Elenker Armor Defender iPhone 6 case

When it comes to waterproof cases for the iPhone 6, we are often faced with spending a lot more than we want to for solid protection. Either that, or we are stuck with the pouch style option, which works great, but doesn’t look as good.

Elenker’s Armor Defender is a low-cost waterproof case that protects your iPhone 6 underwater, in a sandstorm, and while skiing down the mountainside. Plus, it has a handy kickstand so you can prop it up while lounging poolside.

The case is made from hard polycarbonate material for durable protection against drops and other accidents. It is waterproof rated for 6.6 feet deep for up to 30 minutes. The touch sensitive clear screen cover allows for use with the iPhone’s screen. It has a special Touch ID compatible membrane covering the Home button. The back-facing camera cover features a double AR-coated optical glass lens for clear pictures.

The backside of the case features a flip out kickstand so you can set up your iPhone 6 in landscape mode for watching movies or other relaxing activities while sipping margaritas by the pool.

Elenker’s Armor Defender for iPhone 6 only costs $10 on Amazon. There is a version for the iPhone 6 Plus for $15.

What do you think of this low-cost waterproof case? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Hi

    Lory, how many cases do you have? Am I th only guy with one case (otterbox defender)

    • blu

      I have one case for my iPhone 6 (well, till today that is). I rarely need a waterproof case, so this is for those few times I need one, and for the price it is a great choice.

  • daryl augustin

    I just bought one last week and it was by the name red pepper . Solid case

  • diggitydang

    I bought one on eBay for same price, just to use while on vacation… it didn’t have access to any buttons – so no volume control, no locking (it did have access to the home button to wake). Needless to say, it was a terrible purchase and thank God for Activator. This one seems so much better (if it works).

  • blu

    For $10 why not. Needed one last week while at camp with my daughter and it was raining all week. I used 2 zip lock sandwich baggies. Looked stupid, but kept the phone dry and could still use the phone (except touch ID).

  • There are actually a lot of cheap cases. I enjoy my $5 hybrid case over my $40 otter box and my $40 griffin survivor case.

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