In an effort to drive support from businesses, Apple has updated the Apple Pay section of its website with a link to a new Apple Pay supplies website. The website, aimed at businesses and merchants, provides an Apple Pay decal that can be displayed on a storefront window. 

Apple is providing the kits at no cost to merchants, after a company, name, email address, and shipping address are entered. Included are glass decals in two sizes, register decals in two sizes, and an application tool. Businesses can order up to five kits using the online form, however larger decal orders require placing a phone call to an (800) number.

Apple has been working to drum up support from businesses since the mobile payment service launched in October. At its recent media event, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that there are now more than 700,000 locations where Apple Pay is accepted, including vending machines.

Now there are stickers to match.

Source: Apple via MacRumors

  • John Wickham

    This is actually helpful for customers who aren’t sure… Some places have NFC readers, some don’t, some just have them disabled… If the stores are clear about whether or not you can use Apple Pay, it makes the process much easier.

    • Andy Copeland

      Agreed. Many places around here have NFC but it’s turned off and the cashiers look at you funny when you try and use it.

    • Your Mother

      Samsung pay solved that problem. support for older systems would be much more helpful to users than a shinny little apple logo sticker.

  • Maxim∑

    cheapest Apple product ever

  • Fanboy 

    *applies for sticker to put outside my house*

  • As I read the headline I was thinking, “I bet they charged them $4.99 too”.

  • Steven Miller

    Now if only they could teach McDonald’s employees how to use Apple Pay…..

  • M L

    I ordered some because they will be rare. The ONLY Apple product ever given away for free!

  • Urgh I’d forgotten it was US only 🙁

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Just ordered some for my window! Can’t wait.