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Yet another interesting week in Cydia with a steady flow of new tweaks offering various levels of enhancements to your jailbroken iPhone. I think we’ll all agree the big release of the week is Couria, a tweak offering Quick Compose and Quick Reply for Messages, but it definitely wasn’t the only one worth your while. Take a peek below!

2048oard: brings the popular puzzle game to the iPhone’s Home screen (free)

Assistant+: have Siri trigger Activator gestures ($1.99)

Beep Beep: customize what happens when you plug in your iPhone (free)

BrowseInsideApps-Lite iOS8: a terrible name that describes what it does pretty well (free)

Couria: a Quick Compose and Quick Reply tweak for Messages (free – review)

Define Activator: lets you define words using an Activator action (free)

ImageBoard: lets you add an image to the background of keyboards (free)

ioSpq: flips your screen upside down (free)

KeyboardPlus8: adds several features to the keyboard ($0.99)

Messages Tag: apply color tags to your Messages conversations ($1.99)

MusicButton: a smart button to control your music ($1.49)

NextGenUI5 (iOS 8): a renewed user interface ($4.99)

No Blurry Calls: remove the contact photo blur during calls (free)

Return: adds a recent apps launcher to Control Center ($0.99 – review)

SBMultiFunction: a bunch of different tweaks for Springboard (free)

Torqueo: rotate your Home screen just like on iPhone 6 Plus (free)

WA ShutUp: lets you mute any conversation on WhatsApp ($0.99)

Vex: lets you theme Control and Notification Centers ($0.99 – review)

What were your favorite tweak this week? Chime in below.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    I wonder Vex was reviewed 13 days ago and still it made the tweak of the week list?
    Just a thought. No offense though.

    • Danuel Carr

      It was previewed at that time. It went live in Cydia at the beginning of this week.

  • Carlos Medina

    was KeyboardPlus8 taken off Cydia cant seem to find it on cydia anymore

  • TechLove

    Missing jailbreak terribly!

    • diggitydang

      Really? Are you exaggerating? I can’t wait for that but I’m staying JB’n until someone JB’s 8.3.

      • TechLove

        Dude, just stay jailbroken. I repeat, STAY JAILBROKEN. Yeah, my iPad is buttery smooth now but i miss my jailbreak more!

      • The jb is prolly what made it not smooth.

      • Antzboogie

        Stop hating I’m JB and my iPhone is smooth as butta.

      • Your point? You think everyone is going to have the same experience? My phone is smooth as well but there are some tweaks that will put a strain on your device. I thought that was universally known amongst jail breakers.

      • WOW

        You “The JB is prolly what made it not smooth” You assumed… that JB caused the problem of a non-smooth experience. It could be anything man… Simple Overuse, can cause this. Or that the new update is better. Jailbreak can potentially cause this.. but not always….

      • I said probably not definitely. Calm down, buddy.

      • diggitydang

        Yeah, I passed on the watch because 8.3 isn’t jailbroken yet. If it had been, I would’ve gotten one, for sure! But my JB is way too important!

        Out of curiosity, why’d you update and kill the JB?

  • diggitydang

    Is there a tweak that let’s you take a screenshot, then draw on it, before copying to clipboard? Right now, I use Alpoum, which doesn’t let you draw on it.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I wish for a tweak like that too. For now, I use the Skitch app.

  • Kameron Burton

    Beep Beep is awesome. No more annoying sound. Just the sweet music of Victory of Final Fantasy

  • Nathan

    ClassicFolders is a pretty good tweak. I don’t know why you guys won’t review it, but will review a tweak with limited functionality instead.

  • alfonso hall

    quick question because i don’t want to lose my jailbreak. i purchased an iPhone 6 earlier today, i set it up as a new iPhone since i needed to use it. once i got home i jailbroke it, i erased all settings and content so i could restore from a backup without updating. now I’m stuck on the loading bar screen, does anyone know a way to get back to the home screen without updating??? i entered and exited DFU mode but no luck. thanks

    • Just keep trying to reboot it.

      • alfonso hall

        Did it almost ten times with no luck. Exchanged the phone for another one lol

    • Trevor Hebert

      Never erase all settings and content while jail broken. It deletes kids files you need which ill cause you having to restore.

      • alfonso hall

        Thanks. That’s what I had to do. But I exchanged it so I could keep my jailbreak lol

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  • Steven

    Hello Sebastien, could you please tell us how to find KeyboardPlus8? Can’t find it in the default sources on Cydia. Merci beaucoup!

  • Varun Soi

    Missing my jailbreak so much these newer versions sucks, just making my mind to go for iphone 6 from iphone 5s i just hope i can get older version in iphone 6 which is jailbreakable!

  • Christian Spencer

    Anyone know what IOS version the iphone 6 plus ships with (UK) ?? thanks 🙂

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