Restore iPhone iOS 9

Although it’s not currently possible to downgrade watchOS 2 back to watchOS 1.01, I’m happy to report that iOS 9 beta 1 can be downgraded back to iOS 8.3 if you so desire.

Upgraded to iOS 9 and now regret it? Apple indicates that it’s not possible to downgrade an iOS beta firmware, but thankfully, that’s never been exactly true. In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to downgrade your iOS 9 device in mere minutes.

Note: This downgrade process will work until Apple stops signing iOS 8.3. To check the signing status of iOS 8.3, please visit Also, you won’t be able to use your Apple Watch if you upgraded it to watchOS 2, and downgrade to iOS 8.3. watchOS 2 requires a paired iPhone running iOS 9.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your computer and launch iTunes

Step 2: Disable Find My iPhone via Settings →  iCloud → Find My iPhone

Step 3: Place your device into DFU mode: Hold Home + Sleep button for 12 seconds, and release Sleep button while continuing to hold Home. Once you are in DFU mode, iTunes should show a notification indicating so. Click OK.

Step 4: Click Restore iPhone followed by Restore and Update

If you don’t already have the iOS 8.3 firmware on your local machine, iTunes will download it prior to updating. Otherwise, the restore process will begin and you’ll be back on iOS 8.3 in a jiffy.

Have you updated to iOS 9? Are you considering downgrading back to iOS 8.3?

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    I don’t think you can downgrade to iOS 9 😛

    • Touche

      • Bigperm

        My problem is I was on iOs8 Beta 3, and i upgraded to iOS9 (it sucked my battery) so I downgraded as per the Video and now I can’t restore my iPhone to iOS8.3 because it only recognizes a later version (iOS8.4), So now Im on 8.3 (as a new iPhone) trying to upgrade to 8.4 Beta 4 and its stalling???

      • Dany Quirion

        Just removed the ios beta profil on ur iphone

      • Bigperm

        Back to basics, restart computer/iTunes replace cable and it recognized… Thanks tho!!!

      • I can’t help it could you please use this é it just looks like touchey lol

      • Hot12345

        You forgot to mention that you need pluged your phone to the computer or powercord cable.

        Without a cable it doenst come in DFU mode

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    You wont be able to restore from a backup though, right? Because I would do this, but I dont wanna have to start off as a new phone again.

    • No, because the firmware is newer. You can do manual backup and restore of SMS and the like, and use basic cloud services to recover other data. Now that everything is basically in the cloud, the only thing I need is iMessage data.

      • Do you have to upgrade Apple watch on iOS 9 beta 1 in order to use it with your phone? I want to check it out but upgrade my watch especially since there is no way to downgrade it back to 1.01

      • You should be able to pair watch OS 1 to iOS 9. But you can’t pair watchOS 2 to iOS 8.

      • JayDee917

        Not sure if it works, but supposedly you can downgrade to WatchOS 1:

        If you have a backup of your Apple Watch made with an earlier version of WatchOS, like 1 or 1.0.1, you can downgrade. Backups are automatically created when you unpair your Watch or before initializing it.

        If you do, you can downgrade your Apple Watch following these instructions:

        On your Watch, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all contents and settings

        Let it restore for a while. If it seems stuck with a black screen and pressing keys does nothing, keep pressed power and the digital crown to force a reboot

        Connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone (iOS 9 is required at this time)

        Restore your backup that features WatchOS 1 or WatchOS 1.0.1

        (Optional) Now you can also downgrade iOS 9 to the official version!

      • Brandon Bolden

        What program do you recommend to restore only certain things from a backup? I want to do a clean restore but just want to bring my messages back.

      • Sokrates

        Ok, but you need to redownload all the apps manually, right?

    • If you made a backup prior to installing iOS 9, you can always restore from that backup after downgrading.

      • ericesque

        And if you make a backup prior to installing iOS 9, make sure you copy the backup somewhere iTunes can’t overwrite it. Last time I tried a beta I performed a manual backup. As soon as the beta was installed iTunes automatically made a backup that overwrote my manual backup. I was not pleased… but now I know better.

      • Sokrates

        Can you just drag the folder out of the library and then drag it in again as soon as you need it?

      • Noodle

        Hi Jeff,

        Yes, good thing I did create a backup of my iPhone thru iTunes prior to upgrading to iOS 9 beta.

      • Martin Mohlala

        No, you can’t restore backup of new iOS 9 to the old ios8.

  • Conner Gieg

    I hope there is a way to downgrade WatchOS 2

  • Mahmutcan Toerka

    Shit, my icloud backup of ios 8.3 is gone, how can I backup my settings? I dont want to import my mails again and other settings.

    • Jonathan

      This is why I always do an iTunes backup before jumping to a new iOS in case of this reason.
      But, I don’t think there is a way to get your stuff back unless you go back up to iOS 9. :/

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    iOS 9 has photo background activity that sucks my battery.

    • MrJohnBlaze

      yeah i been experiencing standby battery drain i thought it was cuz i went from 8.4 without a fresh install but i restored again still have not so good battery but imma wait till friday to decide if im going back to 8.3

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        I am going down to 8.4 then back up to try to fix it. It seems Photos has something to do with it.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        I cab bow confirm that option+update and selecting iOS 8.4 Beta 4 will downgrade you from iOS 9 without losing any data. All except stuff from new notes.

    • Noodle

      Yes, I agree. Even if you remove the apps from the memory, it is obvious that iOS 9 is doing something in the background since a spinning UI object (busy) is visible right next to the WiFi icon.

  • Joe Meta Data

    I’ve been testing new iOS updates every summer for the past five years and I have to say, I’ve never experienced battery drainage like this. I’m hoping Apple works out the battery issues in the second beta, because I’ve been losing about 30% every 20 hours, even with Low Power mode turned on. And I have to say, the new search suggestions are awesome, and Proactive is great. I’ve used Google Now for quite a while, and I love it. But the privacy issues cause concern and I’m glad to have it built in system wide.

  • MaRz Franco

    I want to go back down to 8.3 but upgraded to WatchOS2. I read the comment that if you backed it up it can be downgraded. Has this been confirmed? What are the chances Apple will let you downgrade the watch. @Benjamin chime in.

  • socrates

    To summarize my experience thus far:

    Upgraded to iOS 9 and after a full 24 hours I can truly say the battery life has worsened. Just finished the second charge cycle today.

    This is without the bias of new testing, I have not excessively used my device since testing the software; in that I’ve kept the same routine of daily use.

    I have also experienced few crashes of the Settings app, and a single crash of the new multitasking UI. There are also a couple visual and functional glitches inside the new photos selection menu when attaching photos.

    I will frequently be using Low Power Mode, (which should be renamed “Power Reserve Mode” to match watchOS, or vice-versa).

  • John Ortega

    Anyone having issues with data with iOS 9?

    • Noodle

      Hi John, were you referring to data connectivity?

  • pnh

    Looking forward to when it’s more stable but this beta of iOS 9 was eating battery like crazy and I’m back at 8.3.

  • Sai

    I have a iphone that is restricted and i am thinking of installing ios 9 and then downgrading later on. but my icloud settings are locked which means that i cannot disable find my iphone. is there a workaround for this?

  • jalexcarter

    why doesnt iDB ever put up download links for betas?

  • Helena Vazquez

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  • Antoinette_ ejia

    That’s interesting. I came across it to be just like employing a PC in that regard. I know found it to be a bit more straightforward to customize than the iPhone as well. I haven’t any difficulties with the iPhone past some modest annoyances here and there. Both systems are strong i think – I consider I choose the Android as of this point.

  • jeremy

    Let’s supposedly say somebody went through this method today without checking the signing status of 8.3 and forgot to back up their phone beforehand.. Is there a solution or would this idiot have lost everything on his phone ?