The FRiEQ Universal Bag Case protects your iPhone up to 100 feet under water

FRiEQ Universal Bag Case

Sure, a good waterproof case will make you feel better when hanging out by the pool or hiking down by the river, but what about taking your iPhone 6 into the ocean for a snorkeling vacation video?

FRiEQ has a Universal Bag Case that is completely waterproof up to 100 feet so you can take it on an underwater adventure or a dip in the Jacuzzi.

The case is called a bag for a reason. Instead of a tight fit around your device, it is a secure bag that fits larger screen devices like the iPhone 6, HTC One, or Galaxy S6. It has enough room to fit your device, even with a thick case like the Otterbox Defender.

At the top of the case is a sealing mechanism. Unlock the bag by sliding the buttons outward. Place your iPhone 6 inside. Then, push out excess air and reseal the bag by sliding the buttons inward.

The case is rated IPX8 to be completely waterproof up to 100 feet deep. The clear window on the front and back give you complete viewing access to your display screen, as well as the front and back-facing camera.

The company claims that the touch sensitive window makes it possible to use your device underwater, including typing and other gestures. However, some users note that underwater use does not work very well on the iPhone 6.

So, if you are planning on filming your snorkeling trip, it might be smart to first open your camera app before going under so you can use the volume button to take pictures and video so you don’t have to use the touch screen at all.

The FRiEQ Universal Bag Case is available for $10 on Amazon and comes in black, white with hot pink, and white with light blue.

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