Combination Lock

Combination Lock, a brand new jailbreak tweak that just recently touched down on Cydia, makes me feel a bit nostalgic. It takes me back to my high school days when I used to use a combination lock for my school locker. It’s been so long since I’ve used one of those locks, but this new jailbreak tweak resuscitates the experience.

If you’re looking to add a little flair to the iOS Lock screen, then you should take Combination Lock for a spin (pun intended). Have a look at our video walkthrough to see what I mean.

Once Combination Lock is installed, the tweak starts working immediately. You’ll notice that your normal passcode entry menu on the Lock screen has been replaced by a circular combination-styled lock.

The nice thing about Combination Lock is that you can still simply tap on the digits to quickly enter your device’s passcode. Or, if you want to harken back to the days of yesteryear (I understand that people still use combination locks, I’m just being dramatic), you can turn the dial to enter each digit sequentially.

Combination Lock 2

Unfortunately, Combination Lock doesn’t always work as expected. Sometimes the digits aren’t submitted when you turn to them, which forces you to tap on the digit anyway. It’s a good tweak, but it needs a little TLC before it’s totally ready for prime time from a usability perspective.

I appreciate how Combination Lock meshes with Lock screen wallpaper. The tweak itself is translucent, which allows your wallpaper to shine through the lock interface, providing a custom look.

Combination Lock is available free right now on the BigBoss repo, and I do recommend giving it a try, even though it’s not totally perfect yet. Have you tried it? Sound off down below in the comment section with your thoughts and opinions.

  • This looks really nice and I don’t think any tweak has done this before (of course I might be wrong). It’s nice to some innovative tweaks for a change and free as well! Too bad I use a complex password…

  • Just what I need; lets go back in time to 1975… lol. Nicely done though

  • TheBoi23

    Help I downloaded this tweak and restarted now im stuck in the apple startup screen loop?

    • FwgKnight

      U Dun Goofed.

    • Christian Mejía

      Hold the volume up button when it restarts a loop. Keep holding it until you go into safemode. Hopefully this works it’s worked for me a lot of times.

      • TheBoi23

        I did and deleted the last two things that I downloaded, tried to reboot in jailbreak same thing I even waited and went through apple screen 3 times, uhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Wa1t

      ahhhhh Great, now u got me scared to download!

      • TheBoi23

        It should work though

  • Jared Ludwig

    When I type in my passcode with this tweak, it says it’s incorrect, and I can’t get into my phone

  • Deepak Bains

    It does not work with subtle lock installed.

  • Bart

    Irresponsible for you to promote jail breaking with no disclaimer–this is a destructive hack that leaves your iOS device as insecure as an android. Just dumb.

    • blu

      So you say they are irresponsible, yet you do not explain how this is now “as insecure as an android”.
      Please inform us of how it is a destructive hack.