iPhone 6 camera focus pixels

Apple’s forthcoming iPhone refresh — presumably an ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ — is set for a major upgrade in the camera department as Apple has reportedly relented and decided to join the megapixel race with a twelve-megapixel iSight camera on the back of the new phone(s).

But the megapixels don’t tell the whole story.

According to Kevin Wang, IHS’s Technology Research Director for China, the pixel size will be smaller, raising questions about the camera’ performance in low-light conditions.

Wang has reportedly “confirmed” the twelve-megapixel iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus camera. Although smaller pixels would represent a step back from the large pixels on current iPhone cameras, Apple may employ several tricks to improve the next iPhone’s low-light performance, such as a more advanced image processing pipeline, a larger aperture and sensor size and more.

One source recently predicted that the next iPhone will have a dual-lens camera out the back with optical zoom rather than digital one, potentially enabling additional imaging improvements.

For years, Apple’s been using eight-megapixel cameras on iPhones since the introduction of the iPhone 4s back in the fall of 2011.

Rather than join the megapixel race, Apple has opted to improve imaging capabilities of iPhones by introducing better lens, more advanced image signal processors, larger pixels and a number of software features which have improved image quality considerably.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently predicted a switch to a twelve-megapixel sensor on the next iPhone, in addition to a faster A9 chip with 2GB of higher-clocked LPDDR4 RAM, a new rose gold color option and more.

Source: IHS via G for Games

  • :O

    had me at Optical zoom….

  • Aniket Bhatt

    I think you mean 8 megapixel not 5…

    • They mean 8 megapixel again not 12…

  • singhay559

    Please add true multitasking also.

  • Rosan

    For years, Apple’s been using five-megapixel cameras on iPhones since the introduction of the iPhone 4s back in the fall of 2011??

    so you mean i have a 5 megapixel sensor at the back of my iPhone 5s?

    • Picapollo

      No! the 5s has a 8 megapixel camera.

      • Rosan

        I meant that sarcastically Brother!
        Anyways they updated the post without giving any credit to the readers who spotted the error!

  • Itzkhaoz

    If you don’t know by know, Tom Leykis is back on the air! Google blow me up Tom.

  • WhizZz

    Any details about the Front Facing camera?

  • hkgsulphate

    they better make a camera superior than S6’s one

    • Christian Mejía

      Not going to happen.

      • Cameron

        its very likely its going to happen, Apple tend to concentrate on camera functions in every new release, more often than not beating every other competition.

    • ck125

      That or the Lg g4 are really solid this year. Apple has some competition in that regard.

    • Rowan09

      Do you own the S6? My wife has one and I don’t see what’s so superior in the camera department.

      • Kurt

        The mic is leaps and bounds better than the iPhones. Sounds like clip on mic. Full and rich sounding. Depending on the lightening condition the iPhone has a bit better colors. Other times the S6 does. 4K makes the S6 superior for obvious reasons. Also the front camera is, again, leaps and bounds better than on the iPhone. iPhone still makes good cameras (not the front of course but back) so if you don’t need good quality mic and have no need for 4K than stay with the iPhone but it is inferior.

      • Enrrique510


      • Kurt

        My name’s not Obama.

      • Rowan09

        The mic? Do you even own an S6?

      • Of course not. Only speaking from his arse. Nothing new.

      • Rowan09

        This guy. I never speak about something I don’t own or use extensively.

      • Kurt

        Yes the mic. Haven’t you seen the reviews comparing the two? Actually sounds like a clip on mic. It’s that good, that much better than the tin can sound you get from the iPhone.

      • Have a look at how thousands of other users prefer the pictures taken by the S6 (http://bit. ly/1Es9ZU5), it’s fine I’d you don’t see it as better, doesn’t change facts.

      • Rowan09

        It’s more MP and a newly released phone and as I stated I don’t see the difference looking at my wife’s phone. If it’s such a drastic change I would at least see the difference and I don’t. On paper the cameras are better (I only looked at the back camera), I just didn’t see any difference that’s all. If I have to sit down and study a picture to see the difference it proves my point.

      • “It’s more MP and a newly released phone”

        Uhm, so is the HTC One M9, yet the iPhone still takes better pictures.

        “I don’t see the difference looking at my wife’s phone. If it’s such a drastic change I would at least see the difference and I don’t. On paper the cameras are better (I only looked at the back camera), I just
        didn’t see any difference that’s all. If I have to sit down and study a
        picture to see the difference it proves my point. “

        Or maybe you simply need a pair of glasses…thousands others are witnesses of the S6 taking better pictures. But remain in denial all you want.

      • Rowan09

        Do you own the phone? I’ve went

      • “so why make statements as if you do”

        ‘Cause I’ve got credible sources that back up such claims.

      • Rowan09

        Just like critics says a movie sucks and what’s good. I’ve seen it myself with the product and I can’t tell the difference

      • “Just like critics says a movie sucks and what’s good”

        First off, that’s a seriously inapt analogy. Second off, your analogy would make sense if we were looking at pictures and making conclusions like “this landscape is ugly/beautiful” or “this vehicle is luxury/cheap”, clearly not the case here. Finally, in this case, the movie analogy would be like “the movie looks sharper on this screen”. Nice try in making a point though…

        “but these professional photographers using phones as cameras aren’t professional photographers.”

        Why? ‘Cause you say so?

      • Rowan09

        I’ve seen reviews that states they are not that different and the iPhone wins in low light and vice versa. If the camera is such a drastic upgrade I should see the difference just like I do with the screen difference and I don’t. I know plenty of professional photographers and they own tons of equipment. Anyone claiming to be a professional photographer with only a cellphone is not a professional photographer and it’s not cause I said so it’s because it’s the truth.

      • “who cares what reviews said online”

        Except what I linked to isn’t just another 1-man/1-group review, it’s an unbiased review from thousands of viewers. Your claim on the other hand, is just a 1-man review. I’d take the unbiased review of thousands over a 1-man’s review, anytime. Again, believe what you want to believe.

      • Rowan09

        Judge for yourself I don’t need a review if I can look at it myself. Am I suppose to say oh they said it’s different so even if I don’t see it then it is true? Give me a break.

      • Kurt

        This happens every year since iPhone 5 I believe. iPhone takes great pics but hasn’t been best in years

  • Iliyan

    Great, so my pictures will have the same quality but will take more space on my phone.

    • Jeffrey

      You obviously know a lot about cameras…

  • Mohammed Khaled

    Why shy away from 16? When we know that if Apple upgrades the camera the competition will upgrade theirs to 30mp for ex.

  • Cameron

    Great news for people who want to blow up their pictures. No news for me.

  • Isaac

    One way I can see things happening is Apple bringing this improved camera to the 6s/6s Plus but reserving an additional feature for the Plus. Like 4K video recording only on the 6 Plus. Just an idea.

    • ck125

      or OIS again.

    • Rowan09

      I never saw the need for 4K recording just like a 4K TV right now when almost every TV channel streams 720 is useless and not worth the money to me. When 4K is the standard and I doubt it will, then I won’t mind. For now it will take up too much space for such an incremental performance upgrade.

      • Kurt

        recording 4K is not real 4K on a mobile, as recording 1080p is not real 1080p on a mobile. They use 1 pixel of information and use it for the 3 pixels around them. So if you record in 4K and then convert it to 1080p then you can get true 1080p where ever pixel has its own information. Another great thing about recording in 4K is you can set it up and leave it there recording. Then in post, you can go back, zoom in and pan around in 1080p. If you have kids, you should record them in 4K since when they get older, they and you will want to see their vids in the best quality.

      • Enrrique510


      • Rowan09

        My son is 3 months and my daughter is 11 going on 12. When my son is older 4K will be far behind since they are already working on 5K resolution. 4K is not a standard and I doubt it ever will. When they start to transfer TV channels to 4K and stop selling 1080P tvs it will be a standard and I don’t see that anytime soon. If Apple wanted to add 4K recording good but Android don’t do slow mo in 120fps and who cares, no one.

      • Jeffrey

        5K? You mean 8K! Even 12K televisions are in the making!

      • Kurt

        Slow mo is awesome. Wish I had that capability on my phone. Only way I can get slow mo up is using an add on called Twixtor in Adobe Premier.

      • Benedict

        You have to consider the compression and therefore the bitrate of a video stream. Some TV stations lack badly of accurate Mbits and you get artifacts even though it’s HD. Same with mobile recording.
        I have a Samsung 4K TV and with the right 4K input it’s absolutly gorgeous – not comparable with HD. And off the Apple-Universe, you can regard 4K as the new standard already.

      • Enrrique510

        You made this up

      • Kurt



      • Rowan09

        4K is not the new standard yet they are already working on 5K. Time will tell but right now a 4K TV is not a need like making the jump from standard to HD.

      • Rowan09

        Apple has 4K monitors.

      • Jeffrey

        The new iMac is 5K

      • Rowan09

        Ok so why would 4K be the standard when 5K is already here? I don’t know what the standard will be but its still 1080.

      • Jeffrey

        So you’re suggesting that 4K will never be the standard? Technology moves on within time, the standard will always rise over time. And yes, for now it will take up too much space, but in a few years (around 5 I guess), 128 GB will be the standard for phones and 4K won’t take up so much space.

        About the ‘use’ of 4K TV’s, I recently visited a big shop with a LOT of TV’s, I first stood in front of a full HD 1080 65 inch TV and I could see the pixels, then I stood in front of a 4K 65 inch TV and I could barely see any pixels at all, it was very crisp. So yeah, 4K does make a difference.

      • Rowan09

        I’m saying I don’t know. Remember when 3D was the next thing and it failed. They already are working on 5K so, I don’t know what will be the standard. 4K is definitely more crisp but not worth the $1000+ investment right now when TV channels don’t even stream 1080.

      • Jeffrey

        Well 3d was never supposed to replace any ‘standard’. 4K is just a resolution and thus called ‘progress’. 4K isn’t yet worth the investment, I agree, but when 1080p wasn’t the standard yet, those TV’s cost a lot more than the standard resolution TV’s back then too, what I’m saying is that eventually the prices of 4K will drastically drop and it will become the standard. BTW most normal TV channels stream Full HD 1080 (at least in my country).

      • Rowan09

        3D was suppose to become the standard but failed horribly. 4K and what they call 5K is aparrently the same thing (UHD). HD tvs cost a ton when first released and that was 720 with a 19in costing $700+, but when 1080 came out it wasn’t that drastic of a jump. I believe 4K isn’t worth the money right now when as far as I know no cable provider streaming content in 4K. Most of my HD channels show in 720 with FIOS.

      • Jeffrey

        I don’t think 3D was supposed to become the standard because it’s just a ‘fun feature’. Also I think you can compare 720 to 4K and 1080 to 5K. Im 100% sure prices for 4K TV’s will drop drastically as the technology becomes cheaper and more standard. My guess is that the most normal TV channels will stream 4K within the next 8 years.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Looks like there will be 4K video this year. Although I’m pretty happy with the 1080 At 60fps(when it works). So unless the 4K will be as smooth as this, doubtful there will be a big difference.

    • Were there instances where 1080p@60FPS didn’t work?

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        When I was jailbroken it was spotty. But I saw a thread on the Apple forms where it would stop too so I think that was an issue. Too much memory perhaps

  • jake kneller

    If they actually do use 12 megapixels then I for sure will be upgrading to 6s plus because if they go to 12 the camera on my 8 mp is great at 12 it would just be amazing

  • Raul M

    Quick question I have a IPhone 6 plus on iOS 8.2 can I still update it to beta 2 of iOS 8.2? Or not? Should I just download to the latest 8.3? Just making sure lol

    • Cole Mahoney

      Download 8.3 u can’t go to beta 2 because it’s not being signed anymore

      • Raul M

        Yeah I thought so guess I’ll just upgrade to latest iOS:/

  • n0ahcruz3

    Finally! A much needed upgrade. But im ok with my 6. I’ll wait for 7s lol not in a hurry to buy a phone.

  • AlbertGomez

    Not enough for me.. I think late this year im moving to android. Im tired of this overpiced iphones with 2012 specs

    • Rowan09

      Do you buy out of contract? The price is the same on contract and very similar off contract. Since the Note 2 has specs similar to the new phones aren’t they also 2012 specs?

      • S6 and other Android devices offer loads more functions to justify their price tag, most of which you say you don’t want nor need (until Apple implements the same thing years later). Regardless, won’t pay over $600 for a brand new 64GB S6 (it’s not worth more than $250 over my 64GB OnePlus One IMO), and won’t pay more than $300 for a 64GB iPhone (as it offers way less than my 64GB OnePlus One).

      • Rowan09

        Says who you? Your statement is purely subjective because if I was to do a pole on how many of those features are actually used daily by those customers it would come down to almost none. iPhones hold there value unlike Androids so that’s one reason that’s not subjective. I found a Note 2 working on the high with a busted screen (LCD as well). I changed them both bought a battery and everything cost me about $240 to repair the phone, I tried to sell it after and couldn’t justify the money I was going to make back so I just kept it. It was selling on eBay for about $400-$500 new from some sellers on discount so it would mean I would make in the range of $60-$80 on a brand new phone (just released) after fees and shipping. If I found your phone I wouldn’t even bother trying to fix it unless I would just want to play around with it due to the price I wouldn’t make any money back.

      • “Your statement is purely subjective because if I was to do a pole on how
        many of those features are actually used daily by those customers it
        would come down to almost none.”

        So, by your logic, if them computer-illiterate average joes can’t realize the use of a feature, it automatically is considered useless/pointless by you? That’s a naive way of determining what a device offers to justify it’s price tag, ’cause that logic implies that, for example, if two computer’s CPU/GPU/Storage perform on-par with one another (the stuff an average joe normally looks at), then it doesn’t matter to you if one offers multiple-dimensions of usage (with more ports, more PC form-factors, etc), they should still be priced the same, according to you.

        ” iPhones hold there value unlike Androids so that’s one reason that’s not subjective”

        Yeah, it’s not subjective, it’s yet another of your BS claims. Big authorized carriers here in Canada, like Telus/Rogers/Bell, are ALL selling the S4 and iPhone 5c (both 2 generations back, just the 5c is the 5 in a degraded body) brand new at similar prices ($480 at Telus, http://bit. ly/1Hmu0uV, $450 at Rogers, http://roge. rs/1Hmv6ae, also look their Note 2 pricing) off contract. Just ’cause you find some non-authorized reseller selling stuff online cheaper than normal, doesn’t mean the device didn’t hold it’s value. I bought a good-as-new 32GB Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 back in 2012, when the iPhone 5 was the latest, for $290 off eBay, and a 64Gb Factory Unlocked 4s back in 2013, when the iPhone 5s was the latest, for $450 off kijiji. Does that mean the device was no longer holding value? No, it simply means that I found great deals.

        I could easily sell my OnePlus One today for just $50 less than what it was last year, or bundle some software and/or little accessories with it to make it more valuable. If that’s hard for you to accomplish, you simply just suck at marketing, considering prices are doing fine at every authorized reseller.

      • Rowan09

        The features you speak of are software additions and software additions justifies the price? Come on man that’s nonsense. You are implying that people that purchases these phones with all these features use them constantly and that’s not true, it goes both ways on IOS as well. I never said if people don’t use those features it make it useless, just that people with a Galaxy do not use most of its features even though they may brag about them. If you’re trying to argue Androids holds their value just as well as iPhones, you need to stop telling lies because it’s just not true. Your Oppo phone is cheap already so it will maintain its value due to the price.

      • “The features you speak of are software additions and software additions justifies the price?”

        Uhm, dude, the software is what defines most of the functions, flexibility, and compatibility of a device, barely the hardware. That’s mostly what differentiates the iPad from the Surface line (hence why you keep hearing people asking for Mac OS X on the iPad pro), and Chromebook PCs from Windows PCs. Regardless, it’s not just software additions dude, with the S6, you have:

        – A universal remote at no extra cost
        – Best SmartPhone camera for taking both photos AND videos
        – Latest and great screen available for a SmartPhone
        – Wireless charging at no extra cost
        – A mobile payment solution that’s compatible with almost every Point of Sale terminal

        “If you’re trying to argue Androids holds their value just as well as
        iPhones, you need to stop telling lies because it’s just not true.”

        Why isn’t it true? ‘Cause you say so? I’ve pointed out multiple sources that prove that claim to be BS, but you being you, just prefer to remain a BS claimer. Not surprised.

      • Rowan09

        If everything Samsung adds a software feature they charge more that would be just stupid. I’ve been selling phones for over 7 years and use to do $1000-$3000 a week on a good month. Let me guess you’ve been in the phone selling business so you would know right? Once the new OnePlus comes out see how much you’ll be able to sell your phone for. Wireless charging at no extra cost? You need a pad for it to work which isn’t free.

      • ” Wireless charging at no extra cost? You need a pad for it to work which isn’t free”

        Those are being integrated at airport terminals, coffee shop tables, etc…you don’t need to buy it.

      • Rowan09

        So you’re going to a coffe shop or airport everytime? No because most of those features are all gimmicks, just like apple doing heartbeats on the Apple Watch in a text message.

      • Sure, it isn’t wide spread yet, so it is currently not any more practical than wired charging. Regardless, that’s still only 1 out of the 5 hardware items I pointed out, still the same point; the S6 offers a lot more to justify it’s price tag.

  • George


  • Jeffrey

    How many times have we heard this about past iPhones….