Incipio Stowaway for iPhone 6 1

When you head out to the bar, or run up to the store for some bread, you don’t necessarily need everything in your wallet. Sometimes, you just want the necessities; ID, credit card, and maybe your health insurance info if you are prone to mishaps.

Incipio’s Stowaway case for iPhone 6 is the perfect case to store your cards and keep your pockets free so you can keep more important things in them, like quarters for the laundromat.

The exterior of the case is made from something called Plextonium polycarbonate for a soft touch. It also has a shock absorbent polymer shell made with the company’s patented design, called Flex2O.

It is designed with the back-facing camera exposed and has speaker, headphone jack and Lightning cable port cutaways. There is a lip on the front of the case so your iPhone’s screen does not touch hard, flat surfaces when you place it facedown.

Incipio Stowaway for iPhone 6 2

On the backside of the case, there is a compartment that opens up. Inside the compartment, you can fit up to three credit cards (or one ID and a couple of Jacksons).

Or, if you are lounging around the house and don’t need anything inside the compartment, the door doubles as a kickstand so you can watch movies in landscape mode.

The Incipio Stowaway comes in black, light blue, gray, pink, and white and is available right now for $19 on Amazon (normally priced at $35). There is also a version in black for the iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Regginald Williams

    I bought one. After 4 months the kickstand/cover broke so now it’s pretty much useless.

  • I wonder if it’s possible to put an RFID card like a train pass or wireless keycard inside and still use it, or if the casing blocks the signal?

  • TwinSon

    Give the Spigen Sim Armor CS & Verus Damda a review. Have both, just got the Spigen and its not bad. Same for the Damda.

  • really

    So why do you need this case to hold credit cards if you have apple pay? What’s the point, right?

    • RayRayBeav

      Because not all merchants support Apple Pay yet. I live in a smaller town and only 2 places accept it.

    • Andrew

      In case you live in literally any country but the USA, because that’s the only place where Pay is available…

  • Thunder Cats

    looks like a good case if you want to lose your credit card/driver license

  • pnh

    “quarters for the laundry mat”? Laundromat, maybe? Damn autocorrect.

  • This has to be the best one I have seen for this, but I still would never leave my CC in the iPhone I could easily lose.

  • This Guy

    “When you head out to the bar, or run up to the store for some bread, you don’t necessarily need everything in your wallet.”

    Maybe not, but the whole wallet still goes for the ride. That’s because I’m a man, and men carry their wallets. They don’t run around town with the phone in one pocket and their ID card in the other. That’s for women and children.

    Grow up.

    Put your wallet in your back pocket and go get the bread or whatever.

    Or, I guess, just keep purchasing useless items for the sake of purchasing them.

    Mindless consumerism- yeah!


  • What if the phone got lost or stolen… lol 😀

  • Blindbat14

    Treat your phone like your wallet-the data on it is as important. Had the case 9 months and not an issue.

  • Diadal Barbara

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