Apple Watch pre-orders

The “disappointing” Apple Watch has seen an estimated 957,000 sales on its first day of pre-orders in the United States alone, filing as better-than-expected initial success than its first iPhone or the iPod. By comparison, Apple sold a millionth iPhone after 74 days. It took 28 days to get to that milestone with the iPad and two years with the iPod.

According to a poll of 9,080 online shoppers by Slice Intelligence, which measures digital commerce by tracking consumer e-receipts, an average of 1.3 Watches were purchased per customer, with $503.83 spent per item, indicating some fans bought more than one device.

The pricier Apple Watch Edition was not included in the report. Apple started taking online pre-orders for the wearable device last Friday. One million sales in just 24 hours — and in the United States alone — is certainly an impressive number in and of itself.

Availability was limited and the device would sold out fast, indicating the company could have sold even more Watches if it weren’t for constrained supply.

The entry-level $349 Apple Watch Sport with aluminum case was most popular model with 62 percent of pre-orders. Those ordering the Sport spent $382.83 per unit and folks who opted for the mid-tier stainless steel Apple Watch spent $707.04 on average, the survey concluded.

As the charts shown here prove, many Watch buyers who bought the pricier model opted for the cheapest band, with more than one-third (28 percent) adding a black or white Sport band, followed by the steel Milanese Loop (25 percent), the Link Bracelet (fourteen percent), black Classic Buckle (twelve percent) and white Sport band (eight percent).

Slice Intelligence survey Apple Watch weeked pre-orders chart 001

In terms of Watch cases, the Space Gray aluminum one was expectedly the most popular, followed by stainless steel, silver aluminum and Space Black stainless steel cases. Most people picked up the larger 42 mm case (71 percent), but Sport fans were slightly more likely to choose the 38 mm case, with 32 percent purchasing the smaller version, versus 24 percent of Apple Watch buyers.

A whopping 72 percent of Watch buyers purchased an Apple product in the past two years, with 21 percent of them having bought an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus months ago. This was expected because the Watch is seen as an iPhone sales engine because it requires an iPhone to function.

Slice Intelligence survey Apple Watch weeked pre-orders chart 002

Slice’s data does not include estimates for the entire opening weekend nor does it provide pre-order data for Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, China and Hong Kong, where the Watch also launched last Friday.

Apple has yet to confirm the number of Watches pre-ordered, but I won’t be surprised if the company announces a total of two million opening weekend sales later today.

Source: Slice Intelligence

  • Amac25

    I saw a comment somewhere else it’s b/c we are Apple sheep. Well Google, Samsung, Windows, and all the other companies would give their right hands(GoT reference 😉 ) to have people pre-order this many devices that are an accessory.

    • George

      Well you are isheep lol.

  • revivalstore

    Well one million untis Times’ Sverige 500 bucks is… You do the math.. Its crazy much dineros…
    I Will Buy stan steel with milanese loop .. When or if (only god knows) Apple release IT in Sweden

  • Chindavon

    1 million in ONE DAY (US numbers only), vs. Android Wear’s 700+K(world wide sales) in a full calendar year = iMazing!

    • Jordan


    • MR. RIGHT

      Apple fans…. Just because apple sold 1 million watches in one day makes a difference on if I’m going to want to buy this watch more. When you buy something you don’t look at how many people bought it compared to other products. Look at the difference of what they offer. More people follow what the crowd does and don’t think twice that there is something else out there that offers more.

      • Chindavon

        Apple Haters….Just because apple sold 1 million Watch in one day, doesn’t mean that people bought this blindly, or bought it because their neighbor got it, or whatnot. Go try the Watch on yourself (I know it pains you to even look at the logo). And if you think other smart watches offer more, then you’re wrong and more power to you.

  • Maxim∑

    “I bet you Apple is fabricating shipping dates to make it seem popular” -Android user

  • Black Jesus

    USA = 1 million …..China = 1million…..Europe = 1 million……Rest = 2million ….Total Estimate 5 million ….And haters will still hate.

  • Rowan09

    The Apple Watch is dead on arrival,

  • CreeDiddy

    What’s crazy about these numbers as these are preorders. Normally, preorders are an indicator of how well the product will do throughout its product cycle.

  • Once again a proof of Brand-conscious, market oriented and materialistis society’s modern obsession. Meanwhile, Apple products does well deserve to be the most successful given their excellence, but there should and must be a tipping point over the blind obsession.

  • deepdvd

    “Survey: 1M Watches sold on Friday in US, Sport models most”… inexpensive.

  • jake kneller

    Just because how loyal many apple users are i belive apple watch is going to do much better than android wear devices I have found that with android wear to be satisfied With your watch you have to actually know about tech as for the apple watch everyone knows about them

    • George

      Um no, every review said the user interface on the apple watch is terrible.

      • How is it terrible? There’s like three interactions; force-touch, the digital crown and Siri. If one thing doesn’t work then try the other things. Is it really that difficult for people to remember three things?

      • George

        Watch the reviews, its not for non techy people.

  • mike

    Paragraph 6 – “More than one-third” does not equate to anything below 33%, and in this case, 28%.

    • deepdvd

      Now, that’s funny. “with more than one-third (28 percent) adding a black or white Sport band” LOL

  • Alberto Espinal

    Where are all the haters now? Yes you! “me?” yes you! “well you know #%**#%*#%”

    • Cameron

      to be honest the haters probably knew this was gonna happen.

      • MR. RIGHT

        If you are going to spend $1000 on an iphone that barely does anything its not a surprise that people will spend $350 on a watch that does exactly the same as the iphone. Also there’s many alternatives for a much cheaper price. Look up Striiv Touch it gets basically everything you are probably going to do on the apple watch but only for $80.

      • Cameron

        But is it shiny and made by Apple? No seriously, that looks like some cheap ass sports band, the Apple watch at least attempts to look like a watch. There’s no substitute for quality. People have been buying $10k watches that only tell time for 100 years.

  • George

    This is great and all but you also need to report how many returns there will be 2 weeks after delivery.

  • Guest

    I knew it! Anything with that fruit logo on it will make record sales. Even this would have done the same…

    • Its understandable you are severely frustrated; not having the bucks needed to get one.

      • MR. RIGHT

        He/she has a brain not to get one.

      • Guest

        Lol, money is no problem for me (have owned 4 jailbroken iPhones), but just ’cause I have money doesn’t mean I have to separate myself from it like a fool. But won’t expect anything less from the average Apple buyer; buy it to show how much money you have to waste.

  • Not surprised. Wonder how many were bought for 50% off by employees…a friend who works at the Apple mentioned it was mandatory for employees to buy the watch in order to better understand it and thus better sell it to customers.