iPhone 6 bend

Every iPhone generation has its own highly publicized “gate” issue and present-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are no exception. Unbox Therapy’s widely circulated Bendgate video made international headlines, became a topic of late evening news and provoked an official statement from Apple PR.

While I think Bendgate was a non-issue to begin with, the general public probably disagrees so it’s reassuring that Apple is adamant to put Bendgate to rest by giving the next iPhone a strengthened body made from the Apple Watch Sport’s custom aluminum alloy.

But just how Bendgate-proof an iPhone 6s case made from this custom alloy could be? Who better to ask than Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger who bent an iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands?

While we’ll have to wait until the new handsets arrive to realize how prone to bending they exactly are, the video does indicate Apple is responding to bending concerns with a reinforced iPhone 6s shell, as previous rumors suggested.

In addition to engineering a stronger backplate for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple also appears to have strengthened the inner walls and changed the casing layout in order to strengthen the weak points near the volume button.

These reinforced pressure points should help prevent bending from occurring when substantial force is applied to them. The reinforced casing should especially prevent instances of a slight curvature that some people said occurred after carrying around a 5.5-inch device in their pocket.

Apple’s Series 7000 aluminum debuted on the Apple Watch Sport.

Basically aluminum with zinc, the custom alloy is, as per Apple, 60 percent stronger than standard alloys but just as light, and one-third the density of stainless steel.

Taiwan’s Economic Daily News originally reported back in April that the chassis of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is made from the Apple Watch Sport’s 7000 Series aluminum, a rumor later corroborated by additional supply chain sources.

  • Jason Baroni

    Unboxing Therapy won $50k in a day because of ads on his YouTube video. The phone bends, yes, but not as they set it up on that fake video.

    • yourmomsbox

      that fatso should really stop bending phones, i subbed to his channel but he kept bending phones its so unnecessary

      • Jason Baroni

        He’s just continuing the hype he created. This is ridiculous

      • yourmomsbox

        lol bro the unbox therapy guy is bending some iphone 6s mockup dummy now

  • Good grief is this over yet? There’s no bendgate, just stupid people breaking phones because they are careless and want to put down new technology. This whole “GATE” thing is completely pointless, anyone will put GATE at the end of another word and make something up. There.. that was my RANTGATE! Annoying!

    • Learningoffexperience

      It wasn’t made up though people’s phones were bending easier than they should’ve been just from being in their pocket. I know it hurts your favorite brand did something wrong but the butthurt will pass

      • mrgerbik

        😀 ty

      • Jason Baroni

        The freaking phone bends, yes, but not like this idiot showed on his fake video.

      • If your careless with a product you purchased that’s not the suppliers fault, period! They do not bend from normal every day use.

      • Learningoffexperience

        I doubt thousands of people are careless with their $1000 phone just face it apple uses sub par materials to make most of their stuff just let the butthurt flow through you it’ll be ok

      • It’s obvious you have no idea what your talking about when you resort to name calling. And yes thousands of people not taking care of their devices is exactly what happened out of millions sold.

      • Learningoffexperience

        Uhhh yea sure no one called you any names im just stating facts that thousands of people reported their phones bending to poo after normal use you’re just offended cause you love apple I understand

      • I enjoy your crazy comments. And with that off to other topics where I can have intelligent conversations. Flat out if people took care of their devices there wouldn’t be any issues. This whole thing is made up because people can’t take care of products. I can bend and break any device out there too, doesn’t mean there’s a reason to. If you don’t use a case and don’t protect what you paid for that isn’t a company fault or product fault. Peace out!

      • Stefano

        pretty sure nobody is name calling LOL. it bends dude, game over. read my comment above. I’m a 29 year old man whose got no reason to lie or deliberately bend my phone.

      • yourmomsbox

        i remember back in the days they were making big fuss out of some idiot putting his htc in his back pocket and bending it, and htc told him back pocket is bad for phones, it was the first time i heard ppl put phones in their back pockets, i hope folks would stop doing that

    • Vince Reedy

      My first 6+ did have a slight bend in it. I could tell when I placed in on a table. Even with hanging the camera off the table and pushing down on it, it had a slight wobble. I had it replaced because of a lightning port issue and the new one has been fine. I think it bent from having it in my pocket and sleeping on it on the couch. (They do bend)

    • Stefano

      Sorry to break it to you pal, but its very real. I’m a registered nurse who puts his iPhone in scrubs, not tiny skinny jeans and just to be specific, the back pocket is too small for a 6+. With that being said, i also wear track pants and cotton shorts. My 6+ has been replaced twice since launch day because it bends in the exact same spot! With apps running and aluminum being awfully malleable, in addition to body heat, it will flex and distort. My brother has a 6 and he delivers pizza; constantly has his 6 plugged into his console in his ford fusion…. and guess what, it bent. It is all about the temperature and of corse if you sit on it. All the phones bend, clear cut, plain and simple.

      • If your careless with your device it isn’t the fault of the company making the devices and therefore it isn’t an issue at all or fault of the product, period.

      • Stefano

        Im almost positive nobody is being careless. But you’re right, if one is being careless they certainly do not deserve a replacement

      • Leguro

        Isn’t nursing for girls?

      • Stefano

        Being surrounded by women in this once woman only industry is a perk if you ask me. I work on a critical care pulmonary unit, which is almost 50:50 male to female nurses.

  • Jose Gonzalez

    “S” in iPhone 6S is for “S”tronger Chassis?

    • I like that lol.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      I’m sticking with my original meaning 6s= Superiority

    • Stefano

      haha good one. let us pray the S is stronger chassis.

  • Chindavon

    My 6 Plus hasn’t even come close to bending. Non issue.

  • Dante Arellano

    He is an ashole anyways:)

  • DevXav

    What?!… He didn’t try to bend it, so this video was pretty much useless..

    The guy “creates” a “bendgate” and now he doesn’t try to bend that leaked part?

    Just lost 4 minutes of my life..

    It was like trying to have sex with a girl that mesured my c0ck, got impressed with my size and girth, but did not let me b4ng her.. -.-‘

  • singhay559

    If there’s no bendgate issue then why is apple upping the thickness and seeking a stronger shell. All you apple fans are just in denial.

  • Paul Meneshian

    in all fairness he did say to stay tuned as his next video will show that

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