AppleCare Plus for Apple Watch Edition

The full AppleCare+ extended warranty pricing for the Apple Watch is now live on the Online Apple Store. All Watch models include Apple’s standard 1-year warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary support, but now these extended warranty plans are optionally available.

For the entry-level aluminum Apple Watch Sport, the AppleCare+ coverage costs $49. The mid-tier stainless steel Apple Watch models command a cost of $69 for the extended AppleCare+ coverage, while owners of the gold Edition models will need to fork out a whopping $1,500.

But that’s not all.

AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models extend your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your device. In the case of  the Apple Watch Edition, AppleCare+ extends your coverage to three years from the original purchase date.

AppleCare for Apple Watch warranty extension

All extended coverage plans includes up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling and cover the battery, the included magnetic charging cable and power adapter. More importunely, each hardware incident is subject to a service fee on top of the basic plan cost.

For the Apple Watch Sport models, each hardware incident will set you back an additional $69, or $79 in the case of the pricier Apple Watch stainless steel models. As for the Apple Watch Edition, hardware incidents are subject to the service fee of an eye-watering $1,000 each.

AppleCare for Apple Watch Edition warranty extension

In addition to the above, AppleCare+ plans for all Watches include expert telephone technical support for questions related to Apple Watch, Watch OS and Apple-branded Watch apps, including using Watch OS, connecting to an iPhone (including iOS and the Apple Watch app) and any questions you may have about Apple-branded Watch apps.

AppleCare for Apple Watch chart 001

You can get an AppleCare+ plan at the time of Watch purchase or buy it within 60 days of your device purchase. Last but not least, folks who don’t already have AppleCare+ for their iPhone can get coverage for both the Watch and the phone for up to two years from their Watch purchase date.

Apple Watch scuffs 002

AppleCare+ for Apple Watch models and the iPhone is only available when you purchase a new Apple Watch model from an Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store in the United States.

“Your iPhone must be undamaged and less than six months old to be eligible for coverage,” writes Apple. Additional terms and conditions are available here.

These combo plans are available at a combined price of $149 (Apple Watch Sport and iPhone), $169 (Apple Watch and iPhone) and $1,600 (Apple Watch Edition and iPhone).

While combo plans cover iPhones that are up to six months old, standard AppleCare+ coverage for the iPhone must be purchased within 60 days of buying a iPhone.

Source: Apple

  • iPhoneWINS

    lol @ this whole situation.. extreme prices is almost a cool thing now..

    • Mike


    • Jared

      I anticipate that by time the second gen of these watches hit the market that the prices will be considerably lower. I mean look at the first iPhones they were priced in the $500-$800 price range and that was for only 4GB of storage space. Overtime the process came down, albeit it was with the help of AT&T subsidizing some of the costs.

      • iPhoneWINS

        we need carriers it subsidise these

  • Elias

    I guess I’m obligated to purchase this just in case…

  • This is hilarious….My Mac’s apple care is 1/4 of that price.
    I wonder if their targeted audience is “Idiots”

    • John

      Does your Mac AppleCare cover exactly the same thing?

  • derp

    Bought a MacBoook Pro 2014 and paid £60 ($89) for AppleCare

    • derp

      15′ MacBook Pro

    • John

      I wonder if it covers the same thing though.

      I am assuming the high prices for devices like the iPhone and the Apple Watch are to compensate for potential replacement charges.

      • Sims

        This guy is a student for sure. AppleCare for the MacBook Pro cost £300 in the UK, £60 is the student price.

      • John

        Thanks for that.
        Bloody huge price difference, but still, I doubt you could have your MBP replaced in store under the Mac APP.

      • Guest

        So you think it costs Apple $700+ to produce a Watch?? Seriosuly doubt it. Time will tell of course but I bet it costs them less then $200 for an aluminum model.

      • John

        Hi mrgerbik, and thank you for your reply.

        Not at all. In fact, it’s been calculated by someone that the iPhone 6 Plus costs only a couple of hundred to make. Add to that money spend on R&D, marketing and various other bits and pieces there is no way that an iPhone will come to anywhere near what they charge–likewise I highly doubt the Apple Watch comes near to what they are charging BUT remember, with the APP+, you can walk into an Apple Store, speak to a Genius and have your watch replaced for ~$99 and you can do that twice…not to mention the ongoing phone support and extended warranty you receive along with the accidental damage incidents.

  • 5723alex .

    BTW, the new MacBooks are sold out as well.

  • Benjamin J Schwartz

    $1500 for the plan and $1000 per incident? That’s just obscene and totally arbitrary. Just because you gouge on the cost of the watch doesn’t mean that if you sell the warranty at a reasonable price the watch is somehow less valuable. Who are these idiots who think the decive is worthwhile solely because it costs a fortune? Items like this should face a 50% luxury tax, and the money can go back to public programs for education and healthcare. Clearly these people can afford to help the rest of us out if they are burning money just to see what it looks like on fire.

    • Tommy

      iFags. Duh.

    • Rowan09

      The watch costs 10K-15k. How many people do you think can afford it and how many people do you believe would say they lost it to get a new once for $1000?

      • As much as I hate everything about this stupid gimmick, I do agree that the insurance is pretty much on par with what it should cost. I mean replacement parts for a gold watch would be pretty expensive.
        I have once used my Apple Care on my iPhone to recoup the cost of the iPhone by selling the “replaced” one to a friend. With something as expensive as the Watch, I could totally see the benefit in doing that with this Apple Care plan.

      • Guest

        What about $400 dollar models? They have to shell out just as much no?

      • Rowan09

        No this is for the Watch Edition.

  • Dominic LoFranco

    If I got and Apple watch, which I am not, I would get the Sport. Let’s be honest besides the gold in the Edition model what is the difference between all the models. Oh, thats right, there is none.

    • MrSergioRamos

      The case is different and the glass is different, between the apple watch sport and apple watch

    • Andrew

      If I really really really wanted a gold watch without the price I would buy the cheap one and do some kind of customization (gold leafing, high grade paint) and do that to it.WAYYYY CHEAPER TO LOOK THE SAME

  • dbtwothree

    Can you take out a stand alone jewelry insurance policy like I did for my wife’s engagement ring? A $2,500 all-in replacement cost on a $17,000 piece (+/15%) is pretty ridiculous in the scheme of things when I can insure a ring of the same price for a few hundred.

  • I was pretty confused about this so I didn’t order it last night. I got a sport model question is.. is this necessary to add? I’ll just wait for my watch to arrive and then of course call to order instead of going to the store because the lines are crazy there anyway. What is the benefit of adding this?

    • John

      Of course it’s not necessary.
      As mentioned above; two main benefits, extending phone support and warranty as well as the ability to replace the device with ‘no questions asked’ for a specified fee.

      Extended warranty in the best of times is a ripoff, but I buy this because of the accidentals replacement option and the phone support.

      • Thanks, usually I don’t bother when it comes to these things from Apple. Never had any issues with my devices in the past but being this is a different device all together I’ll probably pick up this up when my device arrives. Thx again

      • John

        No problems, I don’t mind picking this up for the iPhone.

        The cost of a case, I can replace the iPhone at an Apple Store with no questions asked…..not sure how the I would translate to a Watch given its not as breakable as the phone.

        More importantly, I think, phone support…but each to their own.

  • Eli Montoya

    I hate how whatever Apple prices their products at, people will still buy them.

  • Jailbreak Guru

    Someone smoked a huge blunt, then came up with the prices.

  • Kevin Stuckey

    In the post above it says that all watch models include Apple’s standard 1-year warranty, but this is incorrect. The Apple Watch Edition comes with a 2-year complimentary warranty.