edition 4

Units of the staggeringly-expensive Apple Watch Edition began shipping this week, and some customers have already started receiving their orders. Yesterday, a user over in this MacRumors forum thread posted a series of photos showing his new golden wearable.

The photos are of a 42mm Yellow Gold Edition with black Sports band. The box looks similar to that of the Stainless Steel Apple Watch, but is dark blue (almost purple) in color and includes a matching cleaning cloth. Check out the images below to see more differences.

edition 1

edition 3

edition 5

edition 2

In addition to the photos, a proper video unboxing has also surfaced on YouTube (via 9to5Mac):


The 18K Gold Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000, essentially 10x that of the most expensive Stainless Steel model, and goes all the way up to $17K. That doesn’t count the Edition with gold Link bracelet spotted on various celebrity wrists, which likely costs much more.

Source: MacRumors

  • Alan Osborne

    I still don’t see the reason behind buying one of the Edition models.

    • This Guy

      Because they can. Why do you buy the things you do?

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      I still don’t see the reason behind buying an iphone when a chinese smartphone could do the same thing at 1/5th the cost

      • Bugs Bunnay

        because it’s an apple product. if they started selling cheeseburgers i bet people would buy in a heartbeat, disregarding the 5x price tag.

      • Ran

        You are completely wrong does the cheap Chinese phone communicate your MacBook does it talk to your iPad, iPod, Apple TV NO IT CANT!!! And that’s why Apple RULES!!!!

  • Manor

    Why would anyone spend 10,000-17,000 dollars on watch that does the exact same thing as the sport model?

    • moparbob

      I agree and also it’s a 1st gen!!!!!

    • Jamessmooth

      Because they can.

    • Rowan09

      It’s gold. It’s like saying why buy the $30k Rolex over the $2k when they do the same thing. It’s a status symbol.

      • Sigh

        Once again… A Rolex holds its value. The Apple Watch does not…A Rolex is timeless..The Apple Watch (This one anyway) will be a dead weight in 4 years. 17k is a lot of cash for something that will be considered obsolete in 4 years…

        It’s a status symbol? Well…here’s how the conversations go

        2015 (Buys Rolex)

        Person A: Hey what watch is that
        RO: It’s a Rolex.
        Person A : Nice!!!

        2040 (Same watch)

        Person A: Hey what watch is that
        RO: It’s a Rolex. Got it in 2015.
        Person A : Nice!!!

        2015 (Apple Watch 1st Gen)

        Person A: Hey what watch is that
        AWO: It’s an Apple Watch Edition
        Person A : Nice!!!

        2020 (Same watch)

        Person A: Hey what watch is that
        AWO: It’s an Apple Watch Edition…The original one
        Person A : -stifles laugh-…oh…does Apple still support those?
        AWO: Yeah!
        Person A: Oh? Really?
        AWO: No… 🙁

      • rfow

        Lolololol. Someone is so bitter about what other people buy. That’s wild to me, that you care so much.

      • Sigh

        If being aware of the reality is being bitter then I’m absolutely fine with that. Have a nice day.

      • Rowan09

        Right so in 2020 a person has old tech and people will laugh asking if Apple still supports it? It will always tell time just like the Rolex and read your heartbeat which the Rolex can’t do plus it’s Gold as well (assuming the Rolex is Gold). Anyone that has that much money to spend on jewelry don’t have conversations on a nice watch (for the most part) it’s the norm. How do you know a Gold Apple watch doesn’t hold its value?

    • James G

      Before smart watches, every watch did the exact same thing but you could pay $1 for one or $10,000 for one. They both do the same function (tell the time) but what you’re paying is brand, look, status.

    • TechToch

      same reason why people buy rolex while a 10$ watch can do the job !

    • M_thoroughbred

      Because they can. Is that simple. The same reason why a family of four buy a multimillion dollar home with 10 bedrooms and acres upon acres of land. Because they can.

      • Shams

        It’s not that simple. A lot has to go into buying a watch. Analytical and critical thinking needed. Technology always grows every minute second and hour. You will never catch up to technology.

      • This Guy

        Perhaps…it IS that simple. Apparently, it is, actually…because people are buying them. LOL you fail.

      • Shams

        What fail? Life is a test. We live in a worldly life. We strive for the hereafter.

      • This Guy

        You said ‘it’s not that simple’… and yet, people ARE buying the thing… people who have tons of money, and surely not all of them are complete idiots… else they wouldn’t be in the positions they are in to purchase $15,000 smart watches. So yes, it probably IS that simple…they buy them BECAUSE THEY CAN.

      • M_thoroughbred

        If they can afford an Apple watch and not think about the price I don’t think they care about technology moving fast. It’s like buying an exotic sports car and worrying about the gas mileage. I’m not comparing I’m just using it as a reference of how one with money would think.

    • Kaptivator

      If anyone has it to spend…Why not?

      • Bugs Bunnay

        these questions are asked obviously from the standard and poor…

    • Bugs Bunnay

      who would want to buy a cheap aluminum or steel watch when you can buy one made of superior material?

  • Alireza

    why via 9to5mac? it’s a video on youtube and it has been shared million times on twitter before 9to5mac posted it…

  • Shams

    Useless waste of money. Way better things to buy with that money.

    • Kaptivator

      Maybe for you. However, what if you already have the better things…

      • Shams

        Save money and put for use. Apple watch is another accessory to look after.

      • Kaptivator

        I understand your point…But for those where money is not an object, it may just be a drop in the bucket. Different strokes for different strokes, maybe?

    • Rowan09

      People spend $800+ on shoes and $800+ on bags, so if you have it you can spend it.

      • Shams

        True. It’s not useful to buy those. We live in a world materialism and forget the reality.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        I can’t wait for the hololens!

  • john diaz

    What a joke!

  • Marouf

    Lol people who complain about those who buy things like this are just jealous 😛

    P.S. The watch I have cost me about £8 almost 10 years ago and it’s still the only watch I use.

    • Shams

      Jealousy is a human thing. I say
      ما شاء الله

  • Stokies993

    Everything about this video just screams “stolen” XD

  • eXoguti097

    So… He can’t record a video higher than 480p?.. Can he not afford a better camera?.. Or an iPhone?…… It bothers me so much because he has a $10,000 Apple Watch and a low quality camera .-.

  • John Wickham

    Does anyone else feel like the photo of the Watch inside its box looks a little dirty? Doesn’t seem like it’s polished up the way I expected…

  • techfreak23

    The only thing that annoys me about the Sport is that they couldn’t give us the aluminum charger… I highly doubt the difference in cost is marginal. The fact that they had to design and manufacture a different charger that only comes with the Sport (the ones they sell in stores are also aluminum) cost more than just having given EVERYONE the aluminum one. I’m surprised they didn’t encase it in gold for the Edition…

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      You want an aluminium charger? Do you wear the watch with the charger on your wrist or something?

  • If you look at your stainless steel watch with one of these; it will look gold.

  • Nikhil Vootkur

    I honestly respect both sides here, I understand that some people find the price tag absurd(I’m one of those people), but there are other people who may like the look of the product and I guess they will spring extra money for the watch edition. I personally can’t speak for them though. And buying anything branded from a rolex watch, to a pair of beats headphones, or even a cup of starbucks coffee; its usually all for a status symbol. And apple does the same for the design and quality that goes into each and all of their products. But we should really take this light, I mean if you don’t want to buy something, there is no reason to discourage someone who may like to buy that.