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Popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy on Friday posted a hands-on video with 2 alleged iPad Pro cases, comparing them in size and design with the iPad Air 2. The clip gives you a good idea of how much bigger the rumored 12-inch iPad would be than the current 9.7-inch model.

Additionally, the cases add weight to the accuracy of previous industrial renderings and case leaks. Despite the fact that they come from different manufacturers, and are made up of different materials, they’re identical to both each other and many past cases in terms of size and features.

Note that both cases in the video have the usual matching cutouts on the top and bottom, which are believed to be for quad stereo speakers, and there is a port cutout about halfway down the left edge. The sketch from earlier today did not have this cutout, but it’s been consistent in previous leaks.

Talk of the iPad Pro has kind of quieted in recent months, most likely due to the launch of the Apple Watch and 12-inch MacBook. Expect it to pick back up soon, though, with a recent report from Bloomberg claiming that Apple is planning a fall unveiling for the larger, mouse and USB-friendly tablet.

Source: YouTube

  • Virus

    they really need to take advantage of bigger screen instead of just giving us a bigger iOS make it have slpit screen /snap or something

    • Kurt

      iPhone Plus and up should have split screen multitasking. After having it I couldn’t imagine downgrading to a phone without it.

  • Tommy Gumbs

    After having to rely on my iPad air for a week, I dont see how professionals and other students do it. For me, I find that using a laptop is far more efficient. It is just too time consuming to be productive on an iPad…but that def depends on what your doing.

    • Andrew

      Thats what I found myself thinking exactly. Ive tried to use an iPad for college and it doesnt cut it, so I got a macbook pro. Something more realistic that could be used for school is the hopeful surface pro 4….

      • Tommy Gumbs

        I have seen more of the Surfaces around campus.

        As for the iPad, I am traveling to Spain for the summer to study and as much as I do not want to take my laptop, i believe only taking the iPad would be a choice I would also regret.

    • Agreed. The iPad is great for reading books and watching videos, but to do professional work on it just doesn’t compare to using a laptop – I’d never try typing up a full thesis on an iPad.

      But for creative work it seems okay. I use the iPad for digital drawings and it’s been the main art tool so far.

    • Damian

      It is very efficient and not time consuming for studenta and professionals as long as you know what apps you need to use for specific purposes and also how to use them and and how transfer files between them.

      I find that the main thing that slows me down on iPad is the amount of similar apps that supposes to do the same thing but in reality most of them don’t do what you expected. So I end up looking and testing for that one app I have in mind. Once I find this app, everything else is a breeze.

      Obviously laptops are and will be always more efficient, but I will never feel comfortable carrying them around in one hand just like I do with iPads

      I think the main thing is the misconception people have about iPads. They are not laptop replacement. They are just a very handy alternative for doing manin task that don’t involve detail and cumbersome work

  • mrgerbik

    IMO It should be called ipad plus…. Stay in line with iphone …or maybe they should have called iphone plus iphone pro?