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Tim Cook added to his long list of accolades on Thursday, by making TIME’s annual ‘100 Most Influential People’ list. The Apple CEO joins other pioneers, leaders and cultural icons such as rap artist Kanye West, Pope Francis, and Xiaomi founder Lei Jun.

Civil rights leader and Georgia Congressman John Lewis calls Cook a ‘courageous innovator’ in his TIME piece on the executive, praising him for both the work he has done at Apple, and his unwavering commitment to the fight for equality and human rights.

Here’s the full blurb from TIME:

It could not have been easy for Tim Cook to step into the immense shadow cast by the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs. But with grace and courage and an unabashed willingness to be his own man, Tim has pushed Apple to unimaginable profitability—and greater social responsibility. He is setting a new standard for what business can do in the world. Tim is unwavering in his support of an individual’s right to privacy and is not only embracing equality and LGBT rights but advocating for change through his words and actions. His commitment to renewable energy is also leaving our planet a little cleaner and a little greener for generations yet unborn.

Above all, he has shown that profitability and integrity can go hand in hand. Tim has done this while introducing, time and again, some of the most innovative products the world has ever seen. Tim Cook is proof that even the most successful companies can and should be judged by more than just their bottom line.

It’s also worth noting that while he didn’t make the list himself, Apple’s design chief Jony Ive participated in TIME’s 100 by penning a piece on Airbnb founder Brian Chesky. “Brian Chesky’s audacity is fabulous. He dares to believe that we shouldn’t be strangers.”

Source: TIME

  • Ara Rezaee

    He is finally starting to get the recognition he deserves, love him so much

    • hkgsulphate

      hes actually great, SJ was just too great

  • Newgunnerr

    Soo.. where in the top 100?

  • Nathan

    How is Kanye influential? Lol

    • SMH

      Dude this list is bs. you’re talking about Kanye? Heck Kim K is on this gutter trash list.

      • James

        Those 2 are ridiculous enough but what I found ridiculous is Emma Watson is in the pioneers section like that just made my jaw drop like …just… how????

      • John

        Don’t forget she’s pro-woman issues aaaand didn’t she speak to the UN or something about this topic?

      • Tyler Smith

        How dare you make fun of Hermione Granger like that.

  • dudeimmexican

    I say Xiaomi founder is the most influential. Lurking in the shadows from the media, while getting recognition without saying something or coming out for all the drool about

    • John

      Umm, no. He copies as much from Apple as Samsung,
      That doesn’t influence anyone.

  • diggitydang

    Sorry, a bit off topic, but for anyone who’s jailbroken, have you been noticing that apps updated for the Apple Watch are crashing? I’m on a 6+. I ended up reinstalling the last version I had on a backup, but I’m wondering if they’re looking for the new watch app on 8.3 and crashing when it doesn’t see it.