Apple Watch Siri Hands Free 2

You may have noticed that while using Siri, the Apple Watch interface presents on screen buttons that you have to tap with your finger to confirm commands. While this is doable in a lot of circumstances, it takes away from the hands-free element that’s necessary in many situations.

At times, it’s simply impossible to physically tap a button on the Apple Watch to confirm a command, and that’s where using the Hey Siri hands-free assistant to its full potential can come in handy. In fact, it’s totally possible to send text messages, establish calendar events, set reminders, and more without touching your Apple Watch.

Yes, despite what the Apple Watch interface may lead you to think, you can use Siri completely hands-free in quite a few scenarios. Watch our hands-on video for the details.

How to send a text hands-free with Siri on Apple Watch

Step 1: Invoke Siri using Hey Siri

Step 2: Say something like “Send a message to Sebastien Page, hey man, how’s it going?”

Step 3: When the New Message interface pops up with the Cancel and Send buttons, say “Hey Siri, send.”

Step 4: The message will be sent without having to lift a finger

How to set a calendar event hands-free with Siri on Apple Watch

Step 1: Invoke Siri using Hey Siri

Step 2: Say something like “Add pick up dry cleaning to my calendar”

Step 3: When the New Message interface pops up with “OK, just tell me when”, say “Hey Siri, Wednesday at 6:00 pm.”

Step 4: When the calendar event interface pops up with the Confirm and Cancel buttons, say “Hey Siri, Confirm.”

Step 5: The calendar event will be added

How to set a reminder hands-free with Siri on Apple Watch

Step 1: Invoke Siri using Hey Siri

Step 2: Say something like “Remind me to get milk from the store”

Step 3: When the New Reminder interface pops up with the OK and Cancel buttons, say “Hey Siri, OK.”

Step 4: The reminder will be added

There are likely other areas where you can confirm actions via Siri hands-free. In what particular areas have you found this to be helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

  • port87

    too much “hey siri” Hopefully in future updates, it’ll let u confirm in one passing.

    • raulortiz318

      Agreed. I almost see the extra “Hey Siri” as a workaround. Its interesting because this isn’t documented in the manual as far as I can tell. Big oversight on Apple’s part not to have function more smoothly. Sometimes I wonder if their developers actually used this in the wild. Wouldn’t that be one of the first things they’d notice?

  • Fanboy 

    Hey Siri, jailbreak my iPhone..

  • This is the best Apple Watch tip I’ve seen so far. Cumbersome but it gets the job done

  • Blip dude

    Seriously? Siri still can’t be persistent?? Man, I miss the iOS 5 days where there was a ton a Siri tweaks that allowed for many customizations, including the ability for Siri to be persistent.

  • Supacon

    Or… just tap with your nose.

    • In all seriousness, I have actually done that.

  • leart

    try this

  • techfreak23

    not gonna lie, that watch looks too big and ugly on your wrist… should’ve gone for the 38mm or at least not have written an article telling people to spend $50 more and go with a 42mm, even if they have tiny wrists

    • If you saw it in person, you’d likely think differently. A picture doesn’t really paint the…picture….

      • techfreak23

        hmm this looks fine in person and in the picture… sorry to sound so hostile in that comment above. was just slightly irritated with seeing the 32mm being referred to as “tiny” all over IDB. not so much ugly as awkward looking, to me. my friend also got the 42mm and he has smaller wrists than i do. just couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

      • iBanks

        Well… At “32mm” I must say, that would be really small and ugly but probably a great price. But I think the 38mm and 42mm would be the better purchase for size and price and the only sizes Apple sales.

      • techfreak23

        typo, meant 38mm and the 38mm is actually 38.6mm. i’ve never been a fan of things looking bulky or baggy on me. has to be formfitting, which the 38mm is for the smaller wrist size. everyone has their own preference. my gripe was the fact that IDB was pointing everyone away from the 38mm because it’s “tiny” tiny is definitely a relative term.

  • Andrei

    Every time i watch something that begins or sounds like ‘hey siri’ i get a chorus of devices starting to offer me their services