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Get your Macs ready for a major software refresh as Apple gears up to release the OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 software update with the long-awaited Photos for Mac app and other improvements.

Associated Press, which ran a review of Photos for Mac earlier this morning and first reported that the software update is due today, praised the software’s professional-level and advanced fine-tuning tools such as granular color correction.

“Apple’s new Photos app for Mac computers, available Wednesday as a free software update, makes it easy to organize and edit your pictures,” the news organization wrote.

“Like other free apps such as Google’s Picasa, Photos is good for auto-enhancing, cropping and other basic touches such as lightening underexposed shots,” reporter Anick Jesdanun wrote. “But it goes further by also including some of the advanced fine-tuning you’d find in a tool like Adobe Lightroom, which costs $149.”

With Photo for Mac, users at last can enjoy a unified, streamlined photo-management solution across their Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

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The app can be optionally used in conjunction with iCloud Photo Library, a feature that stores entire photo libraries in the cloud in full resolution in order to save storage space on your devices. Any changes made to a photo on one device instantly reflect on all your others via iCloud Photo Library.

Photos for Mac lets you import content from iPhoto, the app it replaces as the default photo-management solution on Macs. You can import photographs from other sources, including those in cameras’ proprietary RAW formats.

Deleting a photo or video automatically removes it from both the cloud and all your synced devices, but you have about a month to retrieve it from the cloud should you change your mind.

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However, Apple only gives five gigabytes of cloud storage for free, hardly enough to store even a modest library of high-resolution photographs and videos in the cloud.

The company offers storage upgrades but at a higher price than Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others, though none of competing solutions are as tightly integrated with the Apple platform as iCloud Photo Library is.

For example, for 99 cents per month your iCloud storage will be expanded to twenty gigabytes of cloud-storage space. The 200GB/500GB/1TB tiers are priced at $3.99/$9.99/$19.99 per month.

Are you excited about OS X 10.10.3 and the Photos app?

Source: Associated Press

  • jolehp

    YES! I think it will be a good app for nice quick editing 🙂 Would be nice if apple update the photo app on iphone too with more features 😀

    • Liam Harris

      I hope they update it on the iphone!

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Hey Jeff, demonstrate the newest tweak “NextGenUI”.

  • andyr354

    Not much of a picture taker so it doesn’t really concern me much. I have never used iPhoto so I have nothing to compare it to.

    I do know that I won’t be using the iCloud photo storage. My dropbox is accessible on any platform and WAY cheaper.

    • Jack Wong

      It is not just about the price and storage, we need a good tool to organize them, I have a NAS at home and I could turn that 8TB as personal cloud storage easy.

      Dropbox is the most user friendly and cross platform between mobile phone and computer, I have a free account with 20GB.

      But I don’t use that to share or store pictures because they do not offer any software to manage the pictures, so I have been using Picasa with Google drive but Picasa is more like ACDsee… I am looking for something like iCloud that can sync the picture between iOS devices, and also a regular computer.

      Like my father in law takes picture with iPhone and he would like to view it on his iPad, this is the best solution for him, just 99cents->$4.99 per month and I do not have to manually transfer the pictures to his Google Drive then use a 3rd picture app to cache them on the iPad… moreover, none of those apps could cache video from Google Drive… Even he has 30GB free Google Drive storage but it is not perfect and there is a lot of work for me…

      • andyr354

        With dropbox doing auto upload it works great. Install carousel on each device and they will all be available.

      • To each their own, but Photos will allow you to properly sync with the same app on your iOS device, and thats a plus. Unless you don’t use the default Camera app of course.

      • Jack Wong

        I tried that too… it doesn’t organize my picture like the, I see the when, where.

        Moreover, it doesn’t cache the pictures offline automatically even it is under wifi, we have to favorite them 1 by 1… as I remember…

        I also tried the Onenote… forget that…

      • Julio Montes

        Onenote is for notes…….

      • Jack Wong

        Thank you for the correction.

  • Manuel Molina

    As long as it doesn’t battery kill your Mac and hog your ram, I’m up for it. I got tired of seeing the spin icon when opening iPhoto

  • McApple

    Anybody solved the problem of created event sequence, which were created on Aperture?
    My 321 Event folders are out of sequence since ios8

  • Chocolatewe


  • Xavier du Coudray

    I sure do hope that it will facilitate syncing between my Mac and my iPhone – being able to add a photo directly from my phone to an album without having to import it to the Mac, add the photo to the album and sync the iPhone.

    Instead, I’d like to take a photo, add it to the album I want on my phone, have it there when I turn on my Mac – if need be, I can re-arrange my albums and have them updated on my iPhone right away!

  • Liam Harris

    When will it be released? Like 2PM or 6PM?

  • Justin0000

    I think apple need to raise up the iCloud storage for free to 10 GB, or as alternative to give every user 5 GB iCloud storage for each device he owns.

  • Until they do something about the ridiculously high storage prices, it’s gonna be all but useless for any of its stated ‘advantages.’
    And, Photos for iPhone needs to be brought up to date – at least offering ability to tag, caption, alter/add location, etc.
    it’s an ok start, but not as good as Aperture was. And it’s not going to get me away from Pixelmator and my unlimited Flickr deal anytime soon.

    • Рон Джамин

      yea, who the hell wants to store all their photos online anyway. Unless they give you something like unlimited space, they can take a hike.