iOS 8.4 beta Beats 1 iPad screenshot 005

Beats 1, Apple’s non-stop Internet radio station hosted by celebrity DJs, has made its first appearance in latest betas of iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 which are available to developers.

The Beats 1 interface appears unfinished with many features not active yet or performing erratically. Still, I was able to use the Music app on my iPad running iOS 9 Developer Preview to access a new Radio tab and get to Beats 1. I also browsed a list of stations and even streamed select ones and heard the promotional Beats 1 broadcast.

Here are my screenshots.

As you can see top of post and below, there’s a new Radio tab in the Music app on iOS 8.4 beta 4 and iOS 9 Developer Preview. In addition to a list of stations and genres, the Beats 1 promotional thumbnail at the top can be tapped, which yields a “coming soon” message and initiatives a pre-recorded promotional broadcast.

iOS 8.4 beta Beats 1 iPad screenshot 001

I must admit the pre-roll promo with celebrity DJs Zane Lowe in Los Angeles, Ebro Darden in New York and Julie Adenuga in London sounds very powerful. It’s everything you love about radio and I predict it’s going to become a smash hit with music lovers.

Tapping the magnifying glass in the upper right corner gives you the choice of searching across your own music library or radio stations (they even stream the BBC’s World Service). I was able to search for a radio station but actual streams weren’t live at post time.

iOS 8.4 beta Beats 1 iPad screenshot 002

On the other hand, I was able to listen to built-in radio stations divided into genres such as Alternative, Classical, Country, Dance, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Kids & Family, Latin, Pop, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Rock and more.

iOS 8.4 beta Beats 1 iPad screenshot 003

Each genre section offers playlists so, for example, you can enjoy Electronic Chill or Underground Electronic playlists, or listen to some Pure Pop or iTunes Weekly Top 50 under the Pop section and more.

iOS 8.4 beta Beats 1 iPad screenshot 004

Just tap a station and it begins playing immediately.

Tapping an icon in the lower right corner of the screen brought up a contextual menu offering to start a new station from the currently playing song, show the track in the iTunes Store or make it available for offline playback, which didn’t work yet.

Apple Music splash screen beta iPhone 6 screenshot 001

Beats 1 will go live in a hundred countries as part of the June 30 Apple Music rollout. Apple Music will cost $9.99 per month after a free three-month trial (€9.99 per month in Europe), or $14.99 per month for a family account.

The service will be available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Mac and PC starting June 30 in over a hundred countries. Apple Music will expand to the Apple TV set-top box and Android phones this fall.

  • Jeremy Spencer

    I’m on iOS 9 and on my Canadian iTunes account the radio section was there but I was unable to play any of the stations and Beats 1 isn’t there at all, probably because iTunes Radio isn’t available here. I logged onto my American friend’s account and Beats 1, and all other stations worked. Back on my normal account now and nothing works.

  • Jim


  • Richard

    I’m on the Ghana iTunes Store and featured stations appear but no Beats 1. Search seems to work fine and subscription seems to $5/month.

  • Andrieux Querido

    4,99 in Brazil because dollar worth 3 times more there

  • Richard

    iTunes links to music now opens in the music app showing the linked content. (8.4 beta)

  • Nesly Lacroix

    Enjoying free 320 Kbps quality radio with no audio ads on Google Play Music.