Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities claims Apple may call the next line of its iPhone the “iPhone 7”, instead of the “iPhone 6s” like previously thought. The name change will be because of significant changes to the iOS user interface, including Force Touch technology for better interaction, the analyst says.

The Force Touch technology will be different from what’s found on the Apple Watch and MacBook trackpad: “We believe that iPhone’s Force Touch sensor doesn’t directly detect the pressure applied by fingers,” Kuo said. “Instead, it monitors the contact area on which the finger touches the screen to decide how big the pressure is.”

As such, Kuo believes the company will implement Force Touch on the next iPhone by using capacitive technology, and placing the sensor under the in-cell touch panel’s backlight.

AppleInsider first reported the next line of iPhones will include Force Touch, with the Wall Street Journal further backing up the claim and added that it could detect between light and deep taps.

Kuo also adds the 4-inch iPhone “6c” that’s been leaked over the past month won’t see its place on shelves in 2015.

Source: AppleInsider

  • Rowan09

    That would be a surprise like The New iPad (3rd gen).

  • pauleebe

    This same rumor pops up every year. We were expecting a bigger screen (iphone 5), but got the iPhone 4S. We were expecting a thinner and bigger device (iPhone 6), but got the iPhone 5S.

    The S cycle has no problem keeping sales driving, so I’d be shocked if this is the case.

    • Jeffrey

      I totally agree but to be fair, Apple was actually planning to release a 4 inch iPhone 5 besides the iPhone 4s at the keynote in 2011 but the iPhone 5 announcement was cancelled at the last minute.

      To be clear, I do totally agree with you;)

  • Isaac

    Thank god no iPhone 6c. Those plastic iPhones are ugly as hell.

    • I know the 3g and 3gs were just awful. Not!

    • A black 5C with a chrome Apple logo would be awesome looking imo.

      • Jeffrey

        A chrome Apple logo on a plastic iPhone? That’s like putting a Ferrari logo on a Hyundai.

      • You realize the iPhone 3gs had a plastic back with a chrome Apple logo right?

      • Jeffrey

        As far as I know it had a plastic back with a silver colored Apple logo, so not real chrome.

      • The 3G had a Silver/Gray Apple while the 3Gs had it in Chrome.

      • Jeffrey

        Where did you get that information? The Apple logo’s on the 3g and 3g s are both plastic with a chrome color, the only difference between the back covers is that the text is clearer on the 3g s.

      • Whoops They are both chrome.The difference was the Letters were chrome too on the 3Gs. Regardless they both had Chrome Apples on black plastic.. Cheers!

  • Fanboy 

    My god, you guys seriously have nothing to post about every time yall publish an article about this guy. No kind of data to back up his claim, no proof of concept, he in fact literally says “We believe….”. Well I believe a ton of crap, will you guys post it too please??

    • Jake Smith

      Thing about Kuo is he’s usually right.

      • Buzz { Light:Year; }


  • DevXav

    I own an iPhone 5S and I really have no idea if next gen is going to be iPhone 7 or 6s..
    What I know for sure is that I’m getting one when it’s released…

    Just not sure if i’m getting the Plus or normal one..

  • Jamessmooth


  • Darthque

    stop me. But uh, whats so cool about this technology again?

    • George

      Its a gimmick that everyone would of trashed Samsung if they had it on a phone but since its apple.

      • Darthque

        rofl, i think you nailed it on the head bro.

      • Rowan09

        So you’ve used it I see to call it a gimmick? I don’t know if it will be useful but I’ll wait and see. A fingerprint sensor was a gimmick too at one point but when it actually works like on the iPhone’s and the S6 (according to reviews) it’s a useful feature.

      • George

        To me its a gimmick because not only will it confuse the majority of iPhone users when they implement different taps that do different things it also could be something I would not want on my device.

      • Rowan09

        They already have gestures you can add and it’s either you do or you don’t. I don’t really get the purpose so i’ll hold judgement until I actually use it.

      • iPhoneWINS

        sony put it in there controllers years ago and no one ever cared cause its impractical

      • Jeffrey

        I don’t really see anyone freaking out about how awesome this feature is. Me, as an Apple fan, I think it’s a stupid gimmick too, so don’t judge everyone based on your beliefs.

  • Jeffrey

    I call bs, it’s gonna be called the iPhone 6s and there WILL be a 6s on the shelves at the end of 2015…

  • George

    They are not adding force touch to the next iPhone lmao, can you imagine manufacturing millions of those? Force touch they have perfected in small things such as a watch and track pad, there will be a while until it can be on a phone.

    • Andrew Roth

      That’s why it’s not Force Touch as found on Macbooks and Apple Watch, but a different, more efficient, kind made for this situation. Read the article before commenting.

      • George

        I read the article and I don’t really care what this analyst says. If they aren’t going to make it the same then there is no point.

      • Andrew Roth

        Functionality would be the same, just a different way behind the scenes. Who cares how the effect is achieved if the effect is, in fact, achieved? I personally think the whole concept is a gimmick anyways, but still. (Let’s be honest… If Samsung implemented the technology first people would throw a fit about how stupid it is and how it’s a complete and total gimmick that nobody needs…)

      • George

        I just posted the same thing about Samsung lol

  • tbsteph

    Directly from his Magic 8 Ball.

  • DrBwell

    I think that Apple wants to use “7” as the next iteration, because Samsung is just releasing their “6” and Apple wants to stay ahead of them!

  • iPhoneWINS

    dang no S???????? force touch sucks… ii want a bigger screen again..

    • Jeffrey

      Why would you want an even bigger screen-.-