Apple Watch sapphire diamond testing 001

After quite literally subjecting the Apple Watch Sport’s Ion-X glass to the knife in a  recent scratch test video, YouTuber ‘Unbox Therapy’ is back with another cool test.

This time around, he’s evaluating the Apple Watch’s sapphire-coated screen with a diamond tester and comparing it to the Apple Watch Sport, LG’s G Watch R, the iPhone 6 and a high-end analog watch by Tissot, which uses sapphire for protection.

He came away fairly impressed with Apple’s sapphire, concluding it does match those of classic sapphire watches. Sapphire, for those wondering, is the second-hardest transparent substance after diamond. Have a look at the video and tell us what you think in the comment section.

By the way, he used a $12 diamond tester purchased on Amazon.

The gadget basically determines the conductivity of various materials and is used mostly for evaluating jewelry and precious gemstones like diamonds.

While standard glass doesn’t give a reading with the diamond tester, sapphire is a very conductive material and typically gives a readout of about 7 or 8 on the scale. So how did Apple’s sapphire fare in this test? Is Apple’s a legitimate sapphire crystal?

Have a look yourself below.

Again, the Apple Watch Sport, LG G Watch R and iPhone 6 didn’t show a reading because these devices feature ion-strengthened glass screens.

The key takeaway here is that Apple’s standards for sapphire crystal used in the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition match up with traditional watchmakers.

Quality matters so this serves as a testament to the craftsmanship of the Apple Watch and the great lengths Apple’s gone to get its sapphire right and bring it to market.

“Our sapphire crystal comes from the highest-quality boules. Only the purest, clearest, and strongest sapphire crystal is harvested,” reads ‘s Watch Craftsmanship webpage.

Apple Watch (Retina display 001)

“To ensure a precise fit for the case, the crystal is cut using a diamond-encrusted wire. To make room for an integrated antenna, a tiny groove is laser-ablated around its perimeter. And to create the smoothest possible finish, the crystal is polished with diamond-covered pellets.”

Unbox Therapy gained worldwide fame — or notoriety, depending on your point of view — with a widely circulated and reblogged stress-test video showing the iPhone 6’s bend-ability, which then sparked the whole Bendgate nonsense.

What’s your take on this non-scientific sapphire test?

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    Yea……….ok. Deleting the IDB home screen app. :(. This is a sad day but this obbsesive watch coverage is………unessesary.

    • Fanboy 

      You must have not gotten your Apple Watch 🙁 i was suppose to send you my heartbeat remember? 🙁

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Lol. No. I had to cancel because the estimated delivery date was/is not before I leave for Europe…..and I’ll be on Europe for almost three months. All I have done is messed with them in the Apple Store………with no way to send hearts. 🙁

        Did you recover yours? If so…thoughts?

      • Fanboy 

        Aw man how unfortunate. Maybe you can pick 1 up over there?

        Yep, got mine on launch day. Been using it ever since. I’m not as attached to it as I thought I would be (which is a good thing). I still use my phone for things like Instagram, etc. but I do touch my phone way less now. In fact, I’ve forgotten it in my house quite a bit of times simply because I’m viewing messages and replying on my wrist lol. I got the stainless steel, love the quality, the battery life (to me) went beyond expectations because its lasting me over a day without a doubt. It lasted me 2 full days last charge. Got home at 2am and I still had 6% left on the 2nd day. A lot of neat things like being able to get full map directions right on the wrist instead of driving around holding your phone, and surprisingly I havent had any lag on it. I like it 🙂

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Great review! When i was playjng with the watch in the store, the Map features really stuck out to me as something that could be extremely handy.

        As for buying the watch in Europe, I briefly thought about that possibility, but with the currency conversion rate I would end up paying more. :/

      • Fanboy 

        Thanks! The maps look beautiful on the wrist, and like I said they dont lag or have to load it just worked flawlessly.

        Oh yeah that is true :/ man thats going to be some long 3 months. But by the time you get back Apple should be fully stocked so you’ll probably be able to pick one up locally!

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      what do you want? they all got new toys and they want to show them off. Do you want to see new jailbreak stuff? if so this blog wouldn’t have a post. Seriously

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        You kidding right?

      • Tyler Smith

        What is the new jailbreak news… Come on we are waiting?

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        I never mentioned anything about JB news man. Why would you think that I did.

        But for example….yesterday Apple seeded a new beta.

      • Tyler Smith

        And they did 2 articles on it. 2 different people did I believe showcasing new features

      • Tommy Gumbs

        No they didnt. Provide a link. There was one article on the earnings call.

      • Tyler Smith

        they did one article. But they did another on the new apps. They did another on a game, a case for iPhone 6. Yes there are a lot of Apple watch ones but there are others.

      • SoylentGreen

        You know this pinnacle apples have achieved, I won’t go into the politics of it, but as capitalists, they are in the game to play the consumer, myself included, (tho I’ve not been tricked by this watch phenomena) and they have the art of tricking & pimping the consumer down to a fine art.
        The whole pre-ordering concept is just a grab for this, everything sold, then we pay the suppliers etc, it’s their holy grail.
        One of the reasons for all the obsessive data mining, they want to have your next purchase packed and ready to send, prior to you even ordering it, another holy grail
        (Who’s they? Amazon etc)

      • Tommy Gumbs

        I agree. They have it worked out…but not every company can do that. Suppliers want there money and most prefer not to wait….except in Apples case they have no choice.

  • Chris Coleman

    Does anyone know an estimated time I should receive my watch? Status changed to preparing for dispatch today and my cards been charged. It’s the first time I’ve preordered from Apple so any help would be appreciated

    • jimmy

      Did you receive an April 24- May 8 delivery, or a May 13-27 ?

      • Chris Coleman

        It’s actually changed to dispatched now and saying I’ll receive the watch tomorrow. I had an April 24 – May 8 delivery slot

  • Tim

    Too much apple watch coverage and nothing else, can we get other topics please!

  • zoLa siWisa

    does apple watch have on device gps or uses iPhone GPS?

    • Jonathan

      uses iphone gps. A BIG majority of the watch needs the phone.

  • Gary LE

    I want to know where he gotten the sport glass cover for the apple watch. If mines cracked then where do i go to buy the same oem genuine glass to repair it myself?