Classic Notes 2007 3

When iOS 7 dropped, many graphic designers and fans of minimalism were overjoyed at the new, flat look of our iPhones and iPads. However, not everyone was happy. In fact, some argued that the skeuomorphism of pre-iOS 7 is what made Apple stand out from the rest with a design that bucked the trend of bright colors.

Classic Notes 2007 suggests that, maybe faux realism in digital design isn’t as bad as you remember it. This throwback app returns to form, bringing you a vision from your past.

Classic Notes 2007 2

The app looks and acts just like it did in 2013, before Apple’s mobile operating system underwent drastic changes. The header bar has the same brown leather-like look. It features the same yellow lined paper look of the original app. Even the felt tip marker style Noteworthy font is the same.

Just like the original stock Notes app, you can change the font to Helvitica, Marker Felt, American Typewriter, or Courier New.

The only thing missing is iCloud support, which the developer notes might be added in a future update if it is popular and requested by fans. So, let them know your suggestions if you hope to see iCloud in the future.

Classic Notes 2007 1

Now all we need is a throwback keyboard app and we’ll be set.

If you prefer the skeuomorphic design of the turn of the century, or if you just want to feel nostalgic for an earlier time in your life, you’ll be able to escape, even if it is just while you create a grocery list.

Classic Notes 2007 is available for free with no in-app purchase. It was obviously made with love by someone who misses the old design of iOS. Money can’t buy love. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of this stock Notes app throwback? Let us know in the comments below.

  • imvaid

    To be honest it looks really ugly now

  • Paul C.

    Classic Keyboard Tweak: VintageKeys by Ryan Petrich on his beta repo

  • Admin001

    Ahhh the memories. How many times i put things there before Evernote was around (or maybe i didn’t know it then).

  • Victor Liang

    I think that people is going to get this application because it brings back memories of pre-iOS 7 rather than the actual functionality of the app.

    • RarestName

      I’m getting this because I’m sick of the white design.

  • leart

    very cool, like it 🙂

    • Admin001

      How come ur thingy on the top has IOS 6 style?

      • leart

        that device is a iphone 4 on ios6 😀

      • iPodDroid

        Lol I love how you “technically” have two of the same apps

      • leart

        not true, can’t install that app since it requires ios 8

      • iPodDroid

        Lol woods but either way that would’ve cool if you had two of the same 😛

      • leart

        this is how it looks, stock ios note on my ipad mini

  • Rahimo

    It is a great app !! I really love it !! but the problem is !! it doesn’t support iPads !!

  • combine the old and new; just add some color and light lines in the newer notes app. Pure white? What was Jony smoking?

    • White Michael Jackson

      Exactly this is the only thing I dislike about notes

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      That goes for the entire iOS7/8 UI, all-white? Not even an option to have a slightly darker UI? I know there’s a ‘Reduce White Point’ switch but that only reduces the intensity of the white, which doesn’t do much. Not only does it make our eyes bleed, but also one of the reasons why battery life has been abysmal post-iOS6. An all-white UI needs so much more power for each pixel, hence the drainage.

      • RarestName

        No. A dark UI doesn’t save that much battery on display power with LCDs. Battery life suffers from other factors like increased background activities and whatnot.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I realise that. However, I did not say that it is THE reason, I said “ONE of the reasons…”. It is not arguable that a white UI vs dark UI doesn’t impact battery life that much, it does have noticeable impact. Of course if Apple switched to OLED displays for iPhone 6/6Plus we’d see a noticeable longevity in battery life. Hopefully the next iPhone. One thing I know for sure is that whenever, if ever Apple releases a “Plus” version of their iPhones, I’ll be very certain to opt for that one as the iPhone 6 battery is simply underwhelming. Things were great the first couple of weeks but the degradation came very fast and I’m a very conservative user (no animations, no BG activity, no location services, no translucency, no iCloud garbage, only leaving apps that I use regularly in BG (which are only 2 or 3 and don’t require cellular data, and I quit them after 20mins of not using them), and I do a full battery cycle once a month/month and a half. Only SLIGHTLY better than my old iPhone 4S, pretty depressing. I won’t make that same mistake again.

      • RarestName

        It does have an impact, because white pixels are more energy efficient than black pixels on LCDs, so it’s not even one of the reasons why battery life suffers on iOS 7 and above 😛

    • leart


  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Saw this about 2days ago here on IDB. Someone posted a link in another post and when I saw how identical it was to the original pre-iOS7, it just amazed me. Downloaded it, not sure if I’ll be using it day to day, but it does show that the dev who made this made it out of love for the old Apple. The dev could’ve easily slapped in an IAP to remove ads just to make a bit of money on the side but didn’t. Made this app out of passion, and for that, props to you dev!

  • Noohar

    New update out with bug fixes & more fonts.

  • leart

    this is the pre ios 7 notes app

  • derkunde

    You keep using that word, (skeuomorphism) I don’t think it means what you think it means.