Kenu Stance Mounted

From the makers of the Airframe, which I also considered the ‘perfect’ travel companion for car mounts, comes the Stance. Like the Airframe, Kenu designed their newest gadget to be amazingly simple and solve a problem most iPhone users would love to solve.

Many times, I’m out and about, or even at home, and wish I could quickly find something to hold my iPhone in place. Whether FaceTime, Periscope, Netflix, or reading a recipe, Stance is there to help. I own a lot of docks and stands, at least in the double digits, but none of them are as small and versatile as Stance and I’m thankful Kenu sent one for review.

Kenu Stance review

Stance plugs directly into your iPhone’s Lightning port with the adapter, complete with locking indentions. Your iPhone is not going to wiggle its way free from the trademarked MicroMount attachment, made of a plastic-like composite material Kenu calls Grilamid. The MicroMount is a 360 degree pivoting ball to ensure iPhone rotates to the desired angle for your activity.

Holding the MicroMount are three zinc-alloy constructed legs with non-slip TPE loaded feet. Conveniently, Stance can position your device in either landscape or portrait mode, as exampled in the video below.

It is a highly simple device, with many use-cases and applications. Because it is extremely small, I simply slide Stance down into the penholder location in my day pack. That way, any time I could possibly need it, the device is waiting in my bag. It even has a built in bottle opener for those times you can’t find one elsewhere.


Although this article is short and simple, it is not reflective of my positive opinion toward the Stance. Stance is an amazing little gadget that will make your iPhone life much easier. The device is made of quality materials. Sure aluminum would be nice, but the zinc alternative is the same to an untrained eye. It matches Space Gray almost exactly in color.

Kenu Stance standing short


Stance just feels solid, despite its tiny frame and small footprint. It is a little top heavy with a big iPhone 6 Plus, but it holds its own regardless. I highly recommend the Kenu Stance for anyone in the market for an iPhone dock or stand. For the photographers in the crowd, it can become an invaluable tool. With the new Apple Watch camera remote functionality, you can setup iPhone on the Stance and then snap the picture from your Watch!

At $29.95 with free Amazon shipping, this seems like a no brainer. Are there cheaper alternatives? Sure. But, are they as well crafted with similar build materials? Probably not. I’m going to buy another one as a gift and maybe another for my second bag. Seriously, you should pick one up.

  • arvindb02

    But it blocks the lightning port making it useless for long taking a long time-lapse

  • I have one and I must say it is the most versatile iPhone tripod/mount. You can hold it landscape and portrait mode. It’s small and compact. Only issues are it won’t suppirt iPads and you can’t charge your phone at the same time, although you can buy an adapter that will permit this. Imo this is a must have accessory for any iPhone owner. You never know when it can come in handy.

    • gittlopctbi

      Any possibility that you can carry this in your wallet? I know it may be a little thick, but I’m thinking in the bill compartment of the wallet. I’m thinking that the Lightening plug part will nix this idea.

      • It wouldn’t be too comfortable but it can fit in my wallet.

      • gittlopctbi


  • Rahimo

    is there an iPad version ??

  • kline1

    facetime on your iphone while your on your macbook, LAFF!

    • Tugsuu

      Yeah that’s LOL.

  • john diaz

    Probably messes up your lightning port, putting it in and out so many times, its a delicate area you know. ask any woman!

    • White Michael Jackson


  • mahe

    The most important thing: You can open your bottle of beer with it! 😀

  • Tim

    If I take into account how loose my phone is when it’s on my HiRise, with a backrest, then I can imagine how ‘bad’ this is for your lightning port and for the plug on the tripod. :O

  • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

    does this double up as a knife?

  • White Michael Jackson

    I have been waiting for three weeks now for something I bought on IDB Deals. Has anyone else had this problem?