After seeding OS X El Capitan beta 3 to developers Wednesday, and less than 24 hours after it’s made the third beta available for testing to the members of the Apple Beta Software Program, the Cupertino firm has now released a small update to El Capitan beta 3 which fixes specific crashes related to 32-bit applications.

The OS X El Capitan Beta Supplemental Update fixes an issue that may cause some 32-bit apps to quit unexpectedly, as per the official release notes. The update can be deployed on Macs running developer preview or public beta of El Capitan via the Mac App Store’s Updates tab.

A separate update delivers pronunciation and clarity improvements to the Samantha voice in El Capitan.

Introduced last month at Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple’s annual gathering for its registered developers, OS X El Capitan is arriving this fall alongside iOS 9 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

El Capitan packs in a handful of new features and platform optimization technologies that increase the stability and reliability of Apple’s desktop operating system while increasing your security.

There are a few user-facing features in El Capitan, too, like Apple’s new San Francisco font replacing the much criticized Helvetica Neue as the new default typeface for Macs used throughout the system for menus, dialog boxes, lists and other elements of the user interface.

Other changes worth mentioning include a revamped Mission Control with the new Split Screen window mode, a more versatile Spotlight search, a better Mail with expanded gesture support, a powerful new Notes app, Apple Maps with Transit directions, iOS’s Metal framework for fast and fluid graphics and more.

  • chris

    did apple add a screen recorder in ios 9 ?

    • This Guy

      The NSA did.

    • They have, since iOS 8. Just use QuickTime on your mac to create a video recording of your device.

  • Rex

    The speed in El Capitan is noticeably faster. Animations are much snappier and smoother

  • Why not just drop 32-bit support altogether? OS X can only run on 64-bit hardware since 10.6. Not even Chrome is 32-bit now. Dropping 32-bit will significantly reduce the sizes of system libraries and RAMs used by them.

    • techfreak23

      Not every application is 64-bit quite yet. I do agree with you though as that would force everyone to go 64-bit if they still want Mac compatibility. Spotify is the best example. Those assholes still haven’t made the switch and it noticeably slows down both of my computers with 16GB of RAM every time I launch it.

  • Quang

    Anyone here encounter problem with iCloud like mine? I have no idea how to clean that 100GB backup :/

  • Seba

    After installing El Capitan public beta my iMac couldn’t connect to my AirPort Extreme router. In status bar it says connected but couldn’t open any website in safari or chrome. I turned off Wi-fi in Network settings and then turn off my iMac. After turning it back on my internet was working. But after couple of hours it stopped again. I don’t think I will update my IMac again in the future. Keep in mind that I have 2008 iMac so maybe that’s why I have that issue 🙁

  • Rithish Shanmugasundaram

    Am facing issues when installing new OS X EI Caption
    Already am in yosemite when i giving update and downloaded when installing ends its shows panic error