Apple Watch sport home screen apps

Today, developer Hamza Sood tweeted a short video demonstrating how users will be able to reposition apps on their Apple Watch Home screen using the companion app found in iOS 8.3. He previously posted screenshots that detailed a variety of settings and preferences for Apple Watch, as well as a closer look at the Activity companion app.

Apple Watch App

The way in which icons are dragged about is not unlike iOS’s tradition Home screen allows users to manage their app layout. However, the traditional ‘wiggle mode’ is missing, and moving one icon can alter the position of several in a somewhat different way than on iOS, as the apps are being pulled toward the middle of the screen.

The Apple Watch will be available for pre-order and preview on April 10, while units won’t be shipped out until April 24.

  • That’s cool, shame they just dont wiggle and can move them directly on the watch..

  • disqus_MgRQT3ajD1

    maybe the first tweak when its jailbroken

  • Andrea La Rocca

    Do you think that we must lose jailbreak for using the apple watch app? :O

    • Norbi Whitney

      It’s not really a case of thinking…it’s a fact (barring an 8.2 jailbreak)

  • Off topic but, the Apple Watch icon has to be one of Apple’s worst ever. Looks like some third party beginner designer made it by just taking a picture and putting it on a black background.

    • Nate McKelvie

      I think its a temporary icon. I think it’s a placeholder so that every time you look at your phone your mind is tricked into thinking about apple watch. I doubt they will keep the icon after the way is publicly available. Just my thought cause yeah the icon sucks

      • Kevin Osborne

        I think the opposite. I have a feeling that’s gonna be the final icon. Ives has some weird @$$ taste sometimes…

      • Nate McKelvie

        possibly, only time will tell