Activator beta 8.4

If you’re looking to try some of the available jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8, chances are you’ll need Activator to support them. Since the current public version of Activator doesn’t yet play nice with iOS 8.4, Ryan Petrich has graciously released a beta version on his beta repo. Be sure to grab this Activator update to ensure better compatibility with all of your favorite jailbreak tweaks.

To install Activator 1.9.4 beta, you’ll need to add the following repo to your Cydia sources:

Once you do, you can download the Activator beta release. Here is the change log for the release:

  • Support for iOS 8.4
  • Fix Action Banners of iOS 8.2+
  • Protect access to Activator APIs with a prompt dialogue

It’s not much, but iOS 8.4 support is more than enough to satisfy me. What say you?

  • vitalie

    who doesn’t have IFTTT should get it and set it to recieve notifications when a new article is posted 😀 love this page! y’all are awesome

    • Skoven

      You can also use Boxcar 2 and subscribe to specific RSS sections of iDB – thats what i do. You get push notifications from boxcar 2, so it doesn’t have to run in the background. Maybe IFTTT works the same way, but i haven’t tried it.
      But yeah… iDB is a great jailbreak news site 🙂

  • mo7amed

    after ios 8.4 JB many apps and tweaks crash as filza, display recorder and bioprotect

    • adrian

      bioprotect needs to be updated

      • lars

        this (especially the second line)
        do you even imagine how much work and time goes in this community?

    • Just confirmed that Lookback works for recording the screen on 8.4 tho 🙂

  • Nesly Lacroix

    Can’t find the beta version even though I have the repo.

    • Jay N Patel


      • Nesly Lacroix

        I had to reboot.

      • Nesly Lacroix

        Refresh did not work. Had to reboot.

  • M2

    I don’t like activator as some apps force install. Regardless of what people say it causes battery drain.

    • Niclas

      Also called: Psychological battery drain syndrome.

      • M2


    • Zzyzxd

      exactly my thought. somehow those developers assume everyone wants activator. I didn’t notice battery problem but it did slow some operations since it takes extra resource to listen events I think

  • Rondog

    Hi Jeff, Yeah, I go nuts whenever I don’t have activator on my devices, I’ve become so dependent on it. Ever since I started using activator a few years back I hate using either the home button or sleep button, or at least as little as possible. I think it’s a great effort on Ryan’s part to take the time to get us back on track. Thanks guys.

  • CyPh3r

    Can’t seem to install Activator without installing Flipswitch. Flipswitch causes a bad crash as it’s not yet compatible with 8.4. Anyone know of another repo hosting the latest Activator without Flipswitch?

  • Luong Nguyen

    aeternum works with activator beta ?