple pay, or that the NFC is not working or setup yet, or they have no idea when it will be, or what it is.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait till we can send money to friends using apple pay.

    • Steve R.

      A safe Venmo replacement would be pretty awesome

  • techfreak23

    So when is CVS going to follow suit…?