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Following a recent discovery of hidden graphics assets inside iTunes 12.2 which have hinted at an imminent iPod refresh, Apple on Wednesday quietly refreshed its dedicated music player family with a press release and a website update.

The headline new model is a much improved sixth-generation iPod touch, “the best iPod touch yet.”

It now features the Apple-designed 64-bit A8 processor, essentially the same chip that powers the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and runs Apple’s M8 motion coprocessor. Apple really went all out with the iPod touch: there’s three times faster Wi-Fi 802.11ac and also an improved FaceTime HD camera with an updated sensor and burst mode for even better selfies.

But the good news doesn’t stop here: the back-facing iSight camera has received a substantial upgrade, going from five to eight megapixels with slo-mo and burst mode, 1080p video capture at 30FPS, cinematic video stabilization and more.

The screen size has remained the same, measuring four inches diagonally, and there’s no Touch ID. The device runs iOS 8.4 with the all-new Music app and Apple Music integration. As for the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, they have received a minor refresh with new color options available.

“iPod touch gives customers around the world access to Apple Music, the App Store and iOS, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, starting at just $199,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of iPhone, iPod and iOS Product Marketing.

“With big advancements like the A8 chip and the 8 megapixel iSight camera, customers can experience next-level gameplay, take even more beautiful photos and enjoy their favorite music, TV shows and movies.”

iPod touch sixth generation lineup 001

The 64-bit A8 processor is indeed a major upgrade: the chip allows the sixth-generation iPod touch to run latest Metal-optimized games and graphics-heavy applications with ease. Even better, the A8 processor supports Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 operating system upgrade and will no doubt run a few future iOS releases as well.

Apple claims the A8 processor inside the new iPod touch is six times faster than its predecessor and 10 times faster in graphics performance.

The inclusion of the M8 motion coprocessor for steps and elevation tracking is also a smart move on Apple’s part as it helps the iPod touch support modern health and fitness applications in the App Store, without taking a toll on its battery.

Its eight-megapixel camera is now on par with the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 devices in terms of pixel count. On the downside, Apple appears to have removed the Loop wristband from the corner of the new iPod touch.

New iPod touch price matrix

As shown on the image above, the new iPod touches still start at $199 for the 16GB version, with the 32GB/64GB editions fetching $249/$299. Also, a new model with 128 gigabytes of storage is now available for $399.

The iPod touch received its last minor refresh in June 2014 when the 32/64GB models received a price drop to $249/$299 and a new $199 16GB model got introduced. The previous-generation iPod touch with the A5 processor and a five megapixel camera released back in October 2012 so this hardware refresh is way overdue.

As for the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, these music players have received a minor cosmetic change and are now available in new darker blue and pink colors. In addition, the iPod touch, iPod shuffle and iPod nano are now available in gold, too.

The full lineup of six new iPod colors now includes silver, space gray, red, bright pink, deep blue and gold.

The refreshed music players are available starting today from Apple.com, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers. The 128GB iPod touch is available exclusively through Apple and all models are available in PRODUCT(RED).

For more information, check out Apple’s website.

Source: Apple

  • chad daley

    They totally should have made the screens as big as i6 and 6+. Total fail

    • Derrick B. Miller

      and no Touch ID. Really Apple?

      • Matta Fakt

        Totally agree. In fact, I would even say that those should have been the two most important features.

      • Matt Tanner

        iPods are meant for kids, they dont need all that fancy stuff, if they want Touch ID and a bigger screen they buy an iPhone or iPad…

      • Born of Fire

        I am 43:) and i always carry my ipod touch with me along with my iphone

      • I’m 30 and I always do that too 🙂

      • Ed

        Why? don’t you know your iPhone does everything your iPod touch does, and more?

      • ravinigga

        I know but also parents mayby dont wanne give their kids phones.
        Or only for people love pure music, photos, video’s, without calling

      • Martynet

        Yes, why? Your iPhone is basically an iPod too…

      • eXoguti097

        Because people can have GBs upon GBs of music which they wanna store separately instead of using space that could be used to apps, pictures, and documents maybe.. That and also not having to leave your phone tethered to an AUX cable if you’re playing music on some speakers

      • Martynet

        ok… but still. 128GB iPhone can hold good amount of music… And AUX cable? Didn’t see that since Airplay hit the market.

      • eXoguti097

        Yes, AUX cables are still used if you didn’t know. I don’t see why you think they aren’t.

      • Joshua Petersen

        and an LTE/Cellular chip… i mean geez apple get it together

      • Well then the’y be iPhones. If you want cellular get an iPad or iPhone… If they added that LTE/Cellular connection it would be stupid for them not to add a microphone for talking and an earpiece..

      • Pedro Amador

        He is being sarcastic…

      • It’s for the people who don’t know ^_^!

      • Pedro Amador


      • Mr_Coldharbour

        A cellular chip? That’s essentially an iPhone / iPad (with cellular chip). Then that won’t make the iPhone or iPad that much of an enticing purchase anymore. It’s a media device, not a phone.

      • Digitalfeind

        You hit a hornets nest with that comment. I’m laughing at the people that think you’re serious.

      • Valinor

        After all the great updates, that was 1 sentence I wasn’t expecting… No touchId. WTF.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Then the iPod touch will just be 2 components away from being an iPhone (a €700+ device). They need to keep it simple; keep costs low, keep barrier to entry low.

      • Quang

        I think iPod Touch is meant for music, so Apple don’t upgrade screen and touchID to keep the cost down. iPod Touch sale goes down, so Apple wouldn’t invest too much to refresh the line. Its better to focus on iPhone and iPad. Apple also has low-price iPhone too

    • Bugs Bunnay

      Way to carry Inconvenience while jogging.

    • I think if would have been stupid if they did add bigger screens. Samsung tried that with the Galaxy player and and they didn’t sell well.. If you want an iPod the size of a 6 or 6 Plus buy one that is blacklisted with no Apple ID lock.

    • Cristian B

      Like I said in the other iDB post, that would ruin the point of an iPod. You want a bigger screen then just get a iPhone 6 or iPad.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      Making it 4.7″ would’ve been better I agree.

    • regkilla

      so you expect the same as an iPhone 6 Plus for way less money? Get real.

    • Alberto Espinal

      Agreed, what a waste of time!!

  • Matta Fakt

    I can’t tell but it looks like they did change the design a little to include the curved edges. Can anybody verify this?

    • Most likely not, they probably didn’t put the ambient light sensors back either.. Pretty stupid removing them in the first place..

  • RV

    The Battery life didn’t change from iPod Touch 5th Gen??? But there is an A8 processor? So this means it might get drained easier cause of the A8 and M8 upgrade???

    • Cristian B

      I’m not a expert but I’m 99% it doesn’t work that way.

    • Elias Chao

      Actually, newer processors normally are more energy efficient than the older ones.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Sure, or that’s what they want you to believe when they’re giving their fancy keynotes. Just to cover their rear-end so that no one buries them in a tech review because they didn’t address battery life. No matter how energy efficient you try to tout something as, it’s never going to be as better as upgrading the battery hardware. “This is x-amount % more energy efficient than last gen’s model…” It’s getting tired in my opinion, just upgrade the battery hardware, or better yet make it energy efficient AND upgrade battery hardware.

    • RV

      Maybe I misinterpret the specs given by Apple cause they both have a 40hr music playback which means they maintained the battery life of the newer generation, right?

      • yourmomsbox

        it has a smaller screen

  • Ds

    I’m sure someone somewhere a long time ago pointed this out but I just noticed it and.. iPod touch home button has a square for the square app icons and the iPod nano home button has a circle for the circle icons… pretty slick. like I said I’m sure someone out there has noticed this before.

  • QP

    ok but, why they didn’t put a real fm radio in this thing?

    • That is a feature that has been missing for years. Not sure why they don’t finally add it in.. I agree with you all iPods should have it.

      • James G

        With apps that access FM radio there is little need to put the chip in.

      • how bout decreasing data usage?

      • James G

        These are Wifi devices so data usage is probably less of a concern. And I realize that means no FM when you are mobile, but these devices are meant to have music stored locally first and foremost as iPods.

      • having options is now a bad or unnecessary thing?

      • James G

        It’s a component cost, a design cost, a manufacturing cost and a marketing cost. Apple also probably looks at FM radio as a declining technology and so have little interest in supporting it (just like Flash).

      • From an article I’ve read iPhones are already built with the technology tho I’m not sure about the itouch.

      • Arjan Vlek

        All iPod touches (except the first generation) have a FM chip in the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth chip. It is just not used under iOS.

      • Except Apple put the radio chip in the nano, they should put it in the touch aswell. Not everyone wants to use the wifi radio apps.

      • James G

        Nano doesn’t support App Store.

      • Then maybe it should the same way apps can be added to the watch..

      • James G

        Good point!

  • -___-


  • iPhoneWINS

    = FAIL

    • They should have kept some of the old colors, and dropped the 16Gb.

      • regkilla

        Apple selling the 32gb version for just $199 wouldn’t make them as much money. If people want 32gb instead of 16gb all they have to pay is $50 extra.

      • True but 16gb is nothing for an iPod that costs that much either.. Sure you have apple music and can stream but only on wifi..

      • George

        Wasn’t the argument for the phone that people don’t need that much space, what is the excuse for the iPod? Apple just likes to fk people over.

      • Yes it was they should have stopped the with 16GB at the iPhone 5. 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus should have minimum 32GB. The memory chips are pennies different in price… Sure those pennies add up but If the customers are paying $100 more its still worth it.

      • George

        There is no high end android phone that doesn’t start with 32gb, I’m tired of this shit.

  • DSN1138

    I don’t understand why they never upgraded the OS on the nano.. it still looks like iOS 6

    • Sleaka J

      The going rumour is that everybody who worked on the nano software now works on the Apple watch team. There’s literally nobody left to update it.

  • dudeimmexican


  • I wish iPod nano at least get the update of the UI to match iOS 7/8

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    That’s basically the current gen iPhone 6/6+ specs minus the cellular chip, built-in earpiece and TouchID. Apple certainly didn’t hold back on the iPod touch but they sure did skimp a bit on the iPhone’s 6 and 6+ after seeing these new iPod touch specs. The design looks great and the colour choices too, except for the gold (in my opinion).

  • japplemusik

    I don’t understand why Apple won’t update the UI of the Nano. Or at least add some wallpapers to make it a bit more exciting

  • I saw on Apple’s website that it also does 120fps slo-mo. I haven’t seen one tech site mention this. Everyone says it has the same camera as the iPhone 6, but really it’s from the iPhone 5s. Essentially, it’s an iPhone 6 in a 5s body, and that’s not a bad thing.

  • Jerry

    Now this is a iPod!

  • Born of Fire

    I own an ipod touch 5g..The screen size should have been at least 4.7 and implementing touch id would have been great..but now ? i think i will pass

    • yourmomsbox

      true that the iphones are like 3x the price of the this but 4 inch is too small for gaming or watching videos

  • George

    Hahahaha, all out? What did they do differently? 3 years for this?

  • Mohammed Khaled

    Guys instead of complaining like a baby! Think of it as iPhone 6c sans sim card tool. Hen it will make sense. And for a iPod 4 inch screen is adequate. Just a little confused with lack of touch id though.

  • Norbi Whitney

    At the current exchange rate 199USD equals 257.38CAD.
    So the prices are actually a GOOD deal in Canada.