25PP 8.3 Jailbreak

It looks like a little bit of controversy may be brewing over the purported usage of TaiG code in an alternative jailbreak tool from 25PP. As you guys may remember, 25PP with its “PP Assistant” is the same same App Store that shipped with previous Pangu jailbreaks. The PP Assistant was also incorporated into the PP jailbreak, but like the 3K assistant present in TaiG, users could opt out.

Now 25PP has packaged their own jailbreak tool that purportedly incorporates the TaiG jailbreak. This will no doubt cause issue with TaiG, as it’s diverting users to use a tool other than its own.

25PP Tool 8.3 Jail break

25PP has even set up a full website advertising the tool and providing download links. The tool, which is unsurprisingly Windows-only, will allow users to jailbreak iOS 8.3 and install the PP Assistant app store.

PP Assistant App Store

One consolation for the TaiG team is that this tool probably won’t lure away English speaking users, since the 25PP tool is all in Chinese.

With all of that said, the 25PP tool looks to be quite a bit more robust than the TaiG tool. I even see a spot for managing SHSH blobs on its tool among many other features.

25PP tool

Although I haven’t personally seen comment from TaiG on this, I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t happy about this, as it means that users may be tempted to use the 25PP tool instead of TaiG.

What do you think about the 25PP tool?

Update: here is a comment from the TaiG team (Google Translated):

Currently, PP assistant unauthorized modification Taiji jailbreak tool released in the official website of PP jailbreak assistant, known as its “world premiere perfectly compatible.” We are still indulge in the update release, such acts can only regret, he said: Tai Chi team has never authorized PP assistant modify jailbreak tool, nor had any cooperation therewith. Meanwhile, in order to escape the safety of users, please download the sole legitimate jailbreak tool from Taiji official website!

Thanks to iGadgets__ on Twitter for pointing this out.

  • Andrew

    Saw PP and thought Mac version? Then no. Windows only.

    • which makes sense since it’s not their own code.

      • Andrew

        Very true. Not cool PP…

  • Carlos Medina

    It is said on reddit to stay away from PP and get the jailbreak from Taig.

    • Mark S

      It says on the freeway to only drive the maximum speed limit but people don’t listen to that either.

      • Tyler Smith

        difference between the jailbreak and that…..

        Speeding – ticket, death (eh *shrug*), maybe some dirty looks
        jailbreaking with this tool – jailbroken device, no money in your bank accounts

        so yeah you know the usual right?

  • regkilla

    I just want an iOS 8.3 jailbreak to work on my old Dell desktop with 1 core.

  • Connecting Mac User 

    All the time Windows… WTF? Cmon guys really? I thought this is all things “i”Jailbreak and mac should come first or together with windows

    • Julio Valdez

      Windows is a beautiful thing ain’t it? lol bro just run a virtual machine and jailbreak it doesn’t take too long, not as long as waiting for a Mac version at least! Good luck! (:

    • Tyler Smith

      not many people have macs in china as they are expensive (and correct me if I’m wrong) the phones have to be bought unlocked at full price so getting a mac really isnt ideal for them

  • Eikast

    Wow. Talk about having no shame lol. At least come up with an English Mac version and do a little work.

  • Vasili

    Will Cydia Substrate work if I jailbreak with this tool?

    • Hi

      Was thing the same thing

      • Onaje Perry

        Me too lol

    • Ronald Ramsay II

      If this tool installs Cydia, which it probably does, since it’s using TaiG’s code work, I suspect it will… But why question when you can just use TaiG’s method and know 100% that it’ll work?

      • Ryan Patrick

        He is talking about Cydia Substrate, which is prohibiting functionality of most tweaks right now, not Cydia. But since they stole the jailbreak I’m sure they didn’t go through effort of including a fix.

  • Ronald Ramsay II

    My question is why switch from TaiG, the first to release jailbreak for 8.3, who seems to be backed by Jay Freeman (saurik), for this tool, which isn’t even original? Kinda pointless to me…

    I’m already jailbroken on 8.3, just need the Substrate update and I’m good, but still… I don’t see why there would be a debate about this…

    • JulianZH

      because 25pp offer all apps free. it’s super popular in the chinese/asian community.

      • Ronald Ramsay II

        Oh really? Does it install an app that gives you access to that stuff? Just curious…

      • JulianZH

        pretty much. once install it, you can download all apps for free. 25pp and tongbu are the two popular ones.

      • KinkyNothing

        But you can add their repository and install 25pp from there.

      • What’s the repo?

      • KinkyNothing

        It won’t let me post it :/. Google 25pp repo and it’s the first link.

      • Ok thx

      • You could just download AppAddict or AppCake for that…

      • KinkyNothing

        25pp acts as AppSync too though, so at this point it’s kinda useful

  • abhi0n0nakul

    mayebe users like me can try this. taiG didnt work for me . stuck at 20% . and yes i have used older itunes. and done everything else.

    • burge

      Reboot the PC after downgrade not restart and reboot the iPad and connect to iTunes first. Before trying to jailbreak I did this and it worked for me.

      • abhi0n0nakul

        Thanks for replying. Whats the diff bew reboot and restart? I restarted the pc. U mean i should shut down and then turn on? And should i leave itunes open with the jailbreak tool?

      • WonkieInc

        Reboot and restart are the exact same thing

      • burge

        No it’s not the PC doesn’t turn off fully on a restart. And if you have issues the issues can remain on a restart.

      • WonkieInc

        A PC doesn’t turn off fully on a reboot either. It’s the exact same thing, a different word for it

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    And let the games begin!

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Why cant someone a do a MAC version first though? lol like seriously this had me excited for a moment there.

    • Tyler Smith

      Because macs are expensive and they already have to buy all the phones 4s – 6+ outright and unlocked at full price

      • Juraj

        That’s not an excuse. I have few iPhones and MacBook bought for full price.

  • I just found out today in the drive thru. Then asked for a double QB and only got a single.. Today sucks.

  • Nahid Islam

    Does this support iOS 8.4b4?

  • Lipkiss

    I’ve been using pp software since years.I could install apps even when JB was not out for 8.3. 25pp is trustworthy.Try it u will love it.Taig did something against apples wish & pp did something against Taigs expectations.Now we will write comments here against eachother.

  • Jesus

    is anyone else getting stuck at 60% during jb process? ps. using Taig iPhone 5s ios 8.1.3 and im on mac virtual machine windows 10.

  • Anonomous.TECH.man

    I’m I the only one curious to what Taylor swift is gunna do when their is a jailbreak tweek released for free apple music?

    • Tyler Smith

      nothing because honestly she will be losing like 1 mil. (at the *most*) and she already makes wayyyyyy more than that.

  • Kevin Chen

    I’m Chinese and 25PP is awesome to me. Giving me access to all free paid apps.

    • Niclas

      That sucks.

  • Shadowelite123

    TaiG jailbreak won’t work on my virtual windows thing from parallels can’t install iTunes