Activator 1.9.6 beta 1

A new beta version of Activator is now available for download. The often-updated staple jailbreak tweak from developer Ryan Petrich brings several new features and fixes to the table.

Check out this post to learn what the update contains and how to install the updated version on your jailbroken device.

Activator 1.9.6 beta 1 change log:

  • Add system power down view action
  • Adjust naming of custom actions/events to “Build”
  • Add launch playing app action
  • Only remedy corrupt Today/Tomorrow notification settings upon install
  • Update Localizations

Here is a look at some of the Activator beta’s new features:

System power down view action:

Power Down view Activator beta

The system power down view action can be assigned to a gesture to immediately access the power down slider. This lets you bypass the delay that normally occurs when holding down the sleep button.

Launch playing app action:

Launch playing App activator beta

This launches the app that’s currently playing audio.

The naming of custom events has been rebranded as Build, which is makes sense, seeing as you’re creating new actions from scratch.

Activator build actions

You can find the beta version of Activator on Ryan’s beta repo. This is accessible by adding the following repo to your list of Cydia sources:

Once you do, simply search for Activator, and it’ll display the latest version—which is currently the 1.9.6 beta 1 release.

What do you think about this latest version of Activator?

  • Ria1979

    When was 1.9.6 beta 1 released? Cos I’ve had it for a week or two.

    From Ryan’s repo.

    • Damian

      Yeah me too, I think Jeff was late this time

    • Chris

      August 1st.

  • Feivl

    Guys, for some reason I can’t find the SlideIn gestures anymore. Just want to slide in from the screen right to go to the last app. But the SlideIn gestures just disappeared from the activator settings! SlideOut are there. Am I missing something? Can anyone help please!

  • ham

    can i use it when my iphone is turned off?

    my lock key is broken and i want to turn on my iphone with volume keys?
    is it possible?

  • Hamad

    On iOS 8.3, jailbroken. Springboard crashes When I install any version of activator.

    Someone help. Please!!