Apple Wireless Keyboard image 002

Images of Apple’s Wireless Keyboard with backlit keys and a power button were removed today from the Online Apple Store, suggesting the product has prematurely leaked or isn’t ready for prime time yet.

Yesterday, the Online Apple Store in Czech Republic and Hungary got refreshed with new images showing a power button on the $69 keyboard and controls for adjusting the brightness of the backlight.

The brightness up/down controls were added to the keyboard’s F5 and F6 keys, like on Mac notebooks, with the power button replacing the eject key on the keyboard. Images that apparently depicted an Arabic edition of the keyboard also appeared briefly on Apple’s US Online Store.

Apple Wireless Keyboard image 004

A quick visit to the Online Apple Store in Czech Republic, Hungary and the United States reveals that as of this morning all occurrences of the new images have been replaced with old graphics showing the current-generation keyboard without backlight and the power button.

The compact Apple Wireless Keyboard is made from aluminum, takes 24 percent less space that other full-sized keyboards, uses Bluetooth, is powered by two AA batteries and costs $69 standalone.

The keyboard provides one-touch access to a variety of Mac features including Mission Control and Launchpad.

It comes included with every new iMac.

  • Jonathan

    Wonder how long the battery will last.

    • Idc I just want the number pad and different space/gray black. If the battery life is an issue simply turn off the lights lol.

    • SoylentGreen

      Man it’s almost funny the epic fails & tales of Apple’s batteries, that issue must have its own weather system these days, but we the consumer get played like fiddles.

      • eXoguti097

        This keyboard uses AA batteries

      • SoylentGreen

        Lol i did read it bro. Nvm. My humour is wasted on many (;

      • eXoguti097

        No worries I understood the joke lol, there’s just too many like it so it’s like bleh now

      • SoylentGreen

        I must’ve been well err bored because now i just tweeted im happy because i got an asphyxiation based user name at pr0nhub lol
        But i careless for choking (:

  • Cory Church

    Still no number pad? dang!

  • Carter

    Just don’t bother with the number pad even when I have it. I use the top number keys as I’m sed to laptops and wireless keyboards.

    • SoylentGreen

      Just spotted this, and ‘couldn’t’ help saying, “my woman is a bizznizz person and does many office things, without the peice of the keyboard you refer to, it would really only be a ‘bit’ of a keyboard”lol

  • Carlos Medina

    Why not number pad, backlit, and solar paneled keyboard? Just saying the mileage may vary though.

    • neez

      You mean Logitech’s wireless solar keyboard k750?

      • Carlos Medina

        Yea I have the white one only thing missing is backlit keypads and i’m a happy camper.

  • Matt

    This is really pretty and awesome as I have loved the Apple keyboards, but recently since I’m in the need of a new keyboard, I’m leaning towards a Cooler Master QuickFire Rapid i mechanical backlit keyboard cause since I first used a mechanical keyboard – haven’t thought about any other style of keyboards.

  • vivalaivsca

    He forgot to mention that the new keyboard is also rechargeable as a whole via USB.

    • SoylentGreen

      Well spotted lol