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Shawn “Jay Z” Carter has banded together a formation of artists looking to take on the music streaming industry with Tidal, the music streaming company he bought for $56 million. With fierce competition from Spotify, Google, Rdio, and soon Apple, Jay Z has put together an elite list of artists that want the value of music to be recognized again. The group detailed their plans at a media event on Monday evening.  

“The challenge is to get everyone to respect music again, to recognize its value,” Jay Z told the New York Times. “Water is free. Music is $6 but no one wants to pay for music. You should drink free water from the tap — it’s a beautiful thing. And if you want to hear the most beautiful song, then support the artist.”

Jay Z’s version of Tidal will have two subscription tiers: $10 per month for a compressed format and $20 per-month for CD-quality streams. There is no free, ad-supported membership like offered by other services. Tidal offers more than 25 million tracks and apps across all systems, including the web.

Artists Jay Z has on board as part owners includes Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Jack White, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Usher, and others. The group hopes to have a music streaming service that benefits both the consumer and artists. The star-studded announcement is available to view on Tidal’s website.

In recent years, artists have spoke out about not making much money from the streaming industry. Taylor Swift withdrew her music from Spotify in the fall. Jay Z calls the current system “criminal.” TechCrunch reports Tidal is paying out twice as much to artists.

With Tidal, Jay Z hopes to garner subscribers by offering exclusive content before any other service – similar to Beats Music’s original plan. The New York Times says Jay Z is courting new artists to join the service by offering Tidal special material and “windows,” or limited periods of exclusive availability.

Still, even with exclusive content, Jay Z and his band of artists have a battle ahead of them. Before Jay Z purchased Tidal from Swedish technology firm Aspiro, it had 512,000 paying users in the fall. Spotify, in comparison, has 60 million users, with 15 million of them paying.

Business Insider took a look at the current version of Tidal, and found it to be wonky. Jay Z didn’t detail if Tidal will see a user interface revamp for the web and mobile apps to take on other services.

It’s been reported Apple has plans to unveil a revamped music streaming service later this year, with exclusive content also in its focus. Does Tidal stand a chance?

You can give Tidal a try on its website with a 30 day free trial.

Source: New York Times

  • Abe Masri

    Aren’t they rich enough? Oh wait, they’re just being greedy.
    I just hope they don’t take their music off other streaming services.

    • George

      Of course they will.

    • FreeGreezyDoe

      How are they being greedy if ur good at something never do it for free. The same way all u fanboys are against people pirating apps is the same way musicians want people to pay for their music.

      • Abe Masri

        um, I’m not pirating anything, I pay $10 a month to listen to my music on Spotify, consider that number and think how much money artists are making out of streaming services.

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        They should be making that money though, I didn’t say u pirate anything. U said they shouldnt get paid because they’re already rich as if its their fault. Im saying they should get paid regardless of their wealth because of how hard most of them work to make that music….no different than people crying over someone pirating an app

      • Abe Masri

        I’m not saying they shouldn’t get paid, I’m saying, what they’re getting is enough, if not, try to reach us in another way, just not by making another useless streaming service

      • Tommy

        And who are you to judge whats enough and whats not?

      • I agree with ya bud, no matter what trolls come out to argue you lol

      • Costa Botes

        It’s not all about you Abi. These are professional entertainers. You want to be entertained? Pay them, or find something else to do. They’re not slaves. They don’t owe you or Spotify or Pandora a damned thing. Deal with it.

      • Abe Masri

        the dislikes on their announcement video on YouTube is a proof the I’m not the only one who’s complaining.

      • Costa Botes

        So there’s a lot of people complaining other than you? So what? All of them seem to have one thing in common. They like to enjoy music without paying the artists who make that music. Yet why isn’t anyone calling Spotify, Pandora, or YouTube greedy? You want greedy? Check out Tim Westergren’s share payouts … check out YouTube’s disgusting threats and blackmail levelled at artists who don;t want to play with them; and check out Spotify’s gaga financial model. If they’re still here in 5 years, it’ll be a miracle. These services are unreal. Unicorn land. Their terms make NO sense to anyone seriously pursuing a professional career. They come close to pure exploitation. Who benefits? Not artists – greedy or otherwise. This basic reality never seems to register in the minds of consumers. Spotify et al’s streaming models have destroyed old traditional models of selling recorded music. And made consumers think that entertainment ought to be free or incredibly cheap and ‘on tap’ as some kind of inalienable human right. Get real Abe. And don’t be so surprised at artists trying to salvage some level of control in their working lives.

      • Costa Botes

        Basic maths unfortunately contradicts your point. Spotify returns grossly favour the most popular 2% of artists, while everyone else gets little or nothing. The Spotify model is killing professional music … Except for making rich, established artists richer. In that light, Tidal is a positive move back to a functional and fair market.

      • Maxim∑

        Tidal is mass promotion, it doesn’t supp independent artists and is fairly expensive. If you opened your eyes you’d see the feedback on tidal is pretty bad. There marketing was to aggressive just look at Twitter

  • Alberto Espinal

    It Now depends on the listeners, it doesn’t matter who is behind it if I personally like Pandora or Spotify no one is going to Drive me away from it

    • Costa Botes

      You’ve got it backwards. Spotify and Pandora exploit artists by pimping them to consumers for pennies, ruining livelihoods in the process. I’m not talking about the one percent of rich superstars, but the rank and file 99% of hard working musos and songwriters who have been getting royally screwed over ever since Napster. Spotify is a bullshit business model, as is Pandora. Neither makes a profit. Both only keep afloat through dubious sharemarket speculations and the pretence that their raw material is mathematically next to worthless. The people behind Tidal don’t want to drive you from Spotify. They just want to sell their own music themselves. Why should Daniel Ek and Tim Westergren be entitled to stream Jay Z’s music if he doesn’t want them to? Should a proud and talented black man be forced to be a slave?

      • Alberto Espinal

        Most people don’t understand what you are saying and you got a point there but most listeners just get confortable of what they got!

      • Costa Botes

        Try Google Translate. I agree, too many consumers are too comfortable treating artists as if they owe them free or cheap entertainment anywhere and any time. Just what Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube want them to think. iTunes has its issues, but it’s ethical, and at least maintains a workable economy between artists and consumers. They’re not just giving away peoples hard work for tiny fractions of pennies and killing the value of music to drive up their own mythical share market values.

  • Carlos B

    This is a really good move in my opinion, and with A list artists removing their music from other streaming sites and giving exclusive early access to their albums, more and more will switch. I’m sure they will outdo Spotify in the next couple years, but I’m looking forward to what Beats/iTunes Radio has to offer.

    • Rowan09

      Artists would be crazy to blackball iTunes, etc for a service that’s not offering anything unique.

      • Manuel Molina


      • Carlos B

        I’m not talking iTunes, I’m talking Spotify / rdio etc.

    • Carlos Medina

      No just no!

  • King Of The Clouds

    Why would i subscribe to something that is exactly like the other music streaming services only difference is the price.

    • frobie23

      Audiophiles would disagree, they aren’t the same. Tidal’s High-Fidelity is a fraction better than any other streaming service; they offer high profile artist/musicians personally curated playlists, and exclusive songs not available in any other platform. I personally love quality and the newest releases so I support the app. With that said, I plan to write a flex hack to override the IAP because everyone involved are greedy and super rich but, I can attest, Tidal does offer more to a specific niche.

      • f1ght3r

        It’s not even true hi-fi. It’s CD quality which is good, but not high resolution audio. Why would anyone pay $10 more (for CD quality) than what Spotify charges is beyond me.

      • frobie23

        I wouldn’t want any superior sound at this point. No data plan can manage to provide a plan for true lossless audio unless you’re under wifi

      • King Of The Clouds

        The only difference i hear is that its louder you can easily change that with the volume buttons.

      • frobie23

        Clearly you’re not an audiophile. put on quality headphones and compare the same song on Spotify/Pandora/Beats and then listen on Tidal (HIFI) .

      • Costa Botes

        And so, once again, the tech nerd bleats their entitlement. Theft is fine, if one steals from the rich and greedy? Presumably you’re ok with being mugged by poor street vagrants using the same excuse on you? Yeah. Thought so.

      • Skoven

        Have you created a Flex patch?
        The ones i found didn’t do jack sh*t 😉

      • frobie23

        I haven’t created one for Tidal yet because Im still ing the free month trial first. I’ll keep you posted when I do

      • Christian

        Have you created the flex patch yet?

    • Not even close to the same crappy quality as your “Extreme” 320kbit MP3 quality on Spotify. The future of preserving music is now lossless audio and it never was worthless MP3s

      • King Of The Clouds

        The only noticable difference is that its louder?

  • AnArcticMonkey

    How many of these do we need

    • Franklin Richards

      As many as it takes until one remains.

  • Andres

    Twitter right now. Except for Gaga, of course

  • n0ahcruz3

    Oh god not another streaming service

    • That_Fruitarian

      What’s wrong with choice?

      • n0ahcruz3

        Maybe because nothing new offered?

      • Paul Meneshian


  • Tommy

    I’m just here to see the fight between Apple’s new streaming app and this Tidal or whatever that is. Go on, fight!

    • Maxim∑

      Apple will win, because they support the 99% too

  • 9to5Slavery

    Tidal not good at tailoring songs. And no explicit content filtering or prevention. Also songs tailored on pandora is much better than on spotify

    • Yeah I totally agree with you on that. I also hate how you can’t dislike songs to help curate your radio. I always try out “Nine Inch Nails” radio station to test how good a radio player is. This one failed in 4 songs and started playing some 80s song I have no freakin’ idea how it could be associated with NIN! lol

      • 9to5Slavery

        I liked to listen to Dance songs to get me hyped up. The beats were off on some songs that was selected completely different vibe from song was playing. skipping around so much to think I had the genre wrong or the category wrong. BUT I didn’t. Tidal isn’t prime time.

  • brian.

    Good to have another choice. I don’t know if it’s enough to entice those to be exclusive on Jay-Z’s platform, however. With Apple, they have a pretty good track record of music. Artists know that being on iTunes or Amazon sells their music. Streaming services are a bit more of an unknown. But, we shall see.

  • Jayson Ang

    Music nowadays sucks …

    • Then listen to older stuff. I don’t see how this comment is relevant to streaming music or really music in general. At least you got 2 idiots to agree with it!

  • Franklin Richards

    The key feature of this streaming service is the lossless music stream right? So at $20 a month you are bound to listening to the service at home. Good luck trying to stream 1411kbps on your phone.

    • Listened to the service in my car all day yesterday. I don’t live in some LTE hotspot either, I live in Iowa. Lol

  • Mark Kramer

    I will never pay to stream music. I like owning it. I certainly wouldn’t pay to stream these “elite” artists, whatever the hell that means.

  • Daniel Maia

    I thought streaming was a good thing… Everyone pirated their songs before streaming abyway

  • turnone

    This whole thing just sucks ! the people losing in the end is the customers… How many music services would we have to subscribe to? Spotify was just fine