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In an effort to better surface not-to-be-missed games in the App Store and give their creators much stronger exposure than before, Apple’s adopted human curation for the App Store’s Games section. The old system resorted to algorithmically generated lists like “New”, “What’s Hot,” “All iPhone (Free & Paid)” and more, TechCrunch said Monday.

These old sections have now been replaced with editorially curated lists like “Best New Games” and other aptly named ones.

In some instances, Apple has maintained algorithmically generated sections, like in the case of the “More Games You Might Like” category based on your purchase history.

Pictured top of post is what the Games section on the App Store looks like today. By comparison, this is what the algorithmically generated sections and sub-sections in the App Store’s Games category used to look like before this change.

Desktop iTunes App Store algorithmically created sections Mac screenshot 001

Moreover, as TechCrunch pointed out, sub-categories like Action, Racing, Puzzle and so forth have for the first time gained editorially created lists, along with their own banners in the rotating carousel at the top.

As shown below, each Games subcategory now offers editorial collections of “Best New Games,” “All-Time Greats,” “Pay Once & Play” and more.

Apple originally started highlighting games without In-App Purchases back in February 2015. It would seem that App Store editors refresh these new lists on a weekly basis.

Desktop iTunes App Store human curated sections Mac screenshot 003

Personally, I think this change makes the App Store a more friendlier place than before. And more importantly, it helps surface games you would have otherwise missed in a manner far better than algorithms would.

At the end of the day, human curation wins.

The best solution probably entails using algorithms as a guidance for human editors to help them cherry-pick actual content and build these lists manually.

Are you liking the new human-curated Games sections and sub-sections?

Source: TechCrunch

  • CsSxPlay3r

    I hate it. I love looking for new RPG games since its my favorite type of game to play. I always looked at all the brand new stuff for both top free and paid games that were brand new in that section. Because of this little update, im no longer able to figure out how to look at brand new stuff thats not automatically “top” picks. I wanna see everything…I want to be able to find my own games that are small.

    • Kurt

      I have been using AppShopper for years (I prefer the older version that’s no longer available). It’s superior to the AppStore for many reasons. My favorite is to put the app in a watch list and when the price drops you get a push notification. I’ve gotten many paid apps for free or reduced price for this reason. Another feature is to see the price changes over time. So you can see if the app has ever been free or at a lower price in the past. Very useful to know if now is a good time to buy or not. Other app tracking apps should have these features too.