When you open a new tab in Safari, the default behavior is to showcase your favorites. You can then tap a favorite, or you can tap the address bar to manually insert a web address. TypeTab makes it so that the cursor is automatically inserted into the address bar and that the keyboard is exposed. Therefore, it’s quicker to begin typing a web address when opening a new tab.

After installing TypeTab, there are no settings or options that need to be configured. Once it is installed, open Safari and open a new tab. You should notice that the keyboard opens automatically and the cursor appears directly in the address bar ready to type.


For what it’s worth, the developer of TypeTab, Andrew Hyatt, states that his tweak works on both the iPad and iPhone versions of Safari. For those of you using physical Bluetooth keyboards with your iOS device, the keyboard shortcut for opening a new tab plays nice with TypeTab as well.

TypeTab isn’t the type of tweak that will razzle-dazzle you, but it will speed up your workflow in minute increments. What do you think about TypeTab? You can find it free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Sound off with your thoughts below.

  • Shaw

    Sleipnizer for safari is much more powerful which also own this lovely feature

  • port87

    Hey Jeff, lovin’ this new type of video layout.

    • Thank you

      • Jamie Tilden

        I like it too, but I think you need to stick with it for a while. It seems almost every week there’s a new format and style with your videos, and it makes you and iDB look inconsistent.

  • gittlopctbi

    Installed TypeTab after reading your “tweaks you should try this weekend.” Works great. Just another one of those things where you wonder if Apple had its head in a cloud or something.

    • John Smith

      If Apple made Cydia a default application loads more people would buy IPhones/IPads/iPods. I think. Right?

      • gittlopctbi

        I would think so.

  • bd14u

    Still waiting for the Ringers & Tone for IOS 8

  • Tim

    Tiny tweak, massive impact. Period.

    • GzyOnline

      Well said! Simple yet powerful! 😀