WhatsApp Quick Reply

If you’re looking to have true native quick reply for WhatsApp on iOS, you may want to consider jailbreaking your iPhone. A new tweak from WhatsApp-centric developer iMokhles allows for quick reply from both the Lock screen and traditional banner notifications.

The cool thing about this tweak is that WhatsApp doesn’t even have to be launched for quick reply to function. I force-closed the WhatsApp app, sent myself a test message, and still received the message with quick reply in tact. If you’re a heavy WhatsApp user, then WAQuickReply ($2.99) is a compelling new package that you may want to consider.

WAQuickReply Lock screen

Once you install WAQuickReply, you’ll need to reboot your iPhone and obtain a license. I always hate when developers go the licensing route, because frankly, it’s a pain in the butt. But I do understand why they do it, as the DRM can help cut down on casual pirates.

Once you get passed the activation part, the quick reply functions work seamlessly. When you receive a message, it is actionable via banner notifications or Lock screen notifications just like a typical iMessage or SMS message is.

WAQuickReply works by using a special backgrounding hack, which is able to keep WhatsApp backgrounded without causing much drain on battery life. Even after you reboot, you can still receive messages and engage in quick reply without launching the WhatsApp app.

I tried WAQuickReply, and it worked just as described. I did find the activation part a bit annoying, but once that was out of the way it was pretty smooth sailing.

What do you think? Are you a WhatsApp user and would you consider using this tweak? Sound off in the comments below.

  • NeftyCorrea

    if you you buy the license for it. if it says they have no more license at this time dont worry about it. ive talked to the developer he told me he forgot to fix the text .

  • Bernardo

    Not sure how I feel about login in via the tweak. Guess I just need to be reassured that it’s safe to enter my PayPal credentials via custom portal?

    Also. Won’t cause “much drain” on battery life.

  • diggitydang

    So I installed the tweak, downloaded a license and now what do I do? I don’t think I’ve paid for anything yet… Hmmmm…

    • Amir

      Same here…

      • diggitydang

        You probably saw the part where two days later, it asks you to update it via Cydia and then requests the payment.

  • diggitydang

    Been waiting for a tweak like this. Doesn’t clear the badge once you’ve quick replied though.

    • Alberto Espinal

      I tweeted the developer and he said a new version is coming to fix it but he kindly send me a .deb file and i installed it via ifile, so what version do you have right now?

      • Joey

        can you share this .deb file?

      • Alberto Espinal

        Joey he just updated it in Cydia, maybe by the time you read this you have seen the update

      • diggitydang

        Cool! I’m glad it’s being worked on. I am on 1.3rc-1 right now (noticed an update last night but haven’t checked if it fixed the badge thing yet). Thanks for letting me know though!

      • Alberto Espinal

        No problem and yes it doesn’t show the badge anymore

  • Noam

    Jeff how did you passed the part of the activation? I can’t even go into the tweak in setting.
    they need to stick on selling licenses trough Cydia.

  • Vvbreaker

    Anyone know if this tweak is compatible with Whatsapp ++??

    • HeRbi PuLido

      Same here 🙁

  • Kyle

    Pure robbery just for some QuickReply. I bet the person invested most of the time in the DRM instead of providing a seamless user experience from the beginning. Since there are so many problems, I guess in the next few days people will report crashes and other problems.

  • Ermek Djuzenov

    When the cracked version will be out?

    • Kevin Smetana

      Please don’t pirate. If you can’t afford 2.99$, you don’t deserve this tweak.

      • Newgunnerr

        If you cant afford a tweak you don’t deserve is. Nice logic

      • Kevin Smetana

        First off:

  • mahe

    Can’t buy/download a license …
    If I tap it in settings it simply does nothing …

  • Aviad Rosenfeld

    Don’t use this tweak!!! Since I installed it someone took over my whatsapp and started sending messages in my behalf to my friends!! I removed the tweak and wrote the developer. Don’t use this until he fixes it

    • Mokhles Hussien

      and the dev answered you, and u didn’t answer

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I’m tempted but they’ll be adding native quick reply for other apps like What’sapp in iOS 9, no 3$ license needed.

    • Rex

      Where did you hear this? Source?

      • Gabriel Anaya

        It wasn’t exactly advertised but it’s one of the under the hood addition to iOS 9. Lots of sites have covered it, just google it yourself.

      • Khalid Tahhan

        Native quick reply has been added since ios 8 to third party apps. Whatsapp have not updated to utilize it. Other apps have. Your at the mercy of whatsapp adding the feature when they want to or use a jailbreak tweak like this instead. Though i can’t get this thing activated for some reason

      • VitoM

        It’s not correct. In iOS 8 quick reply its enabled just for native app.

  • Linton Findlay

    IMN is better, does more apps for the same price

    • NeftyCorrea

      imn didnt work for me when i bought it

  • $3 for a quick reply tweak? Really? Why not price it at $30 then?

    • NeftyCorrea

      i bought it for 1.50 cents

  • Joel Baez

    Best tweak for wa yet!

  • Rohit Mandal

    I do not understand. I am dumb. How to obtain license? Please help

  • Eddie Melendez

    The Dev it’s a hard working guy making great tweaks for you guys to enjoy it! He it’s almost the only one who replay to you for help and said $2.99 but it’s $1.99 for introduction price!

  • NeftyCorrea

    hey is there a possible way to fix the license part ? so everytime i reboot my device or respring it wants me to redownload my license kinda gets annoying after a couple respring then id have to respring again after it download but other then that ive been waiting for a tweak like this. GREAT TWEAK

  • Erik

    I wish this tweak would exist for Facebook Messenger 🙂

  • HeRbi PuLido

    I have problems with downloading license, can anyone please help me!

  • Yazdan Khazeni

    what happened for this tweak?!
    I can’t find it on cydia

  • Muhammad Noman

    i have installed this tweak and having a problem in sending the message. whenever i tried to send the message it shows sends. but when i get in to the whatsapp there is no sent message there or the receiver is not getting my message