Cydia Purchases Amazon Easy

If you’ve tried to make a purchase on Cydia lately, you may have noticed one big difference with the available payment options. Amazon is no longer available as a means to make payment, leaving only PayPal as an option.

For me, this is really unfortunate, because Amazon allowed you to authorize a set number of dollars in advance, making it easy to make multiple Cydia purchases over a period of months without necessitating a reauth. I’ve never been a fan of PayPal and its business practices, but I also hate how cumbersome it can be to simply log in to PayPal.

As of today, we’re down to a single option for Cydia purchases, but that could be changing soon.

Amazon removed cydia

Before and after

Before you jump to blame saurik for this issue, this is no fault of his own, as he explained on reddit. Amazon actually ceased its Flexible Payments option earlier today, while at the same time dwindling down Cydia’s payment choices to a single option—PayPal.

Thankfully, saurik is planning on another solution for those of you who cannot have a PayPal account. Hopefully this option will extend to those of us who simply loathe PayPal as well.

I think it’s very important to have at least two payment options available, and to make such a payment option as frictionless as possible. Not only will this ease headaches for those of us looking to purchase our favorite Cydia tweaks, but it will help reduce the urge to take the pirate route in the process.

Note: you may still see amazon as a payment option if you previously established a set dollar amount for authorization, but as soon as you reach the threshold or clear payment information, the amazon option will disappear completely.

What do you think about Amazon’s sunsetting of Flexible Payments? I’m sad to see it go. What about you?

  • Aaron Hysell

    I just bought velox2 with Amazon , maybe it was temporary

    • “Note: you may still see amazon as a payment option is you established a set dollar amount for authorization, but as soon as you reach the threshold of clear payment information, the amazon option will disappear completely.”

  • Matta Fakt

    NOOOOOOOOO!!! My cards and information are banned from Paypal due to being the VICTIM of a scam. Dammittttttt I hate Paypal

  • Ben Gareffa

    How about replacing it with Apple Pay hahahahaha

    • Mark S

      Yes let’s get some Cydia kiosks in our local Walgreens for apple pay.

      • Ashymer

        hahaha your comment made my day bro 🙂 cant stop laughing

      • Rowan09

        Apple pay accepts online payments as well not only NFC payments. When you make a purchase through the Apple store it is using Apple Pay.

    • Elle

      That would be nice but that doesn’t work for people who can’t use apple pay yet.

  • j7469

    This will cause me not to buy any more items from Cydia until another payment option is available. I hate paypal and that’s that!

    • Richard Froggatt


  • Jake Frackin’ Healy

    Apple Pay surely there is a way!! Would be so nice to just use TouchID

  • Chris

    Damn it, Amazon was far easier to deal with. I guess I’ll need to spend my remaining balance with care.

    • It wasn’t mentioned in this article for some reason, but Cydia’s integration with PayPal has been upgraded to be even easier to use than the previous integration with Amazon Flexible Payments.

      • Chris

        Interesting, I’ll have to try it again as in the past I had a vast number of issues because I had to switch to 1Password to login and also got blocked due to the lack of 2-step authentication support.

      • Jan

        How about creditcard? I live in holland we dont have creditcards but paypal keeps asking for it to make my purchase final. Its annoying

  • We need another way as of now getting paypal in india is very difficult and it has become necessary to crack tweaks themes even if you want to purchase them

  • Pogixvirus

    Good thing I just set a threshold haha


    Bitcoin!! Jk to confusing. I herd some shit about stride payments. Would be a bit funny if it supported apple pay.

  • AngryDingo

    Luckily I just authorized $50 so I’m set for a little while.

  • Khalid Tahhan

    I actually think bitcoin would be a great option to add.

    • Bitcoin is far too unstable and someone wouldn’t be getting their worth. 1BTC equals around $255 but in a week that could collapse and it be worth $10.

      So setting a tweak’s cost at, for example, 0.00194BTC could end up costing the buyer $80 and another $40 depending on how far apart they bought it and how much the BTC value has increased/decreased.

  • Gervaas

    I hate Amazon since it requires a credit card. Paypal is very easy to use for small transactions like this.

  • Hmm… I could see Bitcoin as somewhat of a replacement. Maybe Saurik could re-add Amazon Payments, but without the option Amazon depreciated. Credit cards via Apple Pay would be good as well, but that’s only good in two countries in the fall, the US and UK. I wish Saurik and the gang good luck with finding something new.

  • And they setup their Paypal to require you to link a creditcard now. So I won’t be able to buy a tweak ever.. (totally against credit cards.) What a great way to get people to pirate tweaks.

    • Are you saying this is somehow different than it was previously?

      • I would have to look at my paypal history, but some months ago I could pay with the credit i added to my paypal just fine.

      • *to clarify by credit i mean the money I transfer via bank to the paypal account.

      • Bom

        I have the same problem Jay. It is indeed different than previously. Before, cydia’s (Paypal) option would recognize that PayPal was linked to my bank account and I wouldn’t need to fill in the credit card information.

      • Way late to get back to this topic, I was an idiot and Paypal one too for not being clear when presenting me with a page to add a creditcard as if it’s mandatory, instead of letting me know my Paypal was low on funds.

        So no, there’s nothing wrong with the payment options at Cydia, totally my bad!

  • AJM

    Paypal is just fine. Never had any problems with it.

    • Damian

      Exactly . I don’t understand what Jeff was talking about

  • mrgerbik

    Should have bitcoin

  • Dhaval Brahmbhatt

    Yep, I am sad to Ben but its business for Amazon. They must have seen that it is not making them money so they shut it down. Nothing anyone can do abt it unfortunately.

  • Jake Barbour

    Personally I only use Paypal nowadays, but hopefully Saurik will add different payment methods soon.

  • Damian

    Jeff you said PayPal is cumbersome?

    I just enter the password and the payment is done and tweak ready to download. Could Not be easier

    • Yeah: Jeff didn’t bother actually trying it, but I reimplemented Cydia’s PayPal integration to now be even more streamlined than the previous implementation with Amazon Flexible Payments.

      • Damian

        I am all for Paypal due to their buyer protection services, which i used on some occasions and received my money back. Amazon just did not offer anything special when compared to PayPal.

  • It is really frustrating that you chose to report this clearly without reading what I had written about it, despite having linked to my posts on reddit: the thing you should really be reporting on here is how the PayPal flow in Cydia has been entirely redone to use newer features of PayPal, which means that it is even easier to use PayPal now than it was to use Amazon Flexible Payments. Also, if you are going to rag on only having one payment option even momentarily, it should be pointed out that Cydia also supports Alipay for users in China, a feature which was in a limited trial run, but which has recently been activated for all products.

    (Also, I’d love to have a better understanding of your complaints with PayPal: I’ve never found complaints about PayPal that didn’t come down to either “we were trying to use it for a purpose a bank would never support, effectively trying to use the service to obtain a loan against a future product, service, or conference” or “PayPal effectively always sides with the buyer in matters of fraud”, which I personally think is a really good thing. People are really unfair on PayPal: if you want to stories about truly sketchy business practices, you should hear me talk in more depth about Amazon Payments at some point… PayPal is great.)

  • Victor S

    Crap ~ just made my first Cydia purchase on the last day of June and was wondering what happened to the Amazon option today. Thank goodness I found this blog. What a shame to see it go 🙁

  • Chuck Finley

    >how cumbersome it can be to simply log in to PayPal

    Step 1. Enter your username.
    Step 2. Enter your password.
    Step 3. Hit “Log In”.

    Uh…how is that cumbersome?

  • Bom

    Is there a way around the credit card login via PayPal? Cause before all this I could just hit buy en enter my paypal password and done! Now I need to fill out my credit card information. I don’t have a credit so I linked my paypal with my bank. Can someone tell me how to fix this? Btw I live in holland

  • Pat Dap

    I Neva have a problem with PayPal on Cydia, But Now Cydia always asking me the Credit card witch I don’t have, this is not Good. I need help

    • andy van caem

      and do you have a solution for the problem? i have the same problem.

  • Billyd

    I hate PayPal, no more purchases for me until another option is available

  • Thelip95032

    I hate PayPal had bad experience with them , If this is only cydia option then I will not be buying any more apps, will just download free ones.

  • patriot

    without the frigging amazon payment i cant buy shit with paypal, it keeps on declining my payment for no reason, hate the paypal, pls include amazon or alipay payments…