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In what’s become a norm for the company these days, another outage has hit a number of cloud-based services as users around the world report issues accessing Apple’s content stores: the App Store, the Mac App Store and the iTunes Store.

We’re also tracking issues with Apple Music and Beats 1.

Indeed, I’m currently struggling to stream my Apple Music songs and Beats 1 radio.

UPDATE 1: Apple has now acknowledged the outage on the iCloud status page. “Users are experiencing a problem with the services listed above,” reads the notice. “We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.”

UPDATE 2: The iCloud dashboard says all services have been restored after three and a half hours of downtime.

The problems have been ongoing since 9:45am Eastern.

iCloud outage 2050721 image 001

The iTunes Store is down for some in both desktop iTunes for Mac and Windows PCs and on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. The request simply times out, producing the following message.

iTunes Store down

Apple Music and Beats 1 are both down.

Apple Music down

This is unfortunate as the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards nominees are scheduled to be revealed exclusively on Beats 1 later today at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern time on the Beats 1 Chart show hosted by Brooke Reece with Travis Mills.

At the time of this writing, the iCloud dashboard had the following services listed as temporarily unavailable: App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV, iBooks Store, iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, iTunes Store, iTunes U, Mac App Store, OS X Software Updates, Radio and Volume Purchase Program.

iCloud outage 2050721 image 002

If you’re experiencing outages with iCloud services in your country, please describe the issue and post screenshots down in comments and I’ll update the post.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • James G

    Big apple fail. Especially because of the MTV thing.

  • Sergio LG

    Beats 1 is not working in Mexico, Apple Music works fine

    • Sergio LG

      Now Apple Music is also down… (iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Mini 2 and MacBook Pro 2015)

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Tacos! Y me sentía especial por leer iDB desde México, me enorgullece no ser el único y no, tampoco me jala desde iMac 21.5″ Late 2013

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        We are back

      • Dave Newcomb

        iTunes Match songs still will not play or download as of 3:47 EDT.

  • Jamessmooth

    VMAs are still a thing? Can’t access my account either, California.

    • Jamessmooth

      PS, Spotify works fine 🙂

  • Simon Moorhouse

    Apple Music issues in UK – all playlists are blank and unable to download or stream any music on my 6 Plus or Air 2.

    • Simon Moorhouse

      Totally down now…

  • Marc Hansard

    Good to know it’s not just me.

  • Hussam spider

    Apple music & app stores are currently down ..
    . Egypt

  • iByron

    Interesting. I’ve been streaming music all morning on the US east coast.

  • Martynet

    A bit different subject… Anyone knows why there is a battery indicator in iOS when bluetooth headphones are connected and no indicator or percentage in OS X?

  • Brandon

    stuff like this is why I will always maintain an offline music library.

    • Simon Moorhouse

      My library is offline however the Apple Music app will not even open now…

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Everything is working fine for me here in the Chicago area.

  • Nicolás Cevallos

    It’s working for me now.

  • Tylor Jackson

    I’ve experienceing problems with iCloud down on my iPad mini 3 :/ and my iPod 4G iOS 6.1.6 everything work fined

  • Sa

    60$ billion dollar company very surprise. i thought we learm from the iPhone 6 keynote

  • App Store issue earlier for me in the UK on iPhone where I would select an app to install but the app page would flash up and then get a blank screen but seems to be working again now

  • Bradley Hines

    Everything works fine on iOS 8.3 on my iPhone 5s 😛 I’m never updating my iPhone to any iOS past this one 😛

  • Dave Newcomb

    iTunes Match songs will not play. Apple Music tracks are working. Glad I’m getting my money’s worth on Match :-/

    • Brandon

      i cancelled Match and got a refund, all it did was destroy my music library with incorrect artist names, mess up album art and corrupt large handfuls of my songs during upload.

      • Dave Newcomb

        Hmm, I never had those problems. Up until today it has worked flawlessly for me.

  • Only3Penguins

    As of 5:15 PM eastern, I cannot stream anything from my iCloud Music Library, whether it is Matched, Uploaded, or Purchased, on my iPhone 6 or iPad Mini. When I tap a song, it behaves like a one-second long recording of silence, almost like the file contains nothing but metadata. When I tap “Make Available Offline,” it acts like it’s downloading for a split-second but then stops (the little gray triangle with an iPhone/iPad icon appears then vanishes) and I can then attempt again to “make available offline” (if things were working correctly the option would’ve changed to “remove download”). On my Windows laptop, when I attempt to stream or download a song back into iTunes, I get error 5556. Not happy right now.

    Oddly, if I change a song’s metadata in iTunes, the change is still reflected on my iOS devices a few moments later, so it is not a matter of devices failing to communicate with Apple’s servers.

    This has been the case since around noon.

  • Onyxus_Music

    I’ve searched for downtimes on their servers, but everything seems like its up and running, when in fact, I still can’t stream music from my iTunes Match library. Is anyone having this issue still? It basically just goes from begging to end when I select a song, but no audio is generated.

    • Dave Newcomb

      Yep, iTunes Match is still not working for me either as of 9pm eastern time. Twitter still has folks like me bitching at Apple to fix it.

      • Onyxus_Music

        Thank you for replying! I seriously thought it was just me, since a lot of people were reporting that it was working for them. I seriously hope that the music that I had in my library didn’t get wiped out! I joined the masses and tweeted @AppleMusic and @iTunes. Why would they put that their services are running, but in reality they’re not? Hopefully this gets sorted out soon.

      • Onyxus_Music

        Mine just started to work. Check on it again and see if yours is working now. 🙂