OS X El Capitan

Apple on Tuesday released the fourth OS X El Capitan beta to developers. The new build is available to registered developers via the Updates section of the Mac App Store or through Apple’s Developer Center.

Today’s update comes roughly two weeks after Apple pushed out the third beta of OS X El Capitan, and more than a month after its initial release in early June during Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference.

In El Capitan, Apple chose to forgo adding a bunch of new features in favor of performance and stability improvements. There are a few changes, though, such as a revamped Mission Control with Split Screen.

We’re installing today’s beta now, and will report back with any major changes. While the release is for developers only, Apple did rollout a public version of OS X El Capitan this month if you want to check it out.

  • Range

    Where is AirDrop on El Capitan? I can’t see it??

    • Jamie Oliver Lai

      you probably disabled it in Finder. Go to preferences -> sidebar -> then enable airdrop

      • Range

        Wth? o_O I don’t remember ever doing that, I know for sure I have never opened preferences for Finder. Thanks!!!

  • besrate hogsa

    anybody know why my airdrop don’t work between iphone 6 plus and ipod touch 5
    it works between ipod touch and ipad mini
    and it works between ipad mini and iphone 6 plus

    • Tim Farris

      try disabling Bluetooth and WiFi with airdrop set to everyone on both devices do this then reenable both and retry airdrop it usually fixes the issue on my mac to iPhone 5s

      • besrate hogsa

        thanks man
        it worked

  • Roger

    Does anybody has problems with safari with this Beta ? I just installed it for the first time and Safari its not Opening ? Any news

    • Tim Farris

      i will let you know as soon as i install it im updating now i know beta 3 is fine but idk about beta 4

      • Roger

        @tim_farris:disqus Thank you ,

    • Golicza Alpár

      I have no problems with Safari so far. At boot I got like 3 kernel panics but after them it booted up okey.

    • JTalbert

      Is this the first El Capitan that you installed? I had a problem that I was on the preview version of 10.10 which installed the developer preview of Safari 9 for 10.10 and once I updated the initial version of El Capitan Safari would constantly crash, It was the same with Beta update and did not correct itself until I loaded Beta 3. With Beta 4 I am not having any problems with Safari. Good luck.