Apple Leather iPhone 6 Case

Very few other companies, especially in the tech industry, are able to fully capture the essence of minimalism quite the way Apple does. It is about more than just simplicity. Apple manages to merge elegant beauty with restraint.

The iPhone 6 Leather Case is a great example of Apple’s ability to combine a stylish aesthetic with simply beauty. The case provides protection from scratches, while maintaining the minimalist design we appreciate from the company.

The case is made from premium leather that is precisely designed for the iPhone 6. It snaps onto the backside of the device to give you protection from wear and scratches. It is thick enough to cover the back-facing camera lens. However, it is thin enough to barely add to the dimensions of your iPhone 6.

Because the case is made from genuine soft leather, it will develop a patina over time. That is the nature of leather. If you don’t like the look of well-worn leather, you might want to check out the silicone model instead.

The iPhone 6 Leather Case comes in black, red, blue, soft pink, and my personal favorite, brown. It is available directly through Apple for $45 with free shipping. It is also available for the iPhone 6 Plus for $49. There are versions available through Amazon, but I would be wary because they are more expensive than ordering directly through Apple.

  • Singhal

    Initially, you may think its expensive, but once you start using it, you will not use any other cover.. Been using it since 5s model.

    • Jake Platt

      I used it for one day on iPhone 6 before many other cases were released last year, found it very ugly and made the phone far too bulky. Sold it and got a Spigen Air case, which is far superior.

    • Blip dude

      Only reason why I use it on the 6 plus is because the battery gets hot. Personally, I rather be caseless, which I was until the battery because a little too hot for the touch.

      • makedonii

        that but also for the better grip, i dont mind having it be a bit bulky, i find it more comfortable to hold, the naked feel is just too unconfortable to hold

  • MaRz Franco

    This case is made well but after a month or two the case starts peeling and fades. I got the red one when they first announced and went back to 12 dollar cases and never looked back.

    • I have to agree. I got my iPhone 6 in November and by January, the back of the case had a dirty black look to it. As time went on it got worse and worse until I got the silicon one. It feels cheaper but its clean at least.

      • Stephane

        I have had the red Iphone 5S case for 1,5 years now. After 1 week already the colour started fading. On top of that, it gets affected by the textile dye on jeans, making the thing look blue-ish. Nevertheless, it’s a sturdy thing that has lived through some rough times.

    • Have to agree, some colors hold up better than others but that with anything.. I never had any issues with my black one for over a year though.

      • jpdls

        Yeah. The red one gets really dirty, I’ve had it since the iPhone 6 came out and it’s got a really weird color on the edges, but I don’t mind it. Red is prob the worse color over time, but I think the other ones are really nice with wear. I just wish that they had all the colors to match the leather loop bands for the apple watch. The blue one doesn’t match the bright blue leather loop, instead it matches the midnight blue classic buckle for the watch edition. Also I definitely wish there was one that matches the Stone Leather Loop, cause I think that would be so cool to have my phone match my watch

      • sorrento

        Same here

    • Ivan Ruiz

      Never had the issue with the brown one

  • Mark Snider

    Picked up the Navy Blue for my new 6 plus, looks and feels great and adds very little bulk

  • Byron C Mayes

    I tend to switch cases a bit and I have a navy one. I really like it. As for colorfast-ness, People, it’s dyed leather: natural substance that’s been dyed. It will react to the oils in and the texture of your hands, as well as to light, moisture, and everything else nature throws your way. Eventually it becomes unique and totally yours.

    There are tougher cases out there, but this one is very good. My go-to when I’m feeling the need to dress everything up.

    That said, it’s been around for a while. Why is it just getting reviewed now?

  • socrates

    Initially used this case with my iPhone 6 when I first got it. About two months into having the phone with this case I opted for a $7 skin made by Dbrand.

    The case over top of the skin was excessive, so I’ve been with another case that fits well, and I can double as a car mounting case.

    I’ve used this skin case combo since.

  • James Baney

    I love my black leather case. It does seem like the longer you have it, the better it gets.

    • Ivan Ruiz

      That’s how I feel. The older the better it looks and feels

  • Rares

    It’s all good and ok until you take your iphone out of your pocket and see that it’s full of dust on the edges.

  • Ivan Ruiz

    I’ve had this case in the brown model for about 6 months now. I’ve dropped my phone several times and while the leader does get scratched it protects my phone. In addition, the leather scratches go away on their own. The old leather look is amazing. The leather got darker overtime but it’s still brown. Love it!!!

  • neoamaru

    i can never get bored of it,
    i bought this case first & bought many others afterwards,
    i always come back to it, feels nice, quite sturdy,
    too bad it doesn’t fully cover the phone, but i guess it’s for a good cause, Docking & syncing..

  • turco320

    the best case

  • Jason Baroni

    I cant stand this cut on the bottom.

    • Jordan Stevens

      My biggest complaint is the lack of protection on the bottom. Because of it, my phone cracked in the corner from dropping it. Would’ve been fine had there been protection on the bottom. Hopefully the next iteration witll bring that back.

      • Jason Baroni

        And I add more to this, Jordan. This case has the perfect fit and format I always wished from Apple: a full body case with a lay on table design, made of great materials: silicon or leather. Apple’s biggest mistake was providing this cut when they could have made the perfect case for the iPhone. I expect they to change it on the next gen, too.

  • dudeimmexican

    Magpul case all the way

  • Dude, i use this case for like 8 months, and my tip is: dont buy it! With 3 months the case leaves a brown spot in every paper it touchs and with time it get very dark in some parts. I recommend the silicon case, is better.

  • Steven Honey

    I use the red leather one. The color does fade, but I don’t mind that. It works as expected.

  • Rounak

    Go for The Veil by Caudabe
    The best minimalist case for iPhone 6
    It’s 0.35mm thick and best thing also protects the camera buy thick ring just around camera, rest whole case is as thin as a tracing paper.
    This camera thing is not provided by Spigen air skin and also spigen air skin is 0.4mm and camera still protrudes.
    So the best case is The Veil by Caudabe

  • sorrento

    I got the black leather with a black Phone 6 and gotta tell how great is this case. Unfortunately they didn’t have the brown color so I took it in black. I’d have preferred the brown one I think.

  • KP

    I love it, until it hits the ground….

  • anything apple leather is auwful. my ipad smart case and cover made from leather are both breaking apart after a few months of use. waste of cash

  • @sexyhamthing

    It looks awful, especially with the 6’s frame.