Couria, the popular quick reply and quick compose tweak that’s been in beta for iOS 8, is now available on the BigBoss repo. It brings with it a few new features that weren’t available in the beta version, but much of the tweak will be very familiar to beta testers. If you’ve been dying for a capable quick reply and quick compose tweak in light of biteSMS’ demise, then Couria may be just what the doctor ordered.

Once you install Couria, the quick reply enhancing portion of the tweak is enacted immediately. When swiping down on a quick reply banner notification, you’ll be presented with an enhanced quick reply view that provides you with the full context of an ongoing conversation.

But having the ability to quickly compose messages from anywhere is Couria’s hallmark feature, and that needs to be set up via Activator. You’ll also find a dedicated preference panel for Couria in the stock Settings app.

Couria Activator

Couria’s preferences include a kill switch for quickly enabling or disabling the tweak, and the ability to select between three bubble themes. Users can choose between the original theme, Couria’s trademark outline theme, and even create a custom theme. Custom themes include bubble and text color for both incoming and outgoing text messages. Unfortunately, the colors have to be configured using hexadecimal formal, so it’s not as straightforward as simply selecting a color or using an RGB slider.

Couria Preferences

The Authentication Required portion of the tweak’s preferences is there to force you to authenticate when using quick reply from the Lock screen. Oddly enough, no authentication is needed when using the Activator gesture assigned to launch quick compose. It might be best to avoid using Activator’s Everywhere feature so that sensitive-data-exposing quick compose gestures aren’t available on the Lock screen.

Overall, I find Couria to be a competent quick reply tweak, and I’ve felt that way since the beta version. This version is an improvement over the beta, in that it brings added stability, and a few new customizable features.

It’s not perfect, and it’s a far cry from the feature-set entertained by biteSMS, but it’s at least another option. An option that I feel that many will be grateful for, especially considering that it’s available free of the BigBoss repo.

What do you think about Couria?

  • Chris Gilmore

    I get rid of my JB and then this comes out…..

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      I felt the same way when auxo was released..

  • Joshua Thomas

    What’s the setting to get the transparent look

  • NP92

    i had this for weeks now, and its not even close to bitesms:) dont like it takes over the hole screen and not a little popup like bitesms was.:) But its better than nothing:)

    • czarczarczar

      I feel the same , I contacted the Dev weeks ago to have the option for small popup instead of filling the whole screen , but he nerver Responded , not so great support .

      • NP92

        Bad style, but okay app:)

  • Nathan

    This will probably be the only quick reply tweak for iOS 8 since Auki won’t be out until iOS 10 GM.

    • Poporopo00

      I hope not…Auki is awesome!

  • Dev Shah

    I hope the WhatsApp extension for Couria comes out soon, Nowadays it is hopeless to expect anything from WhatsApp developers.!! 🙁

    • Inseltraeumer

      think it’s Apple’s limitations rather than whatsapp’s dev’s unwillingness that hinders such an update

    • Nathan

      The reason is because WhatsApp has to be running in the background at ALL times for these tweaks to work. Apple’s restrictions make it to where it doesn’t do that, so it makes it harder for developers to make WhatsApp tweaks.

  • Alex Noyle

    I’m happy to have a decent quick reply tweak again, but I’m still crossing my fingers for Auki 2 sometime in the future.

  • DtownBlogger

    It always amazes me how (and why) people complain about something that is FREE?!?! If you don’t like it… News Flash… Don’t Use It!!!

    • Poporopo00

      You are right.

    • Tyler Smith

      I don’t think its so much complaining as it is being upset that bitesms is gone

  • Carlos Maanuel

    I want the extension for kik

  • pnh

    The only thing I still need from BiteSMS is the ability to schedule text messages to be sent automatically.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I luv that feature

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I was stuck in a boot loop and had to restore and lose my jailbreak…The day Auxo legacy came out…and many other great tweaks since…iOS 8.3 Jailbreak better come out ASAP…

  • Blip dude

    So umm. . . iPad compatibility?? Anywho, I will definitely check this out while I inpatiently wait for an Auki update, considering how much I paid for that.

  • Poporopo00

    Auki should be updated for IOS, i deleted Couria when Auki came out. The $2.49 were worth.

  • Fredydeekrueger

    This is actually kinda nice, still waiting on BiteSMS but this is a lot better for me than the stock quick reply! Thanks Benjamin. + I can now stay inside a game or app without having to go back to the messages and see what we were talking about before.

  • faceless

    Oh look this message popped up when I was going to install Couria from Cydia (iOS 8.1.2 JB)

  • gittlopctbi

    I miss having scalable fonts in a quick message. When a message pops up and it’s on my dashboard while I’m driving, I always have to have Siri play the message because it’s way too small to read. biteSMS allowed me to have a large enough font to view it.

  • leart

    Just tried Sund0wn, a tool that alloww you to downgrade your iPhone 4 to 7.0.x 😀

    • Tyler Smith

      thats actually the most pointless tool ever

      • leart

        Well some tools are made just for fun, if you have shsh blobs saved i you like to se how it was ios before 7.1

      • Tyler Smith

        I have two tether downgraded iPhone 4’s one on 5.1.1 and one on 6.1.3. So before you say I can’t manage it ask if I have done it before. That tool is useless because it doesn’t allow you to go below iOS 7 which runs like crap on an iPhone 4. Why do I know this? Because I habe 2 iPhone 4’s on iOS 7 as well. So yes I know that downgrading is fun. Downgrading to iOS 7 is pointless. Good day.

      • leart

        Why so angry , you wrote your opinion and I wrote mine, so have a nice day

      • Tyler Smith

        You said I couldn’t handle a downgrade when I have done countless in the past. As soon as I make that fact known I’m all of a sudden angry? No I am just proving another person who thinks they know everything wrong.

      • leart

        Every person who used a free tool from others for free to downgrade his device should be grateful and happy to see any kind of tool to work on any possible ios firmware. If it looks pointless for you than keep your even more pointless comment for yourself. Already told you have a nice day

      • Tyler Smith

        That’s not what you said. You said “I doubt that you will be able to manage a downgrade” which is wrong

      • leart

        Every person who downgraded in the past should be happy when a downgrade tool is out, even for a non relevant ios, since is a open door.
        Every creature in this world knows that 7.1.2 > 7.0.x
        BUT some people like to try older firmwares, some want to use a non chinese jb, some like the old sliders like me. So pointless is relative to person

      • Tyler Smith

        Please explain what is wrong with the Chinese jailbreaks. And you can get the classic sliders on cydia. So again you are wrong. 7.1.2 came with speed fixes for the iPhone 4 so downgrading to any other iOS 7 version is really stupid. Like I said. This is the most pointless tool ever. It doesn’t support iOS 6 or iOS 5 (which runs the best on an ip4) so yes I’m glad you know your opinion is wrong.

      • leart

        Okay your right

      • Tyler Smith

        All I see is wrong answers. Stupid statements. And someone who thinks they are much bigger than they are.

      • leart

        Dude are you ok? If you don’t like my opinion not my problem, stop spamming my comments

      • Tyler Smith

        And also your opinion is wrong

      • leart

        Don’t care

      • leart

        Actually downgrading is so fun, all the tools that allow to users to have some freedom are WELCOME

    • Digitalfeind


      • leart

        To se how apple has change , and for fun

  • Damian

    Does anyone experience random springboard crashes upon unlocking the phone? I keep getting them every day and I think Couria is the culprit.

    • Carlos Medina

      its been happening to me lately as well even before installing cuoria

      • Damian

        Yeah maybe it is one of the locksreen tweaks. I have priority hub, forecast subtleLock.

      • Carlos Medina

        I also have priority hub and there have been a few updates i think that may be the issue considering does are the only updates ive gotten.

  • Ex mea sententia

    I miss biteSMS.

    • Research Rants

      Me too.

      • DroidDoesnt_2

        Me three.

  • Huntz

    I am literally dying for an 8.2/8.3 jailbreak.

    • Digitalfeind
    • Do you know what literally means?

  • Luis Martinez

    Is there anyway you can quick REPLY without unlocking the device?

    • Chris

      Just set the gesture to be enabled from anywhere, I did and am able to invoke quick compose directly on my lock screen.

      • Luis Martinez

        Lol this response is literally the reason i put the word “reply” in caps. Appreciate it but not the answer I was looking for. I already compose from wherever. The problem is having to unlock your phone to respond directly to a message.

      • Chris

        Oh, my bad. When the banner appears on your lock screen slide it down and QR will reveal itself.

    • Tyler Smith

      well… slide the notification the other way… then you will get the reply option.. go stock iOS right?

  • Chris

    QC was the key missing component, so happy I didn’t get rid of my jailbreak for 8.3.

  • Kameron Burton

    You know, if you browse activator some you can find a way to ‘Quick Compose’ already in the list (see image below). It’s not pretty but it works. Couria just makes it look good. I’ve just started using Couria but so far it is a win for me.

  • Mike Chu

    Do note, it appears to crash with Convergence installed.

    • Daniel Gonzoine Kim

      oh, i thought it was just me. good to know

  • Mike Chu

    Second this. Use this and Activator’s scheduled task

    • ieatcalcium

      It takes so much more effort to do this though.

  • Zeyad Kambouris

    Beside the main subject
    Any new news regarding iOS 8.3 or 8.2 Jailbreak in progress ???!!!

  • Alex Luthor

    So should i
    keep my beta download or delete and get from big boss

    • Chris

      If you get it from the BigBoss repo it will uninstall the beta version automatically.

  • Tyler Smith

    I saw that post and thought it was pointless then too

  • I deleted it. Big and obtrusive and not like iOS at all.

  • J™

    I’d install it if i SMS is still widely used
    my service provider offer me 1000 free sms per month and the most i used was 10.

  • pnh

    Way more complicated than just typing the message and picking a time for it to send.