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Monday, fitness tracker maker Fitbit took pre-emptive steps ahead of Apple Watch launch next month, giving its fitness bands new features.

The company announced a new outdoor bike-tracking feature on its $249 Surge fitness tracker. In addition, it rolled out multi-tracker support allowing users to easily switch between multiple Fitbit models throughout the day. Multi-band support allows Fitbit fans to register up to six fitness trackers in their Fitbit account, one of each model.

The system then automatically pings the user when she or he switches trackers.

The Fitbit app will continue collating and managing steps taken and calories burned from multiple bands, allowing you to wear one Fitbit device to work, use another one to track your runs and so forth.

“Users with a compatible mobile device can also utilize MobileTrack as a tracker to fill in the gaps if they leave their tracker at home or forget to charge it,” noted the company.

Bike-tracking analytics tap GPS and other sensors on the device to accurately measure stats like the distance, duration, average speed, heart rate, calories burned and the time.

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The data automatically syncs to the Fitbit app dashboard, allowing you to review routes, speed and elevation in more detail with easy to read historical charts and graphs.

Fitbit Surge bike-tracking will be available to all device owners in North America by April, on iOS and Android, with global availability coming soon.

The Fitbit Surge will compete with the Apple Watch, which comes out in April.

Although both devices have sensors that measure steps taken and heart rates, the Surge also packs in GPS (Apple’s Watch uses Wi-Fi and GPS from your iPhone) and has a seven-day battery.

Source: Fitbit

  • pnh

    Except for the mention that the bike tracking features will be available in April, the article is misleading. None of these new features are available now (I own a Surge and just checked). Just Fitbit in a panic about the Apple Watch- and they should be- I will be making the jump from Surge to A-Watch. Fitbit has shown themselves to be a company that had THE name in the fitness band market and do everything they can to lose that. It took them well over 8 months to take a fitness band (Force), and reintroduce it with a new name (Charge) with the only change of making the band hypoallergenic in the process. They currently are proving that their supply chain is so pathetic that they have had a Charge HR in Plum color back ordered for over 6 months.

    I have had the Surge since it came out just before Christmas and there has only been one minor update to it. They market it with battery life of “up to a week” but no one gets that in reality. Three days is much more realistic. If you ask them about it, they send you a link to read that basically says if you use any features more than just the watch, it won’t.

    • Jim B

      I guess sheep will buy everything with apple logo on it and talk sh!t about others. Even if you get three days of battery life on Fitbit that’s still three times more that what’s “iwhitch” 🙂 gonna give you. And like any other apple product when it comes to battery life you’ll probably have to disable everything in order to get 80% of what they promise.

    • revivalstore

      I Also own à surge and Apple watch and surge is 2 different worlds… Surge is Much much more focused on excersise and sleeptracking gps integrated etc..,get full readable Messages and incomming calls also is à Nice bonus.. Apple watch is more à “toy” à fun toy though .. I dont thinlk applewatch can replace My surge…