WatchNotifications is a brand new jailbreak tweak from developer Thomas Finch, that seeks to better unify the look of notifications on Apple Watch and iPhone. It does this by mimicking the look of Apple Watch notifications on your iPhone’s Lock screen.

Available for $1.00 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, if you prefer the look of the notifications on your Apple Watch, then you’ll most certainly be interested in WatchNotifications.

WatchNotifications Settings

Once WatchNotifications is installed, it should begin working immediately. The only thing it will affect are the notifications that you receive on your Lock screen, so banners and alerts will still look like they always do on iOS.

But on the Lock screen, Notifications closely mimic those found in watchOS. Functionally, everything is the same—you can still swipe to quick reply, open, and dismiss—but the look is much more in concert with the look found on Apple’s wearable.

In the Settings app, you’ll find a preference panel for WatchNotifications. The preferences for the tweak consist of two switches—a kill switch and an option to disable the app icon shadow the Lock screen notification.

I like WatchNotifications. It’s a good-looking tweak that helps unify the notifications experience, at least from a visual standpoint.

What do you think?

  • MarioBros640

    Does anyone know what tweak is used to make the status bar like that?

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      I’m wondering that right now…

      • LiamKenyon

        Alkaline I think…

    • Charles Highley

      search Android Solid Cell and Wifi in cydia
      apply in winterboard

      • MarioBros640


      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        First I’m going to jailbreak

      • Ashymer

        does not Winterboard slows a little bit the iphone? or im the only one?

      • Favna

        Depends on the phone you have but generally, no, it doesn’t. There are other tweaks that might however.

      • Haven’t had any issues of winterboard on my iPhone 5 and I’ve been jailbreaking for two years now. What iPhone do you have?

    • Search up Android Solid in Cydia. It’s a winterboard theme.

  • If the same sender sends multiple messages, they could easily be condensed into the same bubble with a divider line between messages to save on screen real estate.

    • Thomas Finch

      A few people have mentioned this idea, I’m definitely interested in adding it.

      • Good deal!

      • Luciano Horta

        How many bucks did you do developing some tweaks? 5000 US$? I’m planning to earn extra bucks doing this.. 🙂 Thanks

  • rabidroy

    When you swipe to the left for actions that area is not themed. I’ll Show All Changes but for now that’s an uninstall and a patient dollar in the wind.

    • Remy

      I agree, it could have been a nice addition to my phone. Won’t be purchasing until its perfected. Merge messages into one bubble if from the same conversation. And theme the reply button. It’s a nice idea though 🙂

      • Thomas Finch

        I’m looking into adding both of those features. Any ideas for what the reply button should look like?

      • Favna

        Perhaps something like what happens when you swipe one emails with the yellow / red / blue, but then again, I’m not quite sure what OP meant and I guess he means he doesn’t want the blue box with “Reply”.

      • Remy

        Mirror the two tone format, in blue 🙂 no red or yellow pull out nonsense, that’s too much for a message notification. make it rounded on the 2 left corners of the reply button but squared on the right side to look like there’s more to come. You could even make it bounce a wee bit.

        If it is two tone you go for, the top blue could say reply and the bottom blue strip could have a small reply glyph/icon? Or just no glyph, less is more right? 😉

        Ps. great idea really like it 🙂

    • pauleebe

      This definitely needs some work.

    • This could use some work as well!

      • Thomas Finch

        What would you rather have it look like?

      • It can be the same, but a more polished look, the exclamation circle looks kind of weird. Maybe add a background to it? 😛

      • Chris Ryan

        when i receive multiple messages the only one that shows properly is the last message received…the rest get that greyed out look as above…is this by design? or a bug…cuz its annoying either way 😛

      • Maybe you need to get that fixed 😛

      • Chris Ryan

        i wasn’t referring to sim locked pic above parson, i meant when i receive multiple text messages or email, etc…it greys out all except the last one received

  • Is there a tweak to change the multitasking switch to look as that of iOS 9 ?

    • I think Karen (aka angelxwind) was working on a port, not sure of the current status of it.

  • This is exactly how IOS 9 should look. Probably won’t happen, maybe IOS 10. It just makes sense to have it actually look nice. The current phone notifications are old.

  • bln

    can somebody please telle me name of theme of the wifi statusbar icon?