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Having been tracking iOS 8 adoption rates on a regular basis, it’s clear now that the pace of user adoption of the latests and greatest iOS version has been slowing down since its peak in the holiday quarter of 2014.

According to the most recent numbers provided by Apple itself on the App Store Distribution webpage, iOS 8 is now installed on 78 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices in the wild, a marginal increase over the 77 percent adoption rate from two weeks ago.

iOS 7, the prior major edition of Apple’s mobile operating system sporting top to bottom design overhaul, is now on twenty percent of devices, unchanged from the previous data point from two weeks ago.

Older iOS versions now make up for two percent of iPhone, iPads and iPod touch in the wild instead of three percent like before, according to Apple’s up-to-date figures as measured by the App Store on March 30, 2015.

iOS 8 adoption rate 20150331

And how does Android stack up against iOS in terms of user adoption?

Google’s software has always suffered from the dreaded fragmentation problem and it shows in usage data. According to the official dashboard available at Google’s Android Developers website, Android 5.0 Lollipop is found on just 3.3 percent of devices nearly a year after it was first introduced.

Android 4.4 KitKat remains the most used version of Android with 40.9 percent of active devices, followed by different versions of Android 4.1.x Jelly Bean. Google’s data was collected from the new Google Play Store app during a seven-day period ending on March 2, 2015.

Android adoption rate 20150303

Because the new Play Store app requires Android 2.2 and above, devices running older versions are not included in the data.

As a caveat, keep in mind that Google’s stats exclude devices that have not visited Play Store, including forked Android devices such as Amazon’s Fire tablets, smartphones and media streamers, white-label devices and millions of devices sold in Asia that come preloaded with third-party application stores and don’t run Google services.

Much of iOS 8’s initial growth is owed to the stellar sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As sales of current iPhone models starts cooling off amid the usual seasonalities and as next-generation models start looming, so does iOS adoption rate slows.

Source: Apple

  • William Melendez

    So 77% of us are experiencing a buggy IOS . Don’t get me wrong , I love my iPhone 6 plus , never had complained about iOS in the past,but those random crashes due to the operating system 8 is unacceptable. Hope Apple fixes these bugs with the next update .

    • Jurassic

      If your iPhone 6 Plus is experiencing random crashing, it probably has nothing to do with iOS 8, but may be a hardware problem.

      You should take it in to an Apple Store. Your iPhone 6 Plus is still covered under its 1 year warranty. Apple will either repair or replace your iPhone.

  • Fanboy 

    I wonder what % of Android users can even install last years updates to their phones LOL

    • Benedict

      Like every month – I repeat myself with pleasure 🙂
      – It’s easier to update a couple of iOS devices than hundrets of varieties
      – noname devices which don’t use the Play Store also have the lastest version, but are not counted in the statistic
      – every Android devices (from 2.x.x on) get their core components updated over Google Play Services to the lastest version and features
      – Android devices can be updated with the latest functions over apps (e.g launcher, Lock screen, etc
      – Android devices can install the latest Android version over customs roms
      So there is no base to compare the iOS to Android update process.

      Image: Android 2.3.x when released 2010 and Android 2.3.x today:
      though there was no OS update, the system was updated in the background and looks and acts similar to the latest version.

      • Fanboy 

        YAWN, you just typed a whole paragraph proving how fragmented Android is. And then provided a screenshot on an application who updated their UI.

      • iPodDroid

        May I just say that your username represents you perfectly 🙂

      • Fanboy 

        Thank you 🙂 its why I put it, when people would lose an argument the only insult they could muster up at the end was usually “fanboy” so i did the work for them 🙂

      • iPodDroid


      • Benedict

        The fragmentation is a diversity. There are several different devices with roms and different UI’s. I would’nt spend a dime for a phone which looks alike and has the same OS like the 7 phones before!? How stupid is that?

        And again – the UI is just the result of the updated components. Otherwise the app wouldn’t look like this. You should acquire some knowledge at arstechnica(.)com/gadgets/2014/12/android-2-3-gingerbread-four-years-later-the-os-just-wont-die/ about that before answering.

      • Jurassic

        “The fragmentation is a diversity.”

        George Orwell (in “Nineteen Eighty-Four”) referred to this as “Doublespeak”.

        (͡° ͜ʖ°)

      • Benedict

        …was choosen intentionally, because critics (see above) use “fragmentation” as a negative term though it’s on the other hand a positive effect which can be described with “diversity”.
        But to describe the reason for your “trust” and “believe” in Apple products: Steve Jobs’ Reality of distortion field

      • Fanboy 

        I guess you need some english listens, so here you go. Fragmentation and diversity have nowhere near the same meaning. Fragmentation is the state of something breaking or already being broken (sounds like android to me). Diversity is having variety (i guess android technically has a great variety of viruses, a variety of bloated software, a variety of sporadic crashes, a variety of severe software instability requiring a hard reset of the device, variety of different phones that can’t upgrade to the new OS that Google just announced with cool features because they bought their phones 6 months ago and they don’t support it anymore, a variety of great useless features that allow you to buy a 16GB Galaxy S4 that in reality only has 8.5GB to use out the box… what?!). Android has great variety 🙂

      • mike

        I use to have a HTC HD2 which I could run the following OS whenever I like:

        -Any Android

        -Any Windows



        “i guess android technically has a great variety of viruses, a variety of bloated software, a variety of sporadic crashes, a variety of severe software instability requiring a hard reset of the device, variety of different phones that can’t upgrade to the new OS that Google just announced with cool features because they bought their phones 6 months ago and they don’t support it anymore, a variety of great useless features that allow you to buy a 16GB Galaxy S4 that in reality only has 8.5GB to use out the box”

        Viruses, bloatware, crashes, and instability are all bullshit… I had my android phone for 4 years and I did a lot on there and nothing ever went wrong. It’s like saying my iPhone 5s (I am using right now) restarts randomly and freezes so that mean all iPhones do that.

        Everyone knows about Jailbreaking right? How about rooting your android phone then booting any rom (android OS) whenever and whichever you like to have.

        Useless features? If iPhone had any of the feature on your iPhone I bet you would use it everyday. And how does a fanboy of apple know if the features are useless with ever trying it?

        “buy a 16GB Galaxy S4 that in reality only has 8.5GB to use out the box” This is when you know you have no clue about android… Have you heard about expandable storage? Probably not because apple doesn’t have that. Let me enlighten you when you buy a Galaxy S4 you get 16gb but you get this little card that has 64gb or even 128gb.

      • Fanboy 

        Congratulations you found the pot of gold by finding an android that actually supports all OS’s. So basically you have to pray that the actual android device you want will support these updates because if not you have to settle for the one you actually want or get the one you don’t really want but that does this. Unlike all Apple devices which are guaranteed to receive entire OS upgrades/features/security updates.

        No buddy they are not bullshit, I worked the cell phone market for 4 years (main reason I avoid Android) and believe me, it was NOT bullshit. In my entire 4 years never did I have to reset an iPhone because something silly was happening that couldn’t be fixed (ex: The stock camera app always crashing and it would not stop) but with android don’t even get me started and all the types of problems I had to fix. 99/100 phones that had software issues were androids. The 1 was usually some old man who didn’t realize he had turned on Airplane Mode and thats why he wasn’t getting calls.

        Nobodys talking about rooting and jailbreaking here. Next.

        Well geez lets see, I sold androids alongside iPhones, Windows and Blackberry for 4 years. Maybe thats how I know. And yes, TONS of useless features. Everyone knows Android loves to boast their gimmicks that everyone does once and then forgets about.

        I do have a clue about android, I sold them for 4 years. And they have some of the worst misleading products. You buy a 16GB Galaxy S4 expecting to get pretty close to that which you paid for, only to learn that you only have about 8GB of of the 16 you paid for HAHAHA. Nice. Those gimmicks and bloatware sure do take up space. I can’t complain though, I sold plenty of memory cards thanks to that it was a great selling point 🙂 “Yeah sir you’re buying the 16GB S4 and i know you said thats enough but the OS takes up almost 50% of that so you’re definitely going to want to purchase a separate SD card on top of already buying this $600 phone”.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        “Unlike all Apple devices which are guaranteed to receive entire OS upgrades/features/security updayes”

        This is not correct sir………feels kinda good to catch you making a mistake. 😉

      • Fanboy 

        Calm down you comment scavenger! 😉 my statement remains true. If you go purchase any new Apple device in the Apple Store right now (the same way you would go purchase an android) for a fact you will receive an update for your device. iPhone 6 has at least 3 years of updates down the line, iPhone 5S has about 2, and the iPhone 5C would still have 1 year left to get updates. (the 4S is no longer sold because its time was up but it still received the iOS 8 update). BOOM 🙂

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Hahaha, the comment scavenger…..AWESOME

        But the older devices usually do not recieve the full updated version of the lasted OS. Unially there is something left out, whether it be something big, or something small, there is something.

        But yes, overall I agree with you. .

      • Fanboy 

        Haha, have a nice night 🙂

      • Tommy Gumbs

        You too! But I did edit my post. Lol. Later buddy.

      • Fanboy 

        Just saw it. Yeah the phone at the real lower end of the spectrum usually won’t get the processor-intensive features (like the iPhone 4S not getting 3D maps, etc.) but they still get security, core, UI, enhancement changes even it being considered a really old phone now 🙂

      • galaxys6isboss

        You sound pretty comical definitely nice way to simply justify you don’t have the cash to pony up for top of the food chain handsets in 2015.

        Your iPhone 6 with it’s battery draining big screen and just big for no reason is already out dated and useless.

        My #Note4 shits on it so bad it’s comical. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are the best handsets on the market today very easily.

      • Fanboy 

        Lol bruhhhhhhh, don’t talk to me about money. I just spent $1,800 on the new 2015 Macbook Pro that just came out without hesitating because i wanted it. So money is nowhere near holding me back from buying a plastic android (which btw they tend to cost the same as iPhones so whats your point?).

        The iPhone 6 Plus (a phablet like the Note 4) has 2-day battery life with constant usage.

        Im done as soon as i read the S6 Edge is good handset LOL, what a gimmick. I’ll agree that the Note 4 is a nice phone. And well the S6, lets not even compare the design buddy hahaha.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        This is cute……it’s like the Chihuahua barking at the big dog, before its feelings get hurt.

        Move on troll…..

      • MKB4k

        Just ignore hes been spamming on a bunch of android sites a lot and has been banned from a lot of sites.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Its still really funny!!!!

      • MKB4k

        At first but then it gets boring when he says the same thing over again on a lot of sites.
        “____is boss” “since 2011”

      • MKB4k

        Typical fanboy BS from the ignorant Samsung troll.

      • MKB4k

        Upvoting your own comment. really????

      • galaxys6isboss

        My galaxy note 4 will get the lollipop update.

      • Fanboy 

        Good bro, i didn’t say all androids didn’t get updates. I would hope the Note 4 would be receiving updates its suppose to be one of the top of the line androids.

      • galaxys6isboss

        Only the sad android users on budget with crappy phones will not be getting updates.

      • Fanboy 

        Thats a sad reality…. Not everyone can afford high end phones so basically if you can’t afford a Note 4 you have to settle for a lesser android that won’t get updates. Unlike Apple, if you can’t get the 6 Plus, you can always go with the 5S or 5C and Apple won’t leave you out just because of your budget.

      • Maxim∑

        haha you can’t be serious when your saying updating Google Play Services is a substitute for core android

        That’s not even comparable. That’s like Apple keeping users on iOS 3 and updating there core apps UI

      • TechLove

        Having used an android myself, i was laughing my ass out while reading his “facts”.

      • Benedict

        It’s not only the UI… it’s the result of the updated components *shaking head…
        And Apple keeps it’s users on iOS 1. Especially from the UI.

      • Jurassic

        “And Apple keeps it’s users on iOS 1. Especially from the UI.”

        First of all, there NEVER was an “iOS 1”.

        The first versions of the operating system on the iPhone were called “iPhone OS 1.x” in 2007, until “iPhone OS 3.x”!

        The first version of iOS was iOS 4.0, which came out in 2010.

        Secondly, there have been huge changes not only to the uI, but also to the features and capabilities of the original iPhone OS.

        Saying “Apple keeps it’s users on iOS 1” just shows you to be a know-nothing troll, who is eager to demonstrate your own ignorance.

      • Benedict

        It’s refered as iOS! see wiki -but if this is your point then ok – perhaps thats the only big difference in the evolution of iOS – and the homescreen background…

      • Jurassic

        “perhaps thats [name change from “iPhone OS” to “iOS”] the only big difference in the evolution of iOS – and the home screen background”

        As I said previously, your comment “just shows you to be a know-nothing troll, who is eager to demonstrate your own ignorance.”

        Just making up ridiculous statements like that, shows you live in a fantasy world, disconnected from reality.

      • Benedict

        hmm.. I must say at least I tried to illustrate my arguments in contrast to your “theses”. But ok…

      • Jurassic

        “I must say at least I tried to illustrate my arguments in contrast to your “theses”.”

        I have no idea what you are trying to convey in that sentence… unless you are being literal when you say “I tried to illustrate my arguments”, and you are using Crayolas in a colouring book.

        Also, I assume you mean “thesis” rather than the plural of the word “these”… in which case, there is no “thesis” (theory) proposed in my comments… Only facts!

        In the future, try to learn something about a topic, BEFORE making asinine statements that have absolutely no basis in reality.

      • Benedict

        Sorry for my spelling or grammar mistakes. I’m not a native english speaker. If you find some more you can keep them 🙂
        It’s also very conspicious that everything you recommend, applies to yourself: “..try to learn something about a topic, BEFORE making … statements…”

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Your not gonna beat this guy. He will just insult you and continue to write long post that are merely rants.

        But the theses/thesis thing was funny.

      • I rather say you must be proud to be able to speak English, perhaps not perfectly. However, if you’re willing to enter a discussion in English, you should be prepared to have not only your opinion, but your grammar and wording to be scrutinised as well.

      • Benedict

        When the other discussion partner is out of arguments, he tries to get defiant and pretends not to understand. That’s just a sign of weakness and ignorance. No wonder if somebody is being so particular about terms like “iOS” and “iPhone OS” though there is no real difference and it is refered as only “iOS” everywhere else – if people have fun complaining about typos instead of context then they should keep it limited to that. But don’t start a discussion or comment on tech things we discuss here. Thanks.

      • galaxys6isboss

        Pretty comical.

      • Benedict… okay, how can I reply to your comment?

        First things first:
        We all know that Android is extremely customizable. We all know Google has played with the system interface with every major release in an effort to improve the usability and appearance of the OS in general. These are all common facts.

        “- It’s easier to update a couple of iOS devices than hundrets of varieties”
        Well, it is not that hard to update hundreds of different models of Android phones in the manner you are implying. What hardens it is the lack of a unified utility for updates, and the reluctance of the manufactures to provide updates for current handsets thru their own proprietary system. Manufactures have many reasons to postpone those updates, or even skip and ignore them once in for all. Mainly, they face various issues with incompatibility regarding their proprietary software core system regarding the new core Android system. Since each device have different tweaks, and each represent a very small portion of their income, they decide to invest time to fix and update only the major models. Of course, the updates would be easier and more feasible if they decided to set aside the extra software modeling and branding (ie. Samsung’s TouchWiz or the HTC’s Sense Interface), but they chose to keep them in order to add some personality and uniqueness to their devices. Actually, if you think about it, if all manufactures where to keep stock android’s appearance, the system would be similar to Apple’s iOS, where every device has the same face.

        “- every Android devices (from 2.x.x on) get their core components updated over Google Play Services to the lastest version and features”
        I believe you are mistaking stock google apps with core components. Stock apps are the apps google develops to provide its services to customers. For instance, the Play Store and the Maps app are stock apps. Surely, google will keep updating them, since new functionality are added to those services and their APIs might be improved and changed with time.
        On the other hand, core components are exactly what it states to be, core components. As an example, the kernel of the system and the baseband of the device are core components. Google has never updated the core components of Gingerbread and kept the same system version. Minor updates were provided then, and they were clearly stated as versions 2.3.x. The x changing meant that some core components where improved and enhanced.

        “- Android devices can be updated with the latest functions over apps (e.g launcher, Lock screen, etc)”
        This is the only statement I would say is “partially true”. I mean, it is possible to get some minor google function on slightly older versions of Android working, even though Google and neither your device manufacture would allow them by default: as an example, let’s quote the installation of Google Launcher in unsupported devices. However, let’s remember that the feature or the launcher was never installed in a system version lower than the one it requires… for instance, it’s technically inviable (per say, impossible) to install Google Launcher or Google Voice in ICS 4.0.
        In another instance, yes, the user might be able to acquire an app that provides a similar function to updated Google services. But the service is not Google’s, therefore the functionality is not the same, possible does not have the same quality, and it literally does not mean the system was updated. In sum, your point is technically false.

        “- Android devices can install the latest Android version over customs roms”
        Regarding customs roms, they are basically OSes with modified core components. Therefore, if you’re device’s support from google or your manufacture is Gingerbread 2.3.7, you will never be able to install and smoothly run ICS 4.0 in said device. With a custom rom, you will be basically installing Gingerbread 2.3.7 with core components updated by a third party hacker (NOT GOOGLE), and those updates might bring some tweaked functionality. Also, you won’t be able to run a feature that requires newer system even if you’re running a ROM with prime modifications and updated system appearance.

        Now that some Android facts have been clarified, let’s move over to iOS:

        The system has been updated regularly, and since we have a unified system for updates, and those updates accessible directly from the source, there is no delay or skipping, unless the system is unsupported. It is technically true that Apple have not updated its stock iOS apps as often or drastically as Google have (especially if we don’t take in account the iOS6 – iOS7 transitioning), but the core competences of the system and its capabilities have been exponentially improved and enhanced (as have Android’s). The fact that Apple have maintained the OS system layout (and rather not, basic skeleton, since the actual theming appearance were drastically changed in iOS 7) is not a lack of functionality or due to lazy updating – it was a deliberate choice made by the company in order to follow its philosophy.

        The home screen functionality and layout (which you have pointed as a setback) is an example of that, since the company and many user per se enjoy it, while also reasoning to why it is a wise choice. It is a key factor to notice that a couple of apps (like the Music app, the Mail app, the Messages app, etc.) have improved as much as their Android counterpart, but it would fragment the system, while also creating more costs for Apple and increasing the demand in older hardware, if the company decided to update those apps separately in older system versions (in the manner google does). As an example, you cannot access YouTube through the stock app in iOS 4, since the service API have been updated and enhance while the app is stagnated in time.


        The lack of system access or ability to customize of the OS is also a deliberate choice, known to all and so accepted. For those who disagree with these philosophy, but still enjoy the system itself can recur to jailbreaking. The practice allow an iOS user to customize the system like an Android user would.

        As for ROMs, they are a thing in the iOS world. Although neither demanded nor popular, some parallel system versions where developed by aloof hackers in the past. As a matter of fact, there is a manner where you can install a custom version of iOS 3.x or 4.x on older iPhones like the 3G or 3GS (I don’t remember the exact details, but you can google it if you want to know more about it), and make them look like they are running iOS 7. However, exactly like Android, functionalities like SIRI or true multitasking cannot be ported, since the system is still in sum an older version, running on an old hardware.

      • Benedict

        Thanks for your detailed comment. I want to just refer to it briefly.
        – Reading your comment and view of the situation, it is kinda easy to update iOS devices than androids
        – I didn’t refer to kernels nor apps which get updated through the play store like you give the impression of. These are components which are seperately updated by the Google Services on every device regardless if they run the latest or and older android version.
        – Since the latest or even functions which are not available on the latest android stock version can be added by third party apps or different (OEM) firmwares, my point is correct. (s. e.g. cm, paranoid)
        – since the OS (including kernel) is updated which is based on a newer AOSP release than the provided by the OEM, it is possible to update devices which run older releases to the latest version.

        There are alot of people who “enjoy” the OS like it was and like it is. But also there are lots of which don’t and wish some things would change or features get added. For my part, I don’t enjoy this system which limits defined by the OEM. The reasons you are giving for that are a little too naiv. There are alot more marketing and financial reasons for that than only a “philosophy”. The drastical iOS 7 redesign was driven by the competition to android and the growing resentment of users. Design and functions were adapted.
        In conclusion the android system is alot more (not unlimited) capable of customizations and updates. Apple’s iOS has NONE of those mechanisms which makes it incompareable in any way this article does.

      • galaxys6isboss

        It’s always been pretty much plain and simple for me since may 2011. Nothing beats Samsung they are Android and technology nothing else matters.

        #S6 #S6Edge #GearS #SamsungKnights #SamsungOrNothing

      • Tommy Gumbs


      • galaxys6isboss

        Regardless of the low budget junkie handset buyer Samsung will sell 65 million S6 and S6 Edge devices easily.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Are you serious with those numbers? Somebody get this guy out of here.

      • galaxys6isboss

        Yes, they can and will sell alot.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        No they can’t, and will sell some.

      • mickrussom

        Long time android user here. You are wrong. Fragmentation SUCKS. The lack of core updates SUCKS. The security holes SUCK. I am a bit of a fandroid but if Windows Phone 10 runs the GMS/Appstore I’d rather have that. At least MSFT knows how to put a single OS on millions of hardware.

    • George


    • GuyWithTheThings

      Android: Be together, not the same. I love that motto.
      Apple: Be together, and the same. Because you have to.

      • Fanboy 

        Android: Be together, not the same. Not the same instabilities, we’ll all have different software glitches! We’ll all have different clunky, bloated software so if you ever decide to get a new phone you won’t understand how to work it! Not the same operating systems so that we can all have different apps because your favorites might not work in your new android phone running software from 5 years ago! And most importantly not the same security because you never WHICH virus your android will get when you do get one. And you WILL get one. Not the same sure is right 🙂

        I definitely love being together and the same with Apple. Same stability, same security across all devices, same awesome features for everyone to enjoy when released, same ecosystem, same functionality that everyone understands and loves.

      • mike

        Apple Fanboys explained…

      • 919263

        Are you describing the “Republican Party” or an Apple Fanboy….Look pretty much the same…

      • galaxys6isboss

        It’s always been pretty much plain and simple for me since may 2011. Nothing beats Samsung they are Android and technology nothing else matters.

      • galaxys6isboss

        Apple heads will always be confused about reality.

      • Benedict

        This must be the reason why over 1 billion devices running Android and less than 200 million with iOS were sold last year.

    • galaxys6isboss

      Apple is so far behind in reality and technology it’s sad that people even waste there money on Apple products.

      At the end of the day Samsung owns Apple and always will Apple doesn’t make products they just put there name on shit others make for them.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Apple’s financial statements dictate otherwise. There is a reason for that. Samsung doesn’t own Apple, but they do own massive write downs.

  • Valinor

    My sisters iphone 5 and ipad mini are still on ios 6 loll, she hates the new design and is not planning on upgrading.
    Ios8 was great for my ipad air, solved alot of random crashes and less page reloads.
    I wish the iphone 6 had come with ios 7. Some tweaks I like arent upgraded for ios 8, ios 7 was perfect on the phone but horrible on the ipad.

  • Matt

    So that’s what happens when you ask Siri about jailbreak

    • leart

      The same on iOS 6.1.3

  • regkilla

    I’m happy on iOS 7.

    • GzyOnline

      iOS 7.1.2 strong here!! IDK what i’m going to do when the 6S+ comes out!?!… biteSMS needs to get their team back 2gether!!!!

  • Jonathan

    Just wait until TinyUmbrella is up and running..

  • iPodDroid

    Took them until 8.3 to fix all the issues, good, but I would’ve preferred to have them fixed sooner. Here’s to iOS 9!

    • Andy

      Isn’t it always like this? They usually get most issues fixed by the end of the current iOS version’s lifecycle. But then the next version is on the horizon, and we start all over again.

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Is this god or bad news?

    • Blip dude

      It comes down to perception (or rather, opinions). Personally, I find it as bad news as iOS 8 has been really buggy, and this means more people experiencing more bugs. I was really looking forward to iOS 8 at first but now I’m just amazed at how long it’s taking to fix all the bugs. Looks like iOS 8.3 will finally be the sweet spot. Let’s hope iOS 9 won’t suffer the same issues.

      • 919263

        There is a reason for the bugs, so that they can patch the Jailbreak exploits, while looking like fixing their own bugs… remember this is a cat & mouse game…

  • leart

    This is not fear for the customers since they can update by mistake or just regret after, and they are stuck , especially those with older devices that are practically forced to throw away their device.
    and if you decide that ok will use that old device with iOS 8, you will loose the battery life, since iOS 8 is going hard to older devices making them to drain faster and to overheat, heat=short battery life span

    • Blip dude

      Awe, sure miss the skeuomorphism!! So far Ayecon and Carla are doing the best they can on iOS 8, but it’s still not the same. And believe me, simple usage on the iPhone 6 Plus is already causing battery issues and I know the Jailbreak isn’t the only culprit. Even after booting into “safe mode” (Boots into clean OS), the battery drains fast, but at least I can make it through 8 hours (versus 15 when I first got it) before needing to charge.

      • leart

        I doubt that ios 8 is causing battery drainage for a 6+, probably is the jailbreak and the tweaks you installed. For older devices is another story, ios 8 is to heavy to manage and older devices are using 30-50 of processing power just to stay in idle . When the user starts to use the apps the device is working to the max causing heat, which will destroy the battery way before the normal lifespan…
        Last thing , how you are able to use your device with all those colors …

  • singhay559

    Ios 8 sucs big time.

  • 919263

    Really Guys… What has changed…? NOTHING, rather it looks like iOS 7 is more like iOS1, and some Moron here talked about iOS 1 not ever being there… well, the first iOS then… there… go drink some water…..With Apple stopping to sign any other version of iOS other than 8.2, NO ONE has a choice but to upgrade. REMEMBER, it’s not a choice to upgrade, it’s forced on the Users. The APp developers stop supporting apps for the older iOS’s, so what does one have to do??? but to upgrade… hence the big adoption number… AND FLAT….???? Really, with the resolution that it is today, Flat is not the way to go.. such a waste of GPU and pixel density and colors… all wasted in the FLAT UI…. The fact is there has been NO development or innovation done in the UI of iOS, Same freaking icons, same layout since the iOS1( Again.. the First iOS) AND the thing is, of the MILLIONS of iPhones sold, they all look the same, you cant change much… that is unless you have a JB’en phone and then you would have something unique, like my iPhone ( 2nd Pic) So all these adoption Numbers mean NOTHING….

    • GzyOnline

      Thank you!! This “adoption rate” etc is a bunch of horse [insert smiling crap emoji here!]