Watching YouTube on iOS 2

Google announced on Monday in a support document that its YouTube app will no longer work on older versions of iOS and the first and second generation Apple TV “after April”.

To have access to the YouTube app on iOS, you’ll need to be running version 6 or older of iOS, the company said. The third-generation Apple TV and iOS versions 7 and 8 will remain unaffected at this time.

Affected devices will need to use the YouTube mobile website to watch content. YouTube has begun showing a video on those affected devices when users launch the YouTube app, with more information on device support.

“As we upgrade the YouTube Data API to bring more features, we’ll begin shutting down the old version on April 20, 2015. This will result in the current YouTube app not working on certain device models from 2012 and older,” Google wrote.

Source: Google via MacRumors

  • Chinch07

    How much of a difference is there between the 2nd and 3rd gen Apple TV? I use youtube frequently on my 2nd Gen.

  • Blip dude

    Got it on a 3rd Party YouTube app!! Using it on iPad Air 2 but funny thing is the was initially released on iOS 8.1!! I seriously hope it is not the end of 3rd Party YouTube apps because I seriously cannot stand the post iOS 5 Main YouTube app!!

    • Bjørn

      Same thing here on ProTube on my iPad Air.
      The video now sits in my Subscriptions
      I also noticed that AirPlay from YouTube now only works in the official YouTube app.
      I’ve tried a few different 3rd party apps including my beloved ProTube, and non of them now works with AirPlay to my Apple TV.

      I for sure am not going back to the official YouTube app, so if they don’t fix this issues, I’m not sure I’m gonna be watching much YouTube anymore.

  • Brian May

    Sh*t of a bull!!! I use my iPod 1G, 2G, iPad 1, and Apple TV 1 all the time. Bad form. Understandable, but still sucks!

  • John Wickham

    “version 6 or older” I think that should be “or later”

    • leart

      There’s a working version of YouTube app downloadable from AppStore compatible al least with ios 5.1.1, you can download that if your are not on ios 6

  • Jailbreak Guru

    What am I going to do with my iPhone 2G now?

    • hkgsulphate


      • Jailbreak Guru

        I was kidding lol. I don’t an iPhone 2G.

  • leart

    I used my 4s on 5.1.1 for almost all 2013 and it was already showing some glitches . Instead my ipad 1 in all 2014 showed a lot of missing support , the stock YouTube app was unusable already..

  • Rowan09

    They need to also work on the YouTube app itself because it sucks for commenting and loads extremely slow.

    • Kurt

      When will you base something from Apple in this way?

      Never, because someone idolizes apple…smh

      • Rowan09

        Is my statement true or an opinion? Have you every tried commenting on the IOS YouTube app? Before you make these claims at least make sure I’m actually hating on Google. YouTube is a huge deal for me but I hate using the YouTube app, it’s inferior to fan made YouTube clients like those from the jailbreak community. Personally I believe Google does it on purpose because it’s not as bad on my Note 2.

  • iPodDroid

    The Hell? I’m running iOS 8 and I’m getting the video….. So am I going to lose my Youtube app access?

  • Vishal Vairale

    New app is very slow, old app was awesome, I don’t like this decision of YouTube, now I have to quit watching YouTube and will see more alternative. YouTube I hate you for this decision.

  • The App Store version of Youtube works from version 1.0.1 onwards. Which means you can download it on iOS 4.3.3 and higher and watch videos.