Cydia Redesign

Although this week saw nothing quite as impactful as Cydia Impactor, it was still a fairly solid week for new jailbreak tweaks.

Among the new tweaks released in the past week was Dissident, a new true backgrounding tweak, and LyricForMusic, a tweak that makes it possible to display song lyrics from Apple Music.

Did you miss one of the sleeper hits that was released on Cydia in the last week? Check out our list of new tweaks and see for yourself.

Some of these tweaks can be seen in our most recent new tweaks video.

AlertClose – gain closure options when closing apps from the App Switcher (free)
ControlPane – merges many iOS settings and toggles ($0.99)
Dissident – a new backgrounding tweak ($2.99)
Elite – color coded recent calls (free)
I See Stars II – see star ratings in playlists (free)
LyricForMusic – add lyrics to Apple Music (free – review)
Messenger Pro – advanced Facebook Messenger options (free)
NCFloater – scale Notification Center and add custom corner radius (free)
NoEditMenuDelay – removed the delay for the copy and paste menu (free)
NoExploring – removes Explore tab from App Store (free)
NoMiniIconGrid – removes mini icon grid from folders (free)
ProximityActivator – add a proximity sensor Activator gesture (free)
QuickManualSub – quick manual subreddit entry in AlienBlue (free)
Roundification – round off Notification Center, Control Center and more (free – review)
SlimBars – slim down navigation bars (free)
Snapstress – save photos to Camera Roll while using Snapster (free)
StatusbarColor – change status bar text color on Home and Lock screen (free)
ThinnerBanners – removes grabber from Notification Center banners (free)
VolumeSlider – replace the volume HUD with a simplistic volume slider (free)
Watchdog Lite – a sneak peak at the upcoming backgrounding tool (free)
WeatherPeek – an awesome new way to interact with weather ($1.99 – review)
WhoozIt – a new caller ID solution ($0.99)

What’s your favorite tweak from this weeks releases?

  • HoodFlow

    Does somebody the same issue? When I delete today and tomorrow widgets in NC they are deleted. But after a respring both widgets are again in my Notification Center

    • Viktor_Zweig

      Yes. That’s due to a bug in Activator.

      • HoodFlow

        Any fix out?

      • Viktor_Zweig

        None at the moment. The dev must update the tweak. He was made aware of the bug though…

      • Lordrootman

        Installed it again then make sure you turn it off on settings before uninstall from cydia

  • Khelkhal Chouaib

    is ther tweaks that can help with api link for all web site, really need help with that

  • Robert Goldberg

    VolumeSlider is garbage. Doesn’t work.