ipad pro side port

New photos posted on China social media site Sina Weibo and shared by HDBlog on Monday point to the rumored, larger, iPad Pro having two ports – if the photos prove to be legitimate. The images were first shared by VandaagApple in February.

The unconfirmed photos show an iPad with the typical Apple logo, rear-camera, and side volume buttons. However curiously, there’s a port of some sorts on the left side of the device, something never before seen on the iPad line.

It’s not clear what type of port is being shown. However knowing Apple, it could be a second Lightning port, or more likely, a USB-C port that was first featured on the new MacBook.

Rumors have pointed to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to be aimed at enterprise users. It would make sense for Apple to include a second port for support of a broader range of accessories. If the side port was USB-C it could power HDMI output, useful for business presentations and keyboard and mouse support.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier in March that the iPad Pro will feature a USB 3.0 port for accessories. The well-connected Apple publication also shared production has been pushed back until September, rather than the current quarter as previously reported. Following the unveiling of USB-C on the new MacBook instead of USB 3.0, the former seems much more likely.

There have been inaccurate leaks for past cases and mockups, so take this with a grain of salt. If anything, it serves as a nice mockup of what Apple will probably feature on its next iPad.

Should Apple ditch Lightning completely and just opt for USB-C as the new standard?

Source: HDBlog via Business Insider

  • John Smith

    Interesting… USB C could mean we can plug hard drives and stuff into iPads and iPhones… 🙂

    • Kurt

      I can plug hard drives and keyboard/mice etc into my phone. It is very cool, although I prefer my iPad than a small screened phone. But you can hook up my phone up to my tv and use a mouse/keyboard. I already have my pc hooked up to my tv so thats not needed. Nice to be able to do these things. many do use them.

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      Plug n play on iOS? Not happening bro…..

      • Rook HD

        right. Not gonna happen because Apple wants you to buy the 128Gb version.

  • Franklin Richards

    Whichever one that allows good third party products to be produced. So USB-C.

  • Jonathan

    I’m suspecting this is the same as the Original iPad. A prototype had 2 ports, one for landscape and portrait, but eventually sold on the portrait port. Perhaps it will be the same for this.

  • Nuff said

    If it doesn’t have Touch-Enhanced OS X then the product is complete trash. Bottom line, end of discussion.

  • Kurt

    Where’s the picture of the port on the bottom for portrait mode? If this is true, I bet we will only get the one on the side, not two. Having it on the side is far better. Shame we had it on the bottom these years. Now we can get cases that charge the iPad with a keyboard. Better late than never. Hope this Pro will have a active stylus and mouse input for more precise controls.

  • Bass Head

    I aint buying unless it has a usb port

  • n0ahcruz3


  • Spycer0

    This’d be very cool though.

  • James G

    Seen these leaks before and they’ve never materialized.

  • Watch as the same people that were saying “USB is not useful on tablet” change their tone now…

  • If it’s 12.9″ then the screen will be bigger than the new MacBook! The new MacBook’s motherboard is also mobile phone sized. Apple have been waiting to get a thin and powerful OS X tablet on the market and the “Pro” would suite it.

  • Mortenvn

    Remember that USB3 and USBC is two different things! USB3 is data standard USBC is a port standard. USBC on the new MacBook Pro is USB3 gen 1!!