Apple homepage iOS 9 wallpaper splash

Earlier today, during Apple’s WWDC 2015 media event, the Cupertino company announced software updates to iOS, OS X, and watchOS. As with previous software updates, Apple always highlights a new title wallpaper for the announcement.

The iOS 9 wallpaper, showed several times during the presentation, pictures the inner curl of a beautifully blue wave. Naturally, we already received requests for the image. Step inside for your reward.

iOS 9 wallpaper

[updated 6/9/15 11:45PM PDT] The actual image was finally extracted from the iOS 9.0 beta and we located it via Reddit user geepolkgee. Click here to download this massive iOS wallpaper for both iPhone and iPad at 2712 x 2706.

The image download contained herein is not the actual image from iOS 9. It has not been extracted from the root files. Instead, this is a near representation created by graphic artist @AR72014.

AR72014_2015-Jun-08 WWDC iOS 9 Wallpaper splash

Download: iPhone

If you are interested in the WWDC iOS 9 wallpaper, take some time to browse through our long list of WWDC 2015 inspired images. A full article posted yesterday for our Wallpapers of the Week section, containing many inspired images from our fellow readers.


Visit: Sunday, June 7, 2015

Undoubtedly, more images will surface and they too will be collected by me via @jim_gresham. I anticipate multiple comments about a native iPhone 6 Plus version, iPad option, and an OS X desktop image. They aren’t included here, because I am yet to find them. Stay tuned for updates.

  • justme


  • Cole Mahoney

    iPad version

  • jolehp

    Thanks. Looking forward for original too.
    But i don’t se any big difference 🙂

  • Jason Baroni

    This is the best iOS standart wallpaper I’ve ever seen from Apple. Really beautiful one!

  • Blip dude

    Maybe it’s just me, but this wallpaper does not look good on black/space grey iPad Air. I think I’ll just wait until the public beta comes out and see what other Wallpapers are available.

  • I’m currently in the works of extracting all the iOS 9 iPhone wallpapers. I’m hoping to land on something by this evening.

    • Natasha Newwonders


  • jolehp

    This looks like stock iOS 9 but resolution is 576 × 1024.

    • Hot12345

      Is this the highest resolution?

      • jolehp

        Yes. i didn’t find higher.

  • I immediately thought of VSCO, but they haven’t even added this to iOS8 extension even though it was demoed last year. Such a dissapointment ~_~…

  • Cole Mahoney

    Here is the official one works on iPad and iPhone high resolution

    • George Yfantopoulos

      Definitely not the official.

  • Rowena Le

    I applied to consider megapixels were important but I worked with a shooter and he said the same thing. What’s more important is the caliber of the lens and iphone includes a very good lens. My hobby is astrophotography and the iphone does quite good with that