Mpow 3 in 1 Clip-On iPhone lens kit

If you fancy yourself an iPhone photographer, you’ve probably got an arsenal of apps to make your images stand out. You can add even more dimensions to your raw photos using special smartphone lenses.

Mpow’s 3 in 1 Clip-On lens kit features three styles of mobile lenses and a specially designed clip that keeps your screen clear and works with a variety of devices with or without a case.

The kit includes a 180-degree fisheye lens for getting those artistic shots featuring a centered object up close with a wide background. There is also a wide-angle lens, which adds more to the landscape so you can get more in the picture. The macro lens lets you get super close to an object and still have the clarity you need for a beautiful picture.

The detachable clip lets you use a number of different smartphones of varying widths without having to purchase new equipment. It is designed to stretch a little, so you can even keep your case on while using the lens.

The side of the clip that attaches to the front of the screen is a thin bar with a soft rubber tip, so less of your view is obstructed. The backside that touches your iPhone’s lens is made of the same soft rubber, so it won’t damage your casing.

Mpow’s 3 in 1 Clip-On lens kit is available on Amazon for $14.99. To get an idea of the types of photographs you can take with these lenses, check out the customer review image gallery on Amazon.

  • therealjjohnson

    I have this and its great. I was skeptical because it was so cheap the the quality was A1.

  • Jimmylqd

    Recently bought an olloclip…kinda regret now looking at the price of this πŸ™ but then again Amazon is not shipping to where I’m living…

  • Feivl

    Bought one of those after 2 Generations of Olloclip. The quality of this one is really frustrating. Of course its much cheaper, but I hardly use it, as the results are pretty useless.

    • ShirleyRManley


  • Manuel Molina

    Thanks, was in the market for one of these but was scared to pull the trigger.

  • MinorOS

    i have one of those since a year and i use it nearly everyday, nice quality for the price, insane macro capability, recommended !