The Tethys Ultrapouch keeps your iPhone 6 safe and dry at the pool or the beach

Tethys Ultrapouch

Whenever I am planning on going near a body of water, my thoughts turn to whether my iPhone will survive the adventure. No matter how careful you are, there is always a chance that your precious technology will find its way to a watery grave.

The Ultrapouch is a universal case that seals your smartphone in, keeping it safe from the dangers of water damage. Head out to the beach knowing that your iPhone 6 wont get wet.

The tightly sealed bag has a slim profile, while still being big enough to house your iPhone 6 with a case on it. It fits devices with screen sizes up to 5.3 inches. The sliding dual-lock mechanism seals your device into the protective bag.

It comes with a lengthy 15-inch lanyard so you can strap your device to your wrist or tie it to your backpack. There is also a small attachment on the back for use with the included Velcro strap.

The ultra-clear touch-sensitive front window makes it possible for you to use your iPhone 6 while it is inside the case. There are no ports for audio jacks or charging. Plus, the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons are not accessible. So, you’ll have to take it out of the bag to access those functions.

The Ultrapouch is available on Amazon in a variety of colors for $8. The Ultrapouch Pro fits devices with screen sizes up to 6.1 inches and is available from the same link (via the dropdown option) for $10.