WWDC 2015 badge

Folks who missed Apple’s WWDC keynote this morning, or would just like to watch it again, will be happy to hear that Apple has posted the full video online for your streaming pleasure. Obviously you can read everything you need to know about today’s event right here on iDB, but if you have the time, the video is worth watching.

This was an interesting keynote, to say the least. Apple kicked off the event with a lengthy celeb-filled comedy sketch, and kept things light throughout the entire presentation. Drake came up and talked about music, Eddy Cue did a little dance, and there was the usual dose of photoshopped images of Apple’s executive team.

The keynote doesn’t appear to be available on Apple’s YouTube channel yet, so we can’t embed it here, but for those of you who would like to watch the clip, you can find it on Apple’s website by clicking here. Just make sure that the device you’re using has QuickTime installed, or a similar player that supports QuickTime files.

So, what’d you think of today’s event?

  • Daniel

    Eh it was alright. Was hoping to hear about a new iPod touch. Maybe the next time? -.-

    • GzyOnline

      it’s a developer’s conference, so they focus on software (& development).. but i hear ya! i’m waiting to see if they release a 128GB iTouch!

  • João Lyra Araujo

    I’m at the airport right now. Can I download now to watch on the plane?

  • Chris

    During the  Music presentation, did anyone have the thought that the people laughing about the “revolutionary music service” were droid fans?

  • GzyOnline

    Last night I tried to watch the keynote on my Windows PC (&laptop).. using both Firefox & Internet Explorer broswers (the latest versions).. I updated Quicktime & all-that-jazz.. at first, it loaded up with some struggle, but would not play without jitters & (buffering?) interruptions.. then it just wouldn’t load at all! I even (gulp!) ran a Windows update trying to resolve the issue.. so far-no luck! Can anyone shed some light on this issue I’m facing? I’m running Windows 8.1, thanks!!!