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If there is one thing we’ll remember from this past week, it’s probably not the amount of tweaks that were released, but more likely the launch of Apple Watch, which by the way, has so much potential for a jailbreak, but it’s an entirely different discussion.

Not much was released on Cydia this week, but there are still some pretty interesting tweaks. Take a look!

BBMAddi+: a collection of tweaks for BBM (free)

ColorBanners: customize the notifications and Lock screen notification banners ($0.99)

DathBanners Pro: another tweak to customize banners on iOS ($1.99)

Doorman: a faster way to access to unlock your device and access the Home screen ($1.49)

Gauss: adds blur to the Music app ($0.99)

Muswitch: adds music controls to the app switcher (free)

NetflixSleepTimer: lets you set a custom sleep timer for Netflix app (free)

SafariNoHistory8: adds more privacy to Safari ($0.99)

Screenshot+: an easy way to share screenshots ($1.49)

What were your favorite tweaks of the week? Chime in in the comments section below.

  • Matt

    Yet another week with a bunch of overpriced tweaks for minimal functionality. Sigh

    • Derp

      Get over it. The jailbreak scene is dead. There just isn’t anything left to create. You’re looking for innovation in a scene that doesn’t need it anymore.

      • deepdvd

        You heard it here guys. Derp thinks the jailbreak scene is dead. Write it on the record books. “There just isn’t anything left to create” LOL

      • The Zlatan

        There’s plenty to talk about the Apple Watch on the other hand. Cool stuff such as “How to turn it on and off” or the fact that Pharrell has one..

      • And boy will iDB cover all that bs…

  • Matt

    Finally something other than “Apple Watch!!!!”

    • Digitalfeind

      Did you say…

    • Carlos Medina

      My thoughts on the latest posts of most apple/tech sites lol

    • Manuel Molina

      Agree. I’ve seen nothing but talk about the Apple watch all week. iWatchBlog

  • leart

    anyone knows what the heck is this process that is always running in background ? looks like a spyware, my iphone is not jailbroken

    • It’s the system’s daemon for geolocation services.

      If “geod” is draining power, most likely there is an app constantly requesting location information in the background. You can go to privacy settings to find out which one.

      • leart

        I’m using ios 7, and for battery reasons I’m always keeping location service off, still yet this process is always working hard on the background and I have noticed a abnormal battery drain.. I was wondering if my phone is intercepted 🙂

      • Typically, location services won’t affect battery life unless an app is using it.

        I would recommend against disabling it for the benefits it provides. (especially find my iphone)

        I doubt it is some super secret virus that no one has ever discovered, rather a glitch in the software.

      • leart

        I agree location is useful when taking photos, it saves the info on meta data, and many other ways. I’m not afraid to have a virus, my iphone is not jailbroken , just maybe our government decided to collect data from all of us without getting out permission

      • leart

        forgot, I had this abnormal battery drain since I change mobile provider 3 month ago , before I was fine.
        here’s my other iphone in a another operator, never experienced battery drain 🙂

  • Дудуев Мухамед

    BBMAddi+ is really worst tweak.

  • Just buy an Apple Watch, all the cool bloggers are doing it!

  • coLin

    do you know any tweak that organizes all your screenshots in one separate folder in the photos app?

  • gittlopctbi

    Yeah, after nauseating through iDownloadBlog Apple Watch week, I come to this oasis of a thread only to die of boredom. Please email me an alert when iDB has returned to its regular program schedule.

  • Netflix Sleep Timer? The clock app already has a sleep timer built in that works for Netflix and any other media app.